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If Fred Stolle and Tony Roche played Charlie Pasarell and Cliff Drysdale. Sergeant: That could play Ann Haydon-Jones and her husband Pip. He and his wife are frozen in the positions in which we left them. They pick up the conversation as if nothing had happened. . Mrs Podgorny: Oh, a blancmange gave you an order for 48,000,000 kilts. Mrs Podgorny: Och, you're a stupid man, Angus Podgorny. Angus: (getting a little angry) Oh look woman, how many kilts did we sell last year. Angus: Och, woman, if a blancmange is prepared to come 2,200,000 light years to purchase a kilt. Angus: Ah mebbe not but he has gi' me this. (brings out piece of folded paper from sporran). Angus: An entry form for the British Open Tennis Championships at Wimbledon Toon. Mrs Podgorny: Och, but Angus:, ye ken full well that Scots folk dinna know how to play the tennis. Angus: Aye, but I must go though dear, I dinna want to seem ungrateful. Mrs Podgorny: Ach! Angus, I wilna let you make a fool o'yoursel'. Angus: Oh, Mary. (suddenly we hear a strange creaking and a slurping noise; a look of horror.

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The place was packed, so they opened the doors and let us play out into the street. So, exactly how does one last through a seven-hour show, George. Two can leave, three can leave, go get a drink, get back in there, he says. And just so were clear, how many are Parliament-Funkadelic touring with these days? 22. While I am predominantly chatting with Jack Pierce, every so often his brother Pat will contribute something to the conversation, and try as I might, I cant for the life of me tell their voices apart. Theyre both exuberant guys, ready to laugh and break into song at the slightest provocation from Pearl Jams Black (which they both fervently believe is the greatest song ever written) to Nobody Likes Me (Guess Ill Go Eat Worms) but unless youre one of their parents, good luck separating the two over the phone. Having returned from playing to a surprise ten thousand people at The Netherlands Lowlands Festival, the Pierce Brothers are now embarking on a sweeping national tour stretching coast to coast. Its an exciting time for the duo, but their folks are still waiting for the pay-off. Its a total role reversal from when we were starting out. But its weird, weve got so much happening but we have so little money. They both laugh. Theres a running joke in our family. When we were younger we said to Mum and Dad, When were famous, were going to buy you fi rst-class tickets around the world. You two were stopped in the street last night by a fan, thats technically famous. The most immediate hallmark of the Pierce Brothers both in conversation and in performance is the incredible energy they project. Jacks speech is fast and enthused, like he is being drip-fed coffee, and the reputation of their live performances has quickly become the stuff of legend. The trick now is to keep those energy levels up over an incredible twenty-eight shows.

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Sampson told police he went to his girlfriend's apartment to pick up his dogs, but that he didn't see her there, let alone stab her. Kelly on Monday, Dec. 12, arraigned Sampson on single counts of assault with intent to cause great bodily harm less than murder, assault with a dangerous weapon and domestic violence. The first two charges are felonies, punishable by up to 10- and four-year prison stints, respectively. The domestic violence count is a 93-day misdemeanor. Sampson was free on bond at the time Ouija board incident. On Oct. 17, he was arraigned in Bay County District Court on one count of domestic violence, wherein his father was the victim. Sampson is set for trial on that count on Jan. 18. In Bay County Circuit Court, Sampson is awaiting trial dates on two charges of assaulting, resisting, or obstructing police and one count of malicious destruction of police or fire department property. He was arraigned on those charges on Nov. 1, the same day Wahlfeldt was also arraigned on two counts of assaulting, resisting, or obstructing police. As conditions of his bond, Sampson was not to possess weapons, not to engage in criminal activity, and abstain from alcohol and drug use. Kelly said Sampson has missed three of his court-ordered alcohol tests. Ball, who appeared at the Monday arraignment and asked his client receive a reasonable bond. The judge ended up granting the prosecution's request, citing concern for the safety of the public and the victim and Sampson's lax ability to follow court orders. Sampson is to appear for a preliminary examination at 3:30 p.

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We hear of another defeat, at the hand of Mace Tyrell himself, where he defeated Robert at the Battle of Ashford. Although, it was largely won by Randyll Tarly by the time he got there. During his first tourney, he competed against Prince Oberyn Martell of Dorne, who knocked Willas from his horse. Unfortunately, his foot caught in his stirrup as he fell, and Willas pulled his horse on top of him, crushing his leg and leaving him a cripple. He couldn't have defeated Jon Connington before and he wouldn't have been able to defeat Rhaegar on the battlefield. Just like Mace Tyrell, and like his brother later on, Robert Baratheon, had a warrior to fight in his stead. The rubies in the ford that were scattered in the river were not from Rhaegar's breastplate. Robert is a man of huge appetites, who knows how to take his pleasures. He is quite promiscuous, and has fathered multiple bastard children. His lusts are the subject of ribald drinking songs throughout the realms. Robert, after winning the Throne, accepts red priests(who turn him more into even more a drunkard rather than save him) at his court. Two brothers had been born as Lords of the Tides and heirs to Driftmark. One of them, Addam, would manage to win Lord Velaryon's old dragon, Seasmoke. His brother, who initially went after the wildest dragon, Grey Ghost, would almost get killed by Sheepstealer. Alyn was then said to have had two bastards children by Elaena Targaryen. A distant relative of Elaena, Brown Ben Plumm, the commander of the Second Sons, would end up miraculosly fighting for Daenerys. So the God of death of the faceless men are very simmilar to R'hllor, whom Melissandre prays to. Probably because they were offerings to the Red God.

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There’s not enough meat in “Gramma” to fill a feature film, making this thing an overlong, paralyzingly dull “horror” movie without so much as a single jump scare to be found. Watch if, and only if, you can’t get enough of Carl from The Walking Dead. King’s spin on classic haunted house tales like The Haunting of Hill House and Hell House tells the story of a group of people with psychic powers who spend the night in a notoriously haunted mansion. It features some great talent—burgeoning stars Matt Ross, Melanie Lynskey, and Jimmi Simpson, most notably—but the narrative is a goddamn mess. It literally seems at times like there’s missing scenes or reshoots that were never quite finished; the fate of Kevin Tighe’s Victor is so vague it’ll make you think you must’ve missed something (note: you didn’t). It also features the worst King cameo of all time, where he shows up as a goofy, winking pizza man in a scene that completely shatters what little hint of horror the film had cultivated up to that point. So he set out to write and direct something that would be more faithful to King’s short story. But the film still makes the same fatal flaw of showing what led the children of Gatlin to kill all of the adults before the opening credits even roll. Since we’ve already figured everything out as an audience, there’s no suspense in watching bickering couple Burt and Vicky trying to do the same thing. That only makes the film’s other flaws — awkward performances from the child actors, a gratuitous sex scene, and costumes that look lifted from a community-theatre production of Oklahoma! — even more glaring. It would be nice to see a filmmaker adapt Children of the Corn with King’s original conceit in mind: the reader discovering what happened in Gatlin at the same time as the characters. Although the filmmakers sent him the script in hopes of him being involved, his lawyers sent back a letter saying he wanted nothing to do with the new adaptation. Maximum Overdrive is a relic from a time when video stores were in vogue. Great cover: Emilio Estevez with a gun and Green Goblin semi. King’s short story “Trucks” is a good short story that has proven to be impossible to adapt into a full-length feature. I’m hailing the next semi, evil or not, and getting out of dodge. It’s a story about women: Carrie, Margaret, Sue, and Chris are all spirited, frustrated, and broken in their own ways, so why not see what someone as talented as Peirce could bring to the material.

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Imitative, poorly organized, eclectic, opportunistic, subject to fads, ill-defined, uncertain, they are exceedingly difficult to order typologically, either in classical categories or invented ones, in the same paradoxical way that it is usually so much more difficult to classify immature artists firmly into schools or traditions than it is mature ones who have found their own unique style and identity. Indonesia, India, Nigeria, and the rest share, in the matter at hand, only a predicament; but a predicament that is one of the main stimuli to political creativity for them, pressing them on to a restless experimentation in order to find ways to extricate themselves from it and triumph over it. Again, this is not to say that all this creativity will ultimately be successful; there are manque states as there are manque artists, as France perhaps demonstrates. But it is the recalcitrance of primordial issues that, among other things, keeps the process of incessant political, and even constitutional, innovation going, and gives to any attempt at systematic classification of new state polities a radically provisional, if not simply premature, quality. An attempt to order the various governmental arrangements now emerging in the new states as means for coping with problems arising from linguistic, racial, and so on, heterogeneity must begin, therefore, with a simple empirical review of a number of such arrangements, a mere setting out in model form of existing experiments. From such a review it should be possible to derive a sense of at least the ranges of variation involved, a notion of the general dimensions of the social field within which these arrangements are taking shape. Typologizing becomes, in this approach, a matter, not of devising constructed types, ideal or otherwise, which will isolate fundamental constancies of struc- ' ture amid the confusion of phenomenal variation, but of determining the limits with which such variation takes place, the domain over which it plays. I therefore l ist below only those works upon which I have rel ied rather heavily. The best general survey includ ing the countries d iscussed is Al mond and Coleman, Politics of Developing Areas, and for Asia I have found the two previously cited symposia ed ited by Kahin, Governments and Politics of Southeast Asia and Major Governments of Asia, most useful. Emerson, Empire to Nation, also offers some valuable comparative materials. INDIA: A mbedkar, Thoughts on Linguistic States; S. Harrison, India; R. L. Park and I. Tinker, eds. Leadership and Political Institutions in India (Prince ton, N. . 1959); Report of the States Reorganization Commission (New Delh i, 1955); M.

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