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Zenon received more youth allegiance than the average futuristic girl adventure. He directed episodes of The Richard Boone Show, The Rifleman, The Twilight Zone, Dr. Kildaire, The Defenders, Sam Benedict, Slattery’s People, Cimarron Strip, and The Name of the Game. An egalitarian spirit enhancing his senses of American history and justice is the hallmark of Johnson’s mostly nonfiction-based TV movies. Johnson was nominated for Emmy Awards eight times and won in 1985. He won four Directors Guild of America Awards, one prior to the merger that created the DGA, when he was given the Screen Directors Guild’s TV award for The Oscar W. This was the hour-long debut installment in 1964 of the series Profiles in Courage, based on President John F. Johnson’s first features were A Covenant with Death (1967) and Kona Coast (1968), and later ones were imbued with quirks and twists: The Mackenzie Break (1970), You’ll Like My Mother (1971), The Ground- J star Conspiracy (1972) with George Peppard, and The Last American Hero (1973) with Jeff Bridges. Among Johnson’s shorter TV works were two for PBS: the adaptation of Leonard Melfi’s play, Birdbath (1971), starring Patty Duke and James Farentino on Hollywood Television Theatre, and a dramatization of the Willa Cather story, Paul’s Case (1980), with Eric Roberts and Lindsay Crouse on American Short Story. After an impressive TV movie debut with Deadlock (1968), about the thorny if respectful working relationship between a white police lieutenant (Leslie Nielsen) and a black district attorney (Hari Rhodes), Johnson directed the challenging telefilm My Sweet Charlie (1970). Patty Duke played a Southern pregnant runaway and Al Freeman Jr.

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What if it turns out to be the crib of vile creatures who may look like innocent children, but turn into little monsters and are out to scare the living daylights out of them. Romeo Candido directed and wrote the script for the film while his wife Caroline Mangosing produced it and plays the role Lola (Grandmother) Nena. The movie was filmed in Canada and the Philippines and is having its world premiere at the Louis Vuitton Hawaii International Film Festival and is to be released theatrically in the Philippines in November 2006. The film is based on traditional Filipino folklore, and mentions creatures such as duwende (dwarfs), manananggal (winged, half-bodied vampires), aswang (blood-sucking monsters disguised as humans), kapre (tobacco-smoking giants). Johnny, a first time balikbayan, sees Manila with foreign eyes; from the poorest squatters to the richest of the gated village mansions. Johnny is introduced to his cousin Vanessa, a Manila junior socialite who shares Johnny’s taste for drugs and trouble. At the reading of the will the three grandchildren of Lola Nena are awarded the deed to the family farm in rural Bulacan. A bumpy two-hour ride out of the city, shuttled by their family driver, Dante, they arrive at the 19-hectare property, miles away from the comforts of the modern world. The land is as vast, lush, and teeming with insects’ hum. But things are anything but placid in this provincial landscape. ohnny’s first surprise comes in the form of Tommy, a mentally handicapped man with a seemingly developed third eye, lives on the farm, is also part of the inheritance.