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Then, boy, are you going to love our round-up of the best tech documentaries available for your viewing pleasure. (If you hate technology and non-fiction films, on the other hand, you’ve probably come to the wrong place. . Against him is lank-haired arcade legend Billy Mitchell, who turns out to be a deliciously underhanded movie villain. With both large scale hacks and protests only having gotten bigger since 2012, We Are Legion remains incredibly timely viewing. This documentary, the oldest on our list by more than half a century, will challenge that belief. You know when folks say “they don’t make them like this any more? Well, they don’t make them like that any more. Far more of a personal nonfiction essay than a fly-on-the-wall documentary, its central premise is that computers have singularly failed to liberate humanity in the way their countercultural forefathers promised. But the idea that this was possible — or desirable — wasn’t quite so clear in the 1990s.

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MRP Tokens are one of the vital sought-after crypto belongings with constant enhance in value as a consequence of multiple revenue streams and rising profits. ChronoBank should stay at the center of the model and the long-time period success of those financial companies will depend on whether the entity can deliver the services successfully, avoid getting regulated as a bank, and efficiently promote LHT as a steady token on cryptocurrency markets. Soon after the ICO finishes, the CHSB token will seem on exchanges. TNB: Time exports, bonded by signing smart contracts with M. . . platform, promise to transform their time to time commodities to allow commodity circulation available on the market. Not every financial institution works with cryptocurrencies normally, and certain share of banks for ICO can open digital accounts for their shoppers for ICO. Bankers token holders can be entitled to obtain pro-rata shares of 20% of Bankera’s web transaction revenues in ETH on a weekly foundation. Bankera’s wallets will initially cowl 22 fiat currencies, together with main currencies similar to USD, EUR and GBP, and as well as may also assist cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin, Ethereum, SPRINT, NEM and others.

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n that note, Ramsay tries to remain cool and denies the possibility that his hounds would eat their own master. Sansa reminds him that they haven't eaten in 7 days, as Ramsay said himself, and makes it clear about what they're going to do. All memory of you will disappear. fter the generally unsatisfying and disturbing way in which Joffrey died, Ramsey's richly deserved downfall and death was deliciously, gruesomely satisfying. he fact that it was at Sansa's hand makes it even more satisfying. Of all the living characters on the show, only Theon has a convincing claim to having suffered as much from his actions. One likes to think Ramsay came to this realisation before his richly deserved death. t also moves to a meta level, as the episode. At long last, the Starks have taken back their home. This leads to another awesome moment the more one finally lets it sink in.

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While a werefox may not slash, rip, or eat those who get in its path, it would most certainly place a terrible curse upon their heads. Steiger, Brad. Totems: The Transformative Power of Your Personal Animal Totem. San Francisco: HarperSanFrancisco, 1997. ! Fox Strap I t was widely believed that certain sorcerers and Witches possessed a strap of wolf or fox hide that could transform them into the beast of their choice. In the village of Dodow near Wittenburg, Germany, there lived a Witch who owned such a strap, and through its magic, she could transform herself into a fox whenever she wished and keep her larder well stocked with geese, ducks, and chickens. As it so happened, the schoolmaster that day happened to be discussing magic and Witchcraft, and the eager child volunteered that his grandmother was a Witch and that he had her fox strap with him. Amused by such childlike belief, the schoolmaster politely asked to examine the strip of animal hide. Unfortunately, as he strode back and forth in front of the class, gesturing broadly to make his points, the strap brushed against his forehead, adhered to his flesh, and instantly transformed him into a fox.

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Abdul Aziz Ibne Saud ended Turkish occupation of a segment of the Arabian Peninsula by capturing the province of Al-Hasa. It was the beginning of the end of Turkey’s hold over Arabia but at that time it hardly caused a ripple. In February 1914, Amir Abdullah, the younger son of the Sheriff of Mecca had a secret meeting in Egypt with Lord Kitchener, who was then stationed in Cairo. The brief conversation, however, confirmed Kitchener’s earlier suspicions that all was not well between the Sultan of Turkey and his appointee the Sheriff of Mecca, father of Amir Abdullah. This historic meeting would ultimately prove to be the turning point in Great Britain’s grand strategy for the Middle East. It was a period of world history which may have faded from public memory in recent years but certainly deserves to be fully understood in today’s world marked by a bitter never-ending conflict in the Middle East. Kitchener, as we know, was a brilliant strategist and what he sought was, as far as he was concerned, understandable and fully justified. He was striving to save the British Empire, which he passionately believed should continue to shine in the centuries ahead. Kitchener was in a limited sense an honest man, completely sincere to the cause which he held close to his heart. The fact remains, however, that he exploited his newfound friendship with the Sheriff of Mecca to purely promote the short-term British interests in the Middle East.

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sport24. o. a. David Johnson, 21, of the South Deering neighborhood, was charged with a felony count of attempted first-degree murder, Chicago Police announced Saturday. Johnson was expected to appear in bond court Sunday. The 47-year-old woman was driving about 8:14 a. . Friday near 76th and Stony Island Avenue when she was stabbed multiple times by someone she knew inside the vehicle, according to Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Merritt and Chicago Police. She was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in serious but stable condition with a head injury, authorities said. As a result of the stabbing, the vehicle she was driving crashed into a school bus, Merritt said.