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Featured guest is trumpet player Johnny Lapio, a celebrated member. Welcome to The Black Soul Experience, a high-powered, intense live show. Featuring your host, bandleader, and veteran musician at the Groove, Antwon Robinso, alongside Tracey Nicole. The mind child of composer and guitarist Matt Panayides in collaboration with the virtuoso EWI and saxophonist Matt Vashlishan the band explores the sonic texture of space in time mapping it onto the present moment. QED Presents is QED's series of house-booked stand up showcases, featuring national headliners and up-and-coming gems! Be sure to keep an eye out for special guests and other surprises! Meklit is an Ethio-American vocalist, composer, and cultural instigator bringing together Ethio-Jazz with a singer-songwriters storytelling and strum. These 11 songs were deeply inspired by Mulatu Astatke (the Godfather of Ethio-Jazz). Back in 2011, he told Meklit, find your contribution to Ethio-Jazz and keep on innovating. Meklit is a TED Senior Fellow and her TED Talk, The Unexpected Beauty of Everyday Sounds, has been watched by more than 1.

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A woman died in a house fire on South Point Road in Belmont early Wednesday morning. Outbound South Tryon Street is congested with the ramp to Interstate 485 closed due to an accident with a car overturned. Whether it’s bread or sweet treats, you may notice niggling pains, an energy crash or foggy brain every time you eat them. However, you’ll probably also notice it’s these foods that are the hardest to resist, and you may find yourself craving them. If so — and yes, it sounds contrary, but I’ll explain why below — you may be intolerant to them. You’ll soon know if you have an allergy to a certain food as you’ll suffer a rash or illness, but intolerance is more subtle. There might not be any noticeable reaction for hours, even days, so it can be difficult to make the connection. But if you ever find yourself dreaming of chocolate or buttery scrambled eggs, or if you’ve gone out of your way to find a certain sandwich filling or ready meal and feel slightly out of control when you’re eating it, this could be a sign of a food intolerance. Food intolerances are caused by a physical reaction to the protein in a trigger food. This might be due to an inherited allergy or to the fact that your body is struggling to break down and digest this protein.

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His role as the corrupt wizard Saruman in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings trilogy was followed by two appearances as Count Dooku in the Star Wars saga. The former year also saw him made a Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French government and a member of the Academy Fellowship by BAFTA. I’m thankful that I don’t follow in the steps of the great Stanley Kubrick, whose award was posthumous. . Productions in association with Warner Brothers was shooting. Christopher Lee actually did come from an aristocratic background. His mother. Christopher Lee himself served in the British military. He. Pakistan, where he spent 10 weeks in 1997 shooting the film.

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Haptic feedback means you don’t need to look at the watch, and you don’t need to have the clicker display all day: when you’re ready for a new click you can pull it up from its Complication. And that’s pretty much it: there are only two other options: subtract, to remove a mistaken click, and reset, to start again. It’s hardly a must-have but it’s actually very handy, so for example we’ve seen users tracking how often they smoke during the day or how many glasses of water they’ve had. We wouldn’t recommend using it for counting sheep, though - or at least, not on the first-generation Apple Watch, whose battery isn’t really up to working nights. We’re not convinced by the supposed science of brain training - it’s a sector that makes bold claims based on very flimsy evidence - but there’s no doubt that spending time learning or practicing useful things is better for you than mindlessly swiping through trivia on Twitter. Elevate claims that its brain training app will “improve critical cognitive skills that are proven to boost productivity, earning power, and self-confidence”, and it does so by setting little tasks for you: choosing the correct meaning of words, calculating percentages and so on. The Watch’s small screen means the games you get are very simple ones, but that works well when you’re on the move. You may know CARROT from its weather app, which combines Dark Sky-style weather forecasting with sarcasm and lies. But CARROT wants to make you unhappy in many other ways - and what’s better for a sadistic AI than being in control of a fitness app. Enter CARROT Fit, which takes a somewhat unusual approach to motivating you to get healthier and lose weight.

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