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Yes some questions are based on local politics nothing to do with partition. Killings of innocent Sikhs and Muslims was done due to the BLUNDERS of Akali leader for 40 years Tara Singh (master). For details type on You Yube,'sikh genocide 1947' and Blunders of Tara Singh. Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj gave his kalgi to baba Sangat Singh ji. These people are very brave they have flighted against mugal Punjab, India with Guru Gobind Singh ji maharaj. People who believe in castes system they are not Sikh. Jiyo dar ji. Assin saare Khatree ate Jatt tuhade magar fuddu japde han Nitin Kataria. Jujharsingh Jujhar good bhaji jatpat krn vala banda rab da banda ni hunda baki seasat ny marlia hind dy 2toty v shiasat ny kity Exploring History of Punjab. Some reason you can't come under it,at least walk along Ravidassia dharma for your chosen destiny with dignity and respect. JAI GURU DEV. I Jas 6 ? ? Jatt karke dharm na chaddo, apne hak lai lado ahmadiya muslim wang. Only Guru Granth Sahib recognised the whole human race as one. ikhism is perfect but sadly casteism is prevalent bcz of some fools who do not understand sikhi. Bhagat ravidass was a great saint and man of God. ut we should not forget Guru Granth sahib which is above all and the guiding light which has Bani of Bhagat Ravidass.

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Along the nearby Schneberger Ufer canal, Bortolozzi began showing her edgy program (including artists like Danh Vo) in a noirish apartment lined with dark wood panelling. It was as if Berlins go-go mid-2000s art scene had had the same reality check as the global financial markets, and gallerists were perhaps looking for more intimate spaces to downshift, to contemplate or, as Klosterfelde says, to make the artists work with a different kind of space. Juerg Judin, a Swiss gallerist who scouted the original Haunch of Venison space on Heidestrasse (which opened in 2007 and closed in 2010) and later launched Nolan Judin there in 2008, secured a long-term lease on the vast spaces with impossibly high ceilings. I came across these buildings long before they were for rent, says Judin, whose artist roster highlights lots of meticulously made two-dimensional work by artists such as Dexter Dalwood, Adrian Ghenie, Peter Saul and Danica Phelps (Judin lives nearby, in a revamped 1950s petrol station). I couldnt resist the natural light and the proportions of the rooms. Its like a kunsthalle. Though Berlin is full of good spaces, to have such a central location on this scale was irresistible. After an extended renovation, it reopened in April 2012 with a Jonas Burgert show, kicking off a series of blockbuster exhibitions like the museum-quality show featuring Arte Povera legend Jannis Kounellis in autumn 2012. The more traditional buildings in the courtyard are now, predictably, packed with smaller galleries as well, including Side by Side, 401 Contemporary and the art consultancy GoArt! run by curator Miriam Bers and Stefano Gualdi. The fashion worlds arrival into artsy territory is usually the first sign of the latters end. But the third space in the former printing press is avant-fashion purveyor Andreas Murkudiss 1,000m2 store, which opened about the same time as Judins gallery. In fact, historically this area has been more a musicians lair. British music critic Dave Rimmer still lives in a courtyard apartment just off the corner of Kurfrstenstrasse and Potsdamer. The intersection remains a microcosm of what goes on here. On one corner is a 1970s building occupied by the sex shop LSD (Love Sex Dreams), which sits across from a bustling Woolworths; on the other side of the street is a Turkish vegetable market. The streets display a heady architectural, economic and racial mix. Most storefronts are utilitarian, downmarket or both (car-glass repair, anyone?

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Bell wakes up in the infirmary and, motivated by an obscure urge to investigate, tricks Gerty into allowing him back outside. Revisiting the scene of the accident, he finds another guy in the crashed vehicle: him. Impressively pulled together on a modest budget, Moon has a strong lead and a valid philosophical premise but, despite Bell’s fissured psyche, the drama is inert. Ground control to Major Tom: Moon orbits an idea, but it doesn’t go anywhere. (Selected theaters) (J. Derek’s parents don’t approve, but his four best buddies believe in him, although Troy (played by Dyrdek), the group’s unofficial leader, is growing increasingly jealous. On the road to an amateur contest in Tampa, where Derek and Troy will face off, first-time director Chris Zamoscianyk nicely captures the boozy, profane silliness of teenage boys on the loose, while drawing believable performances from a cast comprised largely of nonactors (including the charismatic Rodriguez, who’s known in pro-skating circles as P-Rod). What regrettably eludes the director is the mad beauty of boys speeding pell-mell down city streets, as well as the potential poetry in their airborne spins off curbs and handrails. Street Dreams is enjoyable enough, but it’s a shame that Zamoscianyk and Dyrdek (who also co-wrote the script) fail to suggest that some boarders — millions of them, no doubt — skate not for sponsored glory, but for the solace they find in an activity that allows them to conquer, however fleetingly, this rock-hard world. ( Beverly Center; Mann Chinese 6; AMC Burbank; Mann Plant 16 ) (Chuck Wilson). Start by watching 1974’s The Taking of Pelham 123, in which subway hijackers test how long it’ll take a million bucks to pass through Gotham’s plumbing. And yet, in the end, a web of dysfunction from Gracie Mansion to the Transit Authority defeats the crooks’ well-oiled machine. At the time, the movie didn’t connect with audiences. But in the years after 9-11, Pelham took on new life — a parable of New Yorkers’ surly resilience in the face of aggression. But if self-conscious stabs at significance don’t sound like as much fun as the original’s unpretentious caper thrills, that’s because they’re not. Scott’s redo comes up short in almost every regard against the ’74 model — against David Shire’s knuckled-brass score, against its gallery of ’70s New York character actors, against Peter Stone’s serrated script. And if it’s somehow unfair to compare the two, why was Pelham even remade? (Citywide) (Jim Ridley) UNBEATABLE HAROLD For the eternally chipper Harold Clark (played by screenwriter Gordon Michaels), who works at a Reno steakhouse, wears mutton chops and drives a pink Cadillac, every day is a “lucky day,” even if Harold’s dream of becoming a TV weatherman seems as remote as the possibility of his finding true love.

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A commentary by the cast, Making of the movie, gag reel and a location tour. I definitely recommend this movie to any horror fan out there. He made beautiful surf films such as 'The Seedling', 'Sprout' or 'The Present’. This is a 100% independent film, and for that reason, Thomas is trying to raise a bit of money to complete the film. This new auction ends within 36 hours, so go have a look quick. Here are some info below on the film, by Thomas:. T. Campbell here amigo. The movie is really about capturing sessions at different spots. Its basically a driving movie, with 2 different crews driving these 2 old cars around skating and sometimes skating the cars. And in the end the both crews meet up skate, have a smash up derby and it's over. Thankful to have French Fred, Jon Miner and Mike Manzoori helping me shoot the film as well. A few months ago we shot the smash up derby and got about 20 some people that are in the movie down in kernside in bakersfield for the finally. Gonna try to finish filming by the end of may, try to have it finished editing by august. My plan is to make a small hardcover book with images from the film and a download code for the movie inside - pictures taken by Brian Gaberman, Arto Saari, Jai Tanju, French Fred, Anothony Acosta and myself. It had been home to visits to Civic leader Calvin Whitford and his family, by people like Gerrit Smith and Fredrick Douglas. On the Madison County Architectural Heritage Trail. Wide plank floors, ornate cast iron steam radiators, and an upstairs Victorian Parlor.


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T he wonderful splitting of the screen and lyrical. Based on the same script, using the same sets, and shot. Tovar A valos is 30 minutes longer, while fast-paced, and. D ennis Wheatley's classic black magic novel provided the. D eath. D ignified, gripping and scary, the film, though a box-. Over-referential and overwrought, Branagh's take on. Shelley's influential myth, starring himself, is not so much. The Modern Prometheus as post-modern and problematic. It's as haphazardly stitched together as the monster who. Branagh's driven surgeon Victor Frankenstein is hell-bent. R obert D e N iro, playing the creature, barely registers at all. Birds (1963), he is the genre's patron saint and has. A fter produ ci n g Paul Morrissey's Flesh (1968) and. Factory icon branding for t w o of the wil dest a n d. A ntonio Margheriti, and G erman favourite U do Kier. For Frankenstein wa s the first gross-ou t horror to. H i tc hc oc k, w h o inspired horror di rectors despi te ma ki n g onl y t w o fil ms.