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Winter is coming, whether GRRM can still write or not. This whole thing went off the rails because Martin couldn't deliver a book before HBO had to deliver the last season. It's for the TV series info only. Wiki of Ice and Fire ( ) is all about what happens in the books. Hope that helps. I think there are more websites besides these two but I've found these to be most helpful. She's barely mentioned in the books and as far as I remember maybe once in the show (or maybe not, again I can't remember if I saw it or imagined it while reading). It's possible she commands an army in the upcoming book. It's also possible they really do have to make shit up because GRRM can't get off his lazy ass and write. And what's with this talk of Jon Snow not being Ned's bastard son. I don't think I've once read any hint that he might not be. I fully expect him to not be dead in the next book and season but I don't expect them to say he's Rhaegar's son unless that's something GRRM has planned. Are there any hints in the books that he might not be a Stark. I unfortunately cannot be specific besides Ned's promise to Lyanna. I guess even Ghost and his wolf dreams can be attributed to Lyanna. But it always made sense to me that he was a Stark. He had an honorable father who succumbed to the desires many men away at war succumb to and was still honorable enough to bring him home and raise him.

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The result of our constructive and ameliorative work has gone far beyond the expectations of our best friends. It is one of the largest Muslim States in the world, and it is destined to play its magnificent part year after year, as we go on, provided we serve Pakistan honestly, earnestly and selflessly. The tragedy occurred even before our State had had time to settle down. In fact it involved also a large proportion of the people who as Government personnel, were to set up the very machinery of the State. I know that it has not been possible to do all that might have been desired for these homeless and oppressed brethren of ours. There are still many hardships that many of them have to face. But the every fact that a large number of the refugees have already been rehabilitated in their new home, with the prospect of new and a happier life ahead of them, is an achievement of no mean order. But for the spirit of brotherhood shown by the people of Pakistan and the courage with which the people as well as the Government faced the almost overwhelming difficulties created by a catastrophe unparalleled in the history of the world, the entire structure of the State might well have crumbled down. With all the wealth of argument and detail, which malice could invent or ill-will devise, they prophesied that Pakistan would be left bankrupt. And what the fire and sword of the enemy could not achieve, would be brought about by the ruined finances of the State. But these prophets of evil have been thoroughly discredited. Our first budget was a surplus one; there is a favourable balance of trade, and a steady and all-round improvement in the economic field. But the way in which tremendous difficulties have been overcome, and solid progress recorded during the last twelve months, gives a firm basis for optimism. In the administrative field, we had to start from scratch; at the center. And in the West Punjab, at the very inception of our State, we had to face very nearly a breakdown of administrative machinery. But I am glad to say that we have successfully dealt with all threats to our solidarity, and on some major questions of the day, the Pakistan Government has displayed not only its determination but its capacity to deal effectively with the various world problems that have arisen from time to time. The foundations of your State have been laid, and it is now for you to build, and build as quickly and as well as you can.


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Later, Trump fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions because he would not end the special counsel investigation that resulted after the firing of Comey. As Lawfare editor Benjamin Wittes argues, “the obstruction was the collusion” — Trump has been effectively protecting the Russians by trying to impede the investigation of their attack on the United States. He has accepted Putin’s protestations that the Russians did not meddle in the election over the “high confidence” assessment of the U. . intelligence community that they did. Trump even praised Putin for expelling U. . diplomats and, notwithstanding instruction from his aides (“DO NOT CONGRATULATE”), congratulated Putin on winning a rigged reelection. Even more suspicious, according to a Post article on Saturday, Trump “has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with. Putin, including on at least one occasion taking possession of the notes of his own interpreter and instructing the linguist not to discuss what had transpired with other administration officials. Several officials said they were never able to get a reliable readout of the president’s two-hour meeting in Helsinki. . Now that we’ve listed 18 reasons Trump could be a Russian asset, let’s look at the exculpatory evidence. I can’t think of anything that would exonerate Trump aside from the difficulty of grasping what once would have seemed unimaginable: that a president of the United States could actually have been compromised by a hostile foreign power. In his own defense, Trump claims he has been tougher on Russia “than any other President,” but literally in the next sentence he says, “getting along with Russia is a good thing, not a bad thing. When the United States actually has taken steps to get tough with Russia in the past two years, it has usually been the work of Congress (the 2017 Russia sanctions bill) or Trump aides (expelling 60 Russian diplomats). The Post reports that Trump was “furious” when his administration was portrayed as being tough on Russia, and NBC News reports that he instructed subordinates never to publicly discuss plans to sell weapons to Ukraine.

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The programme will have one award - Award for Best Baltic Feature Film with a grant of 3200 Euros, shared by the director and producer. The Official Selection Competition will look for films completed after the 15th of September, 2017. With world, international or European premiere as a eligibility criterium. The First Feature Competition, open for filmmakers presenting their feature debut, will accept films completed after the 15th of September, 2017. That have not had their world or international premiere. Submissions are also open for all the non-competitive sections of the festival. The programme will include around 200 feature films and documentaries. The final day for submissions is the 17th of August. The 17th Youth and Children’s film festival Just Film is looking for films for its youth and children’s competitions and documentary sections. Submissions will stay open until the 17th of August. The 2nd POFF Shorts, showcasing short films and animations, will run from the 20th to the 25th of November. The festival saw the merging of two separate sub-festivals last year - the animation film festival Animated Dreams and the International Short Film Festival Sleepwalkers. The new festival has retained the identities and most programmes of the former festival. We bridge the gap between the industry and the indie filmmaker with guests like Debra Kara Unger, Nick Mancuso, Harry Lennix, Eric Bana, Mark Ruffalo, John Savage and many others in attendance every season. We also feature top distributors and buyers from companies like Bruber Media, Multivisionnaire Distribution, Showcase Entertainment, Gorilla Pictures, Movie Heroes, Storyoptic Films, The China Film Group and more. With a fourteen year history of recognizing filmmakers at every level in some of the most gorgeous cinemas in the world, we create screenings and opportunities that no other festival offers. A Slice of Fright Film Fest is a showcase of short horror films!

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But I find this particular directive impossible to follow. I love cleaning out my closet but I'm also kind of bad at it. I don't really like getting rid of my things — instead, I sort of pretend I'm going to get rid of some stuff, take it all out of my closet, try it on for two hours, get bored, and stop, not having whittled my wardrobe down. Instead, I am usually reminded of how much I love — or used to love — many of the items I've forgotten about. I don't have a problem passing on items that I no longer love or need to a better home. The idea of giving my used items new life thrills me. No, the difficulty comes with those pieces that I do still love (or at least like) but haven't had a reason to put on my body in awhile. Some recent examples: a silky green polka dot blouse I wore on New Years Eve in 2012; a vintage dress a found in a pile of discarded items on move-out day my junior year at Sarah Lawrence College; a black-and-white leopard print shift from Rogan Gregory for Target that I actually bothered to get hemmed by a tailor. My particular low-key fashion hoarding mindset appears to have gone out of style, so to speak. If the internet is to be believed, the royal we is now obsessed with achieving minimalist enlightenment via a rigorously paired down wardrobe. Even Leandra Medine, founder of Man Repeller, a website that is mostly about fashion and shopping, wrote earlier this year, I sympathize with Medine's dilemma. I, too, am a lover of fashion, and I enjoy having a broad selection of items to chose from when I get dressed in the morning. But I, too, have begun to feel like owning six pairs of jeans that sag at the knees is an indicator of all my personal failings. If you feel overwhelmed by your closet, using some clear-cut guidelines to trim it down is probably a good idea. And the urge to reign in some of the rampant consumerism that leads many of us to believe we need 15 identical T-shirts that will literally fall apart in the dryer is admirable. But every time I try to apply the one-year rule while decluttering my wardrobe, I falter. This idea simply serves as a harsh reminder of how quickly a year really does go by — it's actually pretty easy not to wear something for 365 days straight, especially when you work from home and live in a city that makes dressing up difficult unless you take cabs everywhere.