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When he wakes up, inquire about that mad girl and call me. Leftu! What are you looking at? Sshh. on't make noise, it's me. I'll keep in touch. Dude, keep this phone with you. Thanks, Koti. Madam. ir. Sir, I'm blind. please ask daddy to give alms. Madam.

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Metropolis Hall claims Airbnb’s decision not to share details about hosts has stymied its efforts to enforce in opposition to tenants engaged in illegal subleasing. Eccleston mentioned the city has obtained complaints that house owners are renting out each the principle house and the accessory dwelling unit. With Airbnb and different on-line platforms taking away long term housing so quickly we cannot construct our method again to balance. Property homeowners are additionally increasingly asking for zoning modifications on properties from residential to business zoning to suit into the third category of short-term rentals, industrial, which permits extra tenants and will be rented yr-round. You will have to do proper marketing with a view to get your property rented out, so maintain that in thoughts when going through your expenses. A hand rely of the five hottest quick term rental platforms in April 2017 found 572 listings within the metropolis of Santa Cruz. The data would solely be despatched to OSE and doubtlessly the state’s Division of Housing and Group Renewal, which enforces the town’s hire-stabilization laws. San Diego’s elected leaders on Tuesday will weigh two rival proposals for regulating the city’s hundreds of quick-term rentals, following years of heated debate. Most listings seem to conform, but some hosts must rent less usually. They pull friends out of inns and into cheaper quick term leases. Their message: traders on Airbnb and other quick-term rental platforms are buying up property to function short-time period leases, putting even more strain on the already tight lengthy-term housing market and displacing low-income residents in the course of. Advocates have long criticized providers like Airbnb, the San Francisco vacation-rental company founded in 2008, for skirting taxes and rules that are in place for motels and other hospitality businesses. In response to the Airbnb Sublets page, month-to-month rentals are presently obtainable in additional than 5,000 cities.

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The prophesy from season 5, episode 1 is that she will see all her kids killed and will be killed by her younger sibling. Sand Snakes will kill the last Lannister child and Arya (disguised) will kill Cersei to mark her off her list. This didn't happen on screen, but that is what my first thought was. Wasn't that the same room where the Dosh khaleen live. I suppose that one other young chick could have helped her but she doesn't seem to have had any inroads with the other khaleesi, and I doubt Daario and Jorah could have made it inside to douse the place. And I'd have to believe that the dothraki lords each stunk so bad that they didn't notice the fumes. It was definitely one of those moments where you know shit is going to get fucked up. So is that girl special, or did she just toss a obsidian spear. I really did not see that coming and it was such a touching and unexpected revelation, origin wise. Quick question, when the man was turned into the first white walker, was that obsidian as well. Samwell gave them some when they met up in season 3, episode 10. Mark on Brans arm is going to allow the White Walkers past the wall when Bran gets south. Bran uses the tree at Winterfell to see more shit he will probably fuck up.

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Irvan menunjukan tempat duduk sebelah nya yang kosong maksudnya biar dia yang duduk disitu, tapi dia malah bilang irvan yang duduk yang irvan tunjuk itu, aku duduk ditempat irvan dan dia duduk ditempat ku. Menghela napas panjang mulai geram dengan wanita ini, mau nya apasih. Karena film akan mulai jadi aku biarkan dia duduk disampingku. Dia sibuk dengan handphone china nya yang mengtik pesan tak henti henti, cahaya yang dikeluarkan dari handphone nya itu mengganggu ku, silau. Belum lagi keypad nya yang bunyi tuk tuk tuk tuk dan lebih menyebalkan nya handphone nya tidak di silent. Jadi seingat ku hanya handphone china yang jika pesan singkat nya telah terkirim pasti ada pemberitahuan nya yang suara nya sama dengan suara masuk nya pesan baru. Dia teleponan sama pacar nya, niat nonton ga sihhhh taekkkkk. Dan ini yang mulai mengganggu, saat film nya mulai seram dia memegang paha ku, dan mencekam paha ku. Ah sial. Aku mulai sebal dengan wanita ini. Tiba tiba saat aku bicara dengan irvan dia bilang kok kamu kayak temen saya, trs aku bilang siapa sih. Trs dia diam, dan ngga lama dia bilang rumah kamu di pilang bukan. Dia beberapa kali nanya alur film nya, dan aku jawab seada nya dan sejutek nya.

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Atau jangan-jangan 24. Apakah saya sudah betul-betul kehilangan jatidiri maknawi sampai-sampai tidak sadar usia. Ini bukan karena saya pengingat yang baik, atau tukang lihat kalender setiap saat. Mungkin karena Bapak di rumah sudah lebih dulu mengingatkan tadi sore: besok ulang tahun ke 23, ya? -Bapak selalu WhatsApp sehari sebelum saya ultah, memberi ucapan langsung juga sehari sebelum ultah. Entah kenapa. Bapak memang orang yang tidak suka menunda-nunda saat melakukan sesuatu. Selagi ingat dan ada kesempatan, harus segera dilaksanakan. Tapi ya masak itu harus diterapkan saat mengucap ulang tahun juga. Umur tidak mendefinisikan hidup, tapi momen, suasana. Bukan seberapa lama kita hidup, tapi sudah berapa banyak yang kita alami saat hidup, berapa banyak yang kita lakukan saat hidup. Pertanyaan sulit. Saya pun belum melakukan apa-apa.