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Then the “Premium” portions disappeared, and frequent issues including the “white screen” came up to cause my listening to be interrupted. Mind you, I have been a loyal listener in Japan, Guam, and all points in between over the years, so not having radio access made the app my number one go-to app. Right now, I haven’t been able to access today’s program, then got the white screen, deleted it and attempted to reload it, but it just constantly shows downloading-no program. Despite the difficulties, I cherish every minute my old friends are on. My only issue is that it would be nice to have a skip feature. I'm usually listening to your show while at work or even when working out and it would be nice to be able to press one button to move onto the next segment. I know your free app version is set up to cause users to see your sponsor's advertising but for the loyal paying customers it would nice to be able to transition between each segment more easily. Now I can show them instead of doing inaccurate renditions of the jokes. Gone through a lot in life during that time as I’m sure u guys have as well. Just wanted to thank you for going down in the morning like a warm Coffee liquor. Please guys. the new look with the same functions as the old app would be amazing. The only thing bad about the old app was that it wouldn't remember where you left off which was no problem to anyone with a brain that knows how to take screenshots. There are a few minor issues remaining (eg sometimes ads cover the play button and the seek controls). The most recent version released 25-Mar-2016 is horrible on my iPhone. I really wish this worked as I am not able to listen live. For the developers' benefit, I am listing current issues on the iPhone 6s Plus. The audio cannot be paused, resumed, moved forward or back, etc.

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The results suggest that extreme sea levels will likely occur more frequently than previously predicted, particularly in the west coast regions of the US and in large parts of Europe and Australia. Storm surges globally Colour-enhanced scanning electron micrograph showing Salmonella typhimurium (red) invading cultured human cells. Image Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH the better adapted viruses, and are most likely to be transmitted to other people. Humans increase the chance new viruses will emerge in us by simply being in the right place at the right time. We do this by travelling into once isolated forests, expanding our desire for exotic tastes and flavours, trading in live animals, through cultural practices that expose us to rare pathogens, and by incompletely or incorrectly treating infections. For an avian influenza or bird flu virus to become a pandemic human threat, it needs to become better at infecting and spreading from the new human host. After a lead to considerable loss of life and billions of dollars of damages each year, and yet we still have a limited understanding of the likelihood and associated uncertainties of these extreme events both today and in the future, said Thomas Wahl, an assistant engineering professor in the University of Central Florida who led the study. The study was conducted to make data about extreme events a part of the ongoing research and planning required to help communities prepare now for conditions that may be dramatically different in the not-too-distant future. Extreme sea levels are typically caused by a combination of high tides, storm surges, and in many cases waves, human is infected by a bird virus, the virus comes under pressure from the human s immune response, which is hellbent on destroying it. Each new generation of viruses contains more of those variants that have adapted best to attach to and enter human cells. Mutants New mutant viruses that get passed on most effectively are those that also replicate in the upper respiratory tract, because they can most easily infect new people through coughing and sneezing. The severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is no longer detected in humans but from 2002 to 2004 it spread among us, probably having spilled over from bat-infected civet cats. SARS-CoV gained abilities to infect and better transmit between humans and this virus caused severe human disease. But these new abilities still weren t enough for this event to become sustained human-to-human transmission. Influenza viruses have regularly achieved such a stable place among humans. Unlike most viral infections, for which we have no effective treatments, bacterial infections can be treated with antibiotics. But humans have grown complacent, overusing antibiotics and prescribing Wahl said. When an extreme event collides with continually rising seas, it takes a less intense storm, such as a Category I hurricane, to inflict as much coastal damage as a Category II or III storm would have had when the seas were lower.

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How to Do it YourSelf Help. Soft Cover. Puzzle solutions. Jacket. Reprinted. For you who want to help yourself to better golf. Golf. Text: A Whitman Book, Western Publishing Inc 1956, ISBN: B0007H9YPI. Made of Plush Fabric with Painted Features, About 6 Inches Tall, Pictorial. Dust Jacket. ISBN: 0590402331. 0590402331; Book is paperback with pictorial. The head is stuffed but the belly is full of beans. The. Subject. How to Build a Better Vocabulary; the Speech Chain; Using Good. Nutone in - Built Mixer Blender Sharpener Juicer. Nutone Inc.

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. inhabitants at the time. Immediately after the civil war there were being continuous advancements in American medication in equally the comprehending and remedy of certain health conditions, new surgical approaches and in health practitioner schooling and coaching. But for the most portion the best that medical doctors could give their patients was a “hold out and see” approach. Medical practitioners were being progressively conscious of coronary heart and vascular conditions, and cancer but they experienced virtually absolutely nothing with which to treat these situations. Below is a critical position we will need to recognize “nothing to treat you with means that visits to the health practitioner if at all had been relegated to emergencies so in this sort of a state of affairs costs are curtailed. The easy actuality is that there was minor for medical doctors to give and therefore virtually almost nothing to travel wellness care paying. A next variable keeping down fees was that healthcare treatment plans that were offered were compensated for out-of-pocket, this means by way of an people today particular assets. There was no these thing as health coverage and certainly not wellbeing insurance plan compensated by an employer. Apart from for the very destitute who have been blessed to discover their way into a charity healthcare facility, health care expenditures ended up the accountability of the particular person. Its effects on wellness treatment costs has been, and stays to this working day, certainly huge. When wellbeing insurance coverage for folks and households emerged as a indicates for firms to escape wage freezes and to bring in and retain workforce after Planet War II, almost overnight a wonderful pool of dollars grew to become available to spend for overall health care. Funds, as a outcome of the availability of billions of pounds from wellness coverage swimming pools, encouraged an modern The usa to maximize medical exploration attempts. Far more Americans grew to become insured not only by way of private, employer sponsored overall health insurance but by means of greater govt funding that established Medicare and Medicaid (1965). In addition funding turned readily available for expanded veterans health treatment positive aspects. Getting a treatment for pretty much anything has therefore come to be incredibly worthwhile. This is also the principal purpose for the extensive array of treatments we have readily available these days. Feel of the tens of hundreds of thousands of lives that have been saved, prolonged, improved and manufactured extra successful as a result.

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With no answer to his parentage and no conclusion on his presumed status as the Prince Who Was Promised, it didn’t take fans long to deduce that Jon might be coming back, especially with Melisandre conveniently located at Castle Black. While those who guessed that Jon would be resurrected turned out to be indeed correct, the way the scene plays out really makes viewers wait for it. Melisandre offers no guarantees, having almost completely lost faith in her power, and it isn’t until everyone has given up hope and left the room that the camera holds over Jon’s corpse. In season six, the death of Balon Greyjoy kicks the family drama into high gear, especially once Theon supports Yara’s campaign to become leader of the soon-to-be-built Iron Fleet; it is a culmination of their tumultuous relationship, a brief glimpse of hope in grim, damp world of Pyke and the Iron Islands. That internal conflict is where the Kingsmoot scene in “The Door” draws all its tension; the text of the scene itself is rather rote and perfunctory, one of many scenes overly concerned with the written traditions and poorly-paced Westeros ceremonies. But when Theon and Yara’s uncle Euron arrives on the Iron shore, he immediately throws a wrench into the proceedings, and lights a fire under one of the show’s longest simmering conflicts. In one fell sweep, Theon and Yara’s plan to join Dany is usurped by Euron’s own, which includes using his “thick cock” and huge naval fleet to help Dany to tear down the status quo in King’s Landing. Full of swagger from his travels around the world, it’s no surprise when the unknowns of the Iron Islands side with the older Greyjoy family member, turning a hopeful scene for the Greyjoy children, into a horrifying inverse of expectations, where the boisterous Euron makes fun of Theon’s castration and Yara’s perceived audacity as he is crowned the leader of the seaborne. But the “Hold the Door” sequence may stand the test of time as the most batshit insane thing Game of Thrones has ever done, in one of the greatest surprises in television history. Things been rather innocently; Bran’s warging around in the past with the help of the Three-Eyed Raven, seeing visions of the Night King and the war to come. Through what we’ll call “plot magic”, the army of the Cold and Undead make their way to their hiding spot, in the Children of the Forest’s home. They attack the group (Meera, Bran Hodor, and Summer) mid-warg, with dozens of ice zombies chasing them through the impeccably small, tight corridors of the CotF’s home. While all this is going on, Bran’s dicking around in the past, viewing what appears to be just another day in Winterfell. But when the Three-Eyed Raven is killed and Meera and Hodor begin to run, Bran’s focus begins to wane, and the sounds of the present begin to leak into the background. And when the situation turns from strange to deathly, Bran accidentally wargs into a young stable boy named Wylis; in doing so, he connects young Wylis to adult Hodor, essentially letting a child see his own death. Hodor’s sacrifice to save Bran (and, in theory, all of Westeros) came in a season with a lot of plot constriction in the form of meaningless deaths; his final, noble action is an emotional highlight of the season (not to mention the series). More importantly, as “The Door” flashed back between the beginning and end of Hodor’s journey, Game of Thrones offers up an important emotional grounding moment, in a season full of Big Plot Moments and Gritty, Expensive Battles. (Randy Dankievitch) Best Game of Thrones Scenes: Battle of the Bastards Season Six, Episode 9: “Battle of the Bastards” The Battle of the Bastards is the final battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton which occurs in season six.

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The common symbols between similar characters are what define the archetype, after all. That’s a concept which represents, on a celestial level, the darkened sun of the Long Night, and in terms of people on the ground, it refers the corruption of the Bloodstone Emperor Azor Ahai who broke the moon and brought on the Long Night (according to theory, of course, heh heh). The dark solar who rules during the Long Night is parallel tot he darkened sun of the Long Night, in other words. We took a good look at this “dark solar king” archetype in the Bloodstone Compendium, and we saw that it can manifest as a “Lion of Night” or a black dragon or even a black shadow with two stars for eyes like the Stranger. The “real king of the castle,” as Syrio Forel later says to Arya. If these black dragon and lion of night figures represent the idea of a darkened sun, then the black weapons they hold represent that darkened sun wielding the black moon meteors like swords. I don’t know if Rhaegar and Lyanna said vows in front of heart tree or not, and for our purposes here it doesn’t really matter all that much. Similarly, Rhaegar was never officially the king, but he’s a dark solar king figure, nevertheless. Although you have to dig a little deeper with Aegon, Rhaenys and Visenya, it’s definitely, definitely there, and that’s what we will explore today. The tale of Aegon, Rhaenys, and Visenya gives us a fair helping of this physical location symbolism as well, because of course Rhaenys and Visenya are not only Targaryen queens and sisters, they are also famous hills in Kings Landing. It is with these hills that we will start comparing the symbolism of these dragon sisters, because I think the hills probably have the most easily recognizable symbolism. The Red Keep, essentially the royal palace, is on Aegon’s Hill; the Hill of Rhaenys has the Dragonpit, a blackened and destroyed stone amphitheater with a broken dome which used to be a home of dragons, and the Hill of Visenya has the Sept of Baelor, with its white marble and crystal dome that reminds us a bit of the Temple of the Moonsingers in Braavos. The Red Keep would represent the sun, since it’s the home of the king, the Dragonpit on the Hill of Rhaenys serves as a good analog to the destroyed fire moon, the former home of the meteor dragons, and the unspoiled, snow-white marble and crystal and glass domes of the Sept of Baelor can serve as an analog to the theoretical ice moon, which still hangs in the sky. Here’s what happened: during the the Targaryen civil war known as the Dance of the Dragons, an angry mob led by a mad prophet called The Shepherd descended on the Dragonpit and the four dragons kept there at that time. Somehow, they had gotten the notion that an unruly mob of peasants should try to kill four dragons in their lairs. The Dragonpit is now a burnt-out and blackened ruin which used to be the home of dragons, and this is a perfect match for the moon which wandered too close to the sun and cracked open to pour fourth fiery dragons. That would the fire moon, according to the hypothesis. Prayers cannot stay his wroth, no more than tears can quench the flame of dragons.

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