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. militaryforces are simultaneously at the same DEFCON. TheDEFCON varies depending upon the type of weapon withwhich the troops are equipped and the region in whichthey are deployed. For example, U. . troops in SouthKorea are always at DEFCON 4 but soldiers tendingnuclear missiles deployed in the continental U. . arenormally kept at DEFCON 5. I feel that in Witches Abroad Terry was experimentingmuch more than usual with the literary device offoreshadowing. These are references to the Tin Man, Scarecrow and Lionrespectively, once you remember that an alcoholic drinkis also known as Dutch courage. All Terrys references are to the movie version,incidentally, not the book. The girl with the long hair is Rapunzel from the famousfairy tale of the same name. When questioned about the phrase, Terry explained:Perfectly good British slang. Legba (also known as Papa Legba or Legba Ati-bon) is theVoodoo spirit of the cross-roads, where the Above meetsthe Below. He leanson a stick, and another of his symbols is the macoutte(straw sack). It is obvious that Granny is trying to tell a joke here and failing miserably. The problem was that quite a fewreaders (including yours truly) were having troublefiguring out what that joke was supposed to be in the firstplace. People started asking about the Alligator Joke sofrequently on alt. an.

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Curtis is the social media leader with 2M followers. Video materials have flown around the internet at an alarming rate of 96:1, compare that to a horror films average 13:1 viral rate. Uni was hoping for a second weekend hold in the Bridge of Spies range (-26%). Could be stronger, but Fox platformed this movie to cut through the big noise of October in hopes of keeping the George Tillman Jr. directed movie alive through awards season. 96% RT certified fresh score. Four and a half stars here on PostTrak with an 88% overall positive. African Americans rep 44% of current moviegoers, followed by 29% Caucasian, 16% Hispanic and 9% Asian. Already we were hearing that advance ticket sales today are enormous, and thats after last nights show. We also heard presales in certain multiplexes are beating It s sales. Already, Fandango reported that Halloween is the best horror preseller of the year, well ahead of The Nun. True, genre fans are a front-loaded kind of crowd who show up first and then disappear the rest of the weekend, but Halloween is playing like a blockbuster given its multi-generational pull. The drawing power for many is Jamie Lee Curtis reprising her legendary role as Laurie Strode for the first time since 2002s Halloween: Resurrection. Critics wont be a problem business-wise for this movie because they love it at 81% Certified Fresh. We cover news stories and top stories covering news. The acting is above average by it’s largely unknown cast, who all give energetic performances. Going in with the worst expectations is probably this film’s secret weapon, as it defies the viewer at each and every turn. It’s almost as if some competent and talented yet very, very, very stingy filmmakers decided to have a day off from making a Hollywood film to go back to sharpening their skills on the guerilla tip. It’s worked because despite everything The Brighton Mob is one of the best surprises from the Kwik Save end of British cinema.

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Tyson showed off his detailed chest tattoo, which featured a rose with doves on either side and the words 'wish you were here', as well as two smaller designs on his arm. Looking over her shoulder with her back facing the camera, the 33-year-old actress showed off her flawless makeup free complexion. Hours later, Pia shared another photo of Tyson with the caption 'Gordon's Bae' - a play on the name of their getaway location, Gordon's Bay. Meanwhile, Tyson has also been posting his fair share of affectionate social media posts about Pia in recent months. Just a week ago, the handsome socialite uploaded a video of the couple cuddling up in bed while celebrating Pia's 33rd birthday. 'This is why I love you. You are the biggest dork but wouldn't have you any other way. Pia has been dating Australian film producer Tyson for just over a year. She also has a son Lennox, nine, with ex-AFL star Brad Miller, and 13-year-old Isaiah from another previous relationship. She and Brad announced their split in October 2015 after eight years of marriage. Earlier this year, Pia opened up about the difficulties her children faced when she moved away from her ex-husband. She told Insider there had been 'hard times and some sad times' for the boys, who moved with her to Sydney so she could film Home And Away. 'But all in all they've made some really good friends and integrated into their own little school teams,' she added. But on Monday, Carrie Bickmore put the drama behind her as she caught up with her loving grandfather in Adelaide. In a photo posted to Instagram, the 35-year-old beamed with happiness as she cuddled up to her pop while planting a gentle kiss on his cheek. Scroll down for video While her grand-parent showed off a wide smile for the front-facing camera, the mother-of-two flaunted her natural beauty through minimal makeup. As she rested her reflective sunglasses on her head, she slicked back her brunette locks and tied them in a tight bun. Following the shock election result, Steve was at the epicentre of public debate when he mixed heated words with former Labor staffer Jamila Rizvi. The pair clashed after Steve claimed Jamila interrupted him as the panel discussed Hillary Clinton's loss, prompting host Carrie to tell him to 'change his tone.

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and must be posing as if you were competing in the sport. If you choose equestrian as one of them, we must see the horse. (68 points). But instead of making it from snow, make it from Jello on your kitchen floor (Inspired by Nin Pipariperho) (19 points). You must have a gold frame suspended around your head. (Inspired by nakedontheimpalacoveredinbees) (33 points). They must have their arms upraised in victory but you must be biting on the medal while it’s around their neck. Must include medal winner’s name in the photo (Inspired by Paige Barton) (98 points). Write a 10-line epically beautiful brilliant love poem addressed to “My Dearest Maryann Elizabeth Voisinet”. In addition to whatever else you put in the poem, include something about how much you like her cooking. Take a picture of the poem and submit the link here. YOU MUST ALSO mail the love poem to her with a small dried flower to PO BOX 99185, Raleigh, NC USA 27624. It must reach her by November 15th so we can confirm it was sent. (20 points). Vehicle must be transporting a crew of three or more in full battle gear! (From Kat Green) (56 points). Must be worn by a man. (From Xiomara Dilrosun) (104 points). One sign says “Welcome to Iceland!

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I urge my colleagues on both sides of the House to support the swift passage of Bill C-4 so that Canadians may begin to reap the many benefits that it contains. One of the reasons for that, if we ask all of the northern mayors, is the issue of housing. This is happening all across the north, but it is not only in the north. We see in the city of Toronto now that the price of affordable rent is pushing people who would previously have been middle class to share and double-up on apartments. It is affecting the development of the middle class and it is causing more and more people to have to put money into rent that they should be putting into investments, savings and education. Some of those investments and announcements were announced in my riding of Richmond Hill. If we look at the International Monetary Fund and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, they are saying that Canada will continue to be a leader in job creation and a leader in the economy among the G7 countries moving forward in the ensuing years. One in particular dealt strictly with immigration and ensuring that we could assist those individuals who were in that disaster area and who were profoundly affected by the disaster by speeding up processing times for immigration. The other request that we put forward dealt with individuals from the affected area who are here under some form of a temporary work visa, visitor visa or study visa and assisting them by getting extensions put into place so that they would not have to travel back to that area. Many of the people who reside in York Centre are new to Canada. We have the largest number, for example, of Russian-speaking people of any riding in the country; the third-largest number of Filipinos; and the fastest-growing Latino population. These people are coming to Canada for hope and opportunity. They are coming for the opportunity that our government has created for them. When I was growing up, I remember peeking out the curtains, waiting for my dad to come home every night and watching him haul himself out of the car and just really dragging his knuckles across the driveway. He, nevertheless, took the time to help me with my homework, to engage with me, to read to me. When I go around my riding of York Centre to canvass door to door and go to community events, I see so many people who are new to this country of Canada and who are new to the riding of York Centre. They are trying to be the best Canadians they possibly can because they have come to this country for a variety of reasons, certainly to seek opportunity but also to escape persecution and racism. They are coming here not so much for themselves but more for their kids. When I see them with their kids and with their families so engaged, I remember when I was growing up, feeling exactly the same way.


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Ned pointed them out to his king. “The barrows of the First Men. . So it’s kind of like Robert walking on his own grave, in terms of archetypes, which Martin is obviously playing with here with Robert’s clueless “have we ridden onto a graveyard? The other notable thing is the “pale white mists of dawn” language, which is yet another example of Others symbolism appearing alongside that of dawn. Of course, this whole scene with Cat observing the chilly ghost torrent of Alyssa’s tears occurs at dawn too, and of course I believe the explanation is that Dawn is the original Ice of House Stark, and was at some point “the Dawn of the Others,” meaning that it was possessed by Night’s King. And because Dawn, the Others, and rivers that flow from melting ice are all ice moon meteor symbols. What’s implied here is that one day, that might happen, that her tears might reach the ground. Meaning, one day ice moon meteors will reach the ground too, and then perhaps Night’s Queen can finally be content. Maybe all the ice moon wants is to get that damn black meteor out of it, right. Symbolism aside, the way in which Alyssa’s tears might actually reach the ground is if there is some kind of large avalanche, or if a streaking fireball melts all the snow on the mountain, just saying. Are you sure they removed all the old jars of wildfire from King Aerys’s day. I kid, but even if someone doesn’t blow it up as happens in the TV show, the idea of Warrior’s Sons pouring out of Baelor’s Sept works well to symbolize an invasion of Others. As we discussed in Moons 3: Visenya Draconis, the Warrior’s Sons, like the Kingsguard, serve as stand-ins for the Others, with their mirror-like armor, their “crystal sword in the darkness” sigil that replicates the look of an Other’s crystal sword in the darkness, and the crystal stars in the pommels of their actual swords which give them star-sword meteor symbolism to match the star-eyes of the Others. So here’s yet another ice moon place, promising a disastrous outpouring of crystalline star swords, and maybe even an actual big explosion. Dragon locked in ice symbolism perhaps, and maybe some hints about the moon blowing up. The Wall is basically our master template for the ice moon, for obvious reasons: it’s huge, it just loves to glitter in the moonlight, it’s made of ice, and it has a knack for imprisoning dragons. The descriptions of it lay out the complete package of icy symbolism, and there are three symbols in particular we will focus on: ice dragons, ice swords, and icy or frozen rivers. When applied to the Wall, all of three of these symbols are ominous, as you would expect.