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Sawai is part of the Igan parliamentary constituency which BN won uncontested in 2008 and took again in 2013 with 87 percentage of the votes. OPPOSITION TAKES A BACK SEAT It enables that votes in sparsely populated rural areas deliver extra clout than votes in cities in which famous disgust over corruption and the value of living favour the competition. Igan with simply 19 592 electorate is the united states of america s smallest constituency in phrases of electorate size. By assessment Bangi an city constituency in Selangor kingdom held via the opposition is the most important with 178 790 citizens. Two-thirds of the constituencies within the Borneo states of Sabah and Sarawak are rural or semi-rural which means they're vital for BN to relaxed a parliamentary majority despite the fact that it loses the popular vote as it did in the 2013 election. The two states together account for a quarter of all parliament seats. Critics accuse Najib - as they did Mahathir earlier than him - of gerrymandering to tilt elections in his favour and factor to a latest redrawing of electoral boundaries as further evidence. The Election Commission insists it's miles independent and says its electoral map adjustments in March did no longer favour BN. The government says there has been no political interference. Eric See-To deputy director of BN s strategic communications said opposition claims of dirty election approaches of patronage and gerrymandering in Borneo are a part of an ongoing script of theirs to win sympathy votes. He said the Malaysia Agreement of 1963 beneath which Sabah and Sarawak joined Malaya and Singapore to shape Malaysia stipulated that the two states get representation in parliament that displays their size. Sabah and Sarawak account for about 60 percentage of Malaysia s land mass.

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Which, I suppose, is how many would choose to describe the last two books. I don’t think his endgame is going to be full of these unresolved bits and pieces, but I do believe there will be just enough of them to convey a sense of living history where not everything is conveniently explained. I could never work up much enthusiasm for Dickens, for example, largely because his endings in which every loose end gets tied up in a neat little bow just made me roll my eyes. Like GRRM, Kay also likes to keep the reader a little off balance most of the time. I’ve read everything of his historical fantasy up to and including the Sarantium duology. Either I forgot — possible given how much time has passed — or it’s in one of the more recent books. I think the latter in particular would make a terrific movie or mini-series. They have a very different storytelling tone from his earlier works: poetic in what feels like an authentically Asian way. But it has some fun cameos from a couple of the college kids from the Fionavar Tapestry, now middle-aged. And you’re right: Tigana and The Lions of Al-Rassan were my favourites too. We’ve already seen a red priestess named Kinvara that was not her. Was she replaced, or is she yet another red priestess that is still due to appear.

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Roll up and tuck in, ladies and gents, because Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast ( 24 November, 8pm, Channel 4 ) is back, offering new “weekend” recipes and general foodie hi-jinks while documenting the culinary world’s longest-running bromance. This is where our two childhood pals show their lifelong affection by bellowing gentle put-downs at ear-shredding volume while standing inches apart, and parrot slogans such as “Thank food it’s Friday! without a hint of mortification. Jamie and Jimmy’s Friday Night Feast is a baffling blend of Top Gear and Countryfile, with faint undertones of TGI Friday’s, in which Jamie and Jimmy entertain punters from behind the counter at their cafe on Southend Pier. In the opening episode, this means turning their attention to the plight of farmed ducks that are kept indoors and thus denied the simple pleasure of fluffing their feathers in a pond. But wait! Revolution is afoot courtesy of a farmer from Devon who has fashioned three artificial ponds in his paddock and, once a day, allows his ducks to waddle out and splash. This, naturally, leads to some alfresco cookery as Jamie does a taste-test between a free-range duck and its barn-dwelling counterpart. “Now for the big moment,” the voiceover yelps excitedly as a group of fortysomething men stand silently chewing on tiny pieces of meat. First up is the actor and comedian Simon Pegg, who does battle with lamb tagine and flatbreads with an expression of abject terror. There are shoehorned proclamations of “weekends are for feasting! throughout as new dishes are wheeled out and the guests gurgle with pleasure; it’s that or get drop-kicked off the end of the pier by the producers.

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with 32-bit architecture without offering options to choose a different architecture and edition. However, note that N edition is available in select languages only. That is, you don’t need to download the ISO image first in order to prepare the bootable media. You can simply select USB option when asked to allow Windows Installation Media Creation Tool to automatically download required files and prepare the bootable USB. It’s a small executable with less than 2 MB of size. And instead if you want to download the ISO image first, please select ISO option. And if you have selected ISO option, you’ll be asked to select a location to save the ISO file. If you have selected USB option in Step 4, Windows Installation Media Creation Tool will automatically prepare the bootable USB after downloading necessary files. Can I upgrade it to Windows 10 to get more features. Because of Dropbox limitations I had to do it on a case by case basis. Now that I'm using Bitcasa as my cloud storage, those limitations no longer apply. If for some reason you cannot get the ISO off the official Windows Upgrade Assistant, you can get it here.

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Rewarded for his loyalty with the rule of the Riverlands, Edmyn served Aegon as Hand for two years before resigning and returning to Riverrun. He fought to put down the rebellion of the alledged grandson of Harren the Black, Red Harren, in the Riverlands. In gratitude for putting down another rebellion at The Eyrie, Aenys made his brother the new Hand of the King. This ultimately led to the vigorous and ruthless Maegor being the real power behind the throne, leading the charge against those who had rebelled against his brother. Removed from the Handship when his marriage to Alys Harroway angered the Faith and Aenys tried to appease them by removing his brother from court. Expelled from the Faith, he could do little as the lords and knights of the realm rose up under the banner of the Seven. However, when his daughter failed to deliver a healthy child to the King, he was executed along with the rest of his family. Appointed Lord Protector of the Realm and Hand of the King upon Jaehaerys's ascension to the throne, Rober shared the rule of the realm with Dowager Queen Alyssa, who he married a year later. His daughter Alicent later married the King and gave his three sons. Ser Otto was relieved of his office when he insisted that his grandson Aegon should inherit the Iron Throne instead of Viserys's eldest child Rhaenyra. However, his attempts to conduct careful plans to build up alliances against Rhaenyra's camp led to his dissmissal from office. Presided over the trials and executions of said traitors before resigning the following day.

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Abdulla Abdulla 11 gun once Nice AKhIl 3072 11 gun once 1:42 kerala. George Mershon 12 gun once You sound like an idiot. Gaddamanugu Anirudh 12 gun once In the 10 part he says there well be someone there why do we want to know chiru anjiveti 12 gun once no 12 lady want to go toilet look she hand mobile sassy pants 12 gun once Number 6 is a broken down vehicle. Shivpal Singh 13 gun once Video no. 10 is in telugu language. Out Squirrel 12 gun once How the heck does it help you sleep Johnny Cat 14 gun once IDK Ghosts need Flashlights. ? Fishaman 14 gun once number 6 is literally a guy with his care broke down on the side of the road. Kjamadi Rios 14 gun once Dylan,you have a unique voice Like if u agree. Josh Gotti 14 gun once 13 was whack Josh Gotti 14 gun once You have to get rid of the mono tone commentary buddy. Unless that's actually how you talk, and no I promise I'm not just taking jabs at you. Just my opinion.

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. I know she is a nice and polite character capable of empathy towards others if need be from the start (though not in regards to Arya). There are really only a few glimpses in Book 1 which made me start liking her character, the first being her scene with the Hound at the end of her second chapter, I believe. I just enjoy them both better in the books when they are apart. And Ned has a point when he tells Arya that Mordane only does the job that she was given. I believe it was such smooth sailing with Sansa and it ramped up her expectations, that she wasn’t prepared for a “normal equipped” girl (for lack of a better term). As Arya observes, Myrcella isn’t any better than her, which makes me think, that Arya maybe was not really that bad. And instead of making an effort in doing her job, she started blaming the child. Also makes her character a little more interesting in my mind. If I were a video game character, there would be a giant question mark pulsing over my head with my mouth wide open in shock. While I do agree that her Braavos story in the books is more interesting, it would not have translated well onto the screen. Scene after scene of her learning languages, learning to lie and detect lies, learning about poisons, and warging into cats is not exciting television.