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The intended teen audience is far too intelligent to fall for the silliness of the story and its slow reveal. The audience is far ahead of the story from the time the title card appears until its unsatisfying and anticlimactic conclusion. The effects, much like the acting and the directing, are only adequate with very little today’s audience has never seen before. The film has nothing for its combined efforts to rise above every other horror film that proceeded it. The characters, the locations, the ghost story, the twists and turns, even the Ouija board itself are all been-there-done-that drowning in an air of mediocrity and cliche. The original film is best known for its bargain-basement SFX, which included dogs in costumes portraying the mutant rodents of the title. There is a whole host of fantastic horror films from around the world, covering multiple sub-genres and it all takes place in London. The onset shots appeared online over the weekend, and show the Oscar-winner in full costume, complete with claw-like fingernails. Steigert, director of low-budget horror comedy A Grim Becoming. Get your first look at the extraterrestrial weirdo in this official trailer.

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4 John Jay discusses why a federal government will better protect the people than individual states could. He lays out reasons to go to war AND reasons not to. Protection, mentioned above, was one reason. No. 11 by Hamilton presents reasons why uniting the states will work better for trade. So protection, then trade. 3) In No. 12 Hamilton adds taxes earned on imports will be larger and benefit the whole country more than taxing imports state by state. Madison, in No. 14, does try to sell the idea of federalism by claiming that the federal government will limit itself to only a few particular legislative areas and everything else will be left to the states.


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Or perhaps the greatest surprise is the players that have emerged to attack the populist candidate, Donald J. Trump. Fox News and CNN (not exactly philosophically friendly competitors) are part of the scam. It was no accident that the attack against Trump, sandwiched between two candidates of Cuban heritage during the CNN debate, began just before the Texas primary. Ask yourself one question: To defeat Trump, what was the most important objective the CNN debate needed to achieve. Remember, it occurred in Houston just hours before the Texas primary. It was critical that Cruz defeat Trump in his home state. Thus the vicious attack against Trump began there and Cruz, as required, won his home state. The next critical “Defeat Trump” event the RNC needed to surreptitiously implement to prevent any candidate from getting the required number of delegates to get the nomination on the first ballot was to be effectively attack and disparage Trump before the March 5th primaries and caucuses. It was a two-pronged attack: First, Mitt Romney and second the Fox debate fix.

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A lot of people wait 10 or 15 years and the moment passes. We’re proof that you can succeed in spite of yourself if God’s in it. Get some actors from your church and don’t worry about the lighting, just make it the best you can. The quickest way for us to learn was just to do it. When you feel like you have a little bit of feet under you, start filming, then look at it and start editing. Hitting the cinemas this year, I filled my tummy with lots of popcorn and blue Icee’s and saw films in theaters like Regal, Cinemark, Danberry Huber Heights and Cranberry Cinema and had a blast watching the silver screen with friends like Juliet Fromholt, Jeremy Hoyt, Josh Weinberg, Stephen Alexander, Theresa Lopez, Thomas “Maurice” Smith and many more all who made the experience more fun. A weird thing about this year in movies is that while it was filled with many blockbusters, it also had many flops that expressed moviegoers lack of interest in sequels and reboots to films of the past, but this year also proved that Disney knows how to pack them into the theater with superhero films as well as family friendly adventures. Plus, it proved to Hollywood that horror films make money and bring profits on smaller budgets. So let’s find our seats here at Rotten Ink Theater and chat a little about the films of 2016. So this time around we are going to start with science fiction and fantasy, two genres that are near and dear to my heart.

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From the blood-starved beast in Bloodborne, to the Valkyrie queen in God of War, to Diablos in Monster Hunter: World and Hornet from Hollow Knight, a lot of the games I’ve loved over the last few years have featured brutal boss fights. Those fights are seldom my favorite things about those games, and in fact can get in the way of my fun. I’ll spend an hour or two merrily exploring a level in Nioh, only to feel totally stuck when I get to the boss. I’ve gotten better at surviving when a boss fight comes around, but I still approach each boss with some apprehension. Some bosses are no problem, but each one has the potential to be a roadblock. Discuss, debate, swap theories, post artwork, post dank spoilers etc. Of course I'm going to watch it religiously anyway, but as a bookfag I am definitely interested in seeing what direction it'll take given that the plot it has now overtaken the actual books. Inb4 people crying about spoilers, everybody and their dog knows Melly Sanders is going to resurrect Jon. I really hope Jon Snow lives a long life in this show, since he's one character that I genuinely like from the start. The first season was alright but I just can't get anywhere near as into the show as I did the books.

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I mean her and her mother are both dead now for sure. Andrew Murray ? ? Hi Robert, enjoyed your analysis. Dany will replace the tyrannical patriarchy by a socialist matriarchy and install female rulers in all kingdoms:D Muse Ingenue. Nono Nono 3 ? ? Winterfell is divided before the NK even arrives because of politics. Everyone else flees to King's Landing, and things look pretty good for Cersei, even if the NK is continuing south. Tyrion takes charge of killing the last remaining dragon who is out of control, before he falls to the NK too.