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I generally agree with this, but then I think what might happen if GRRM didn't actually have to do the writing, just the fun world-building and character arcs; book 6 and 7 might be 4500 pages each. More than a ghostwriter, he needs what he needed since book 3, an editor who can tell him when he's gone off the rails. Still, at this point I think a ghostwriter is the best shot for a decent finish to the series. Aside from a desperate need for strict editor, I thought a lot of that was because he'd write himself into corners and feel obligated to resolve them somehow. Or he'd try to come up with ways to make the filler interesting and would go overboard. Dude is dragging his feet because he can't figure out how to connect everything together without even more filler and he's dreading writing 2000 page novels. Hand the filler entirely over to someone else and GRRM might be totally happy to have a 600-page book come out of it. But I suppose there would be a lot of outrage if he decided to finish the main series with a Maester's history book. I also assumed the Khal was wheeling about her dramatically because they recognized her as the khaleesi. I'm not sure if writer giving clarification counts as a spoiler for something we've seen, so I'll just link the video.

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Ramsay overpowering these precautions would have been much more satisfying. (for me at least). I think that the “thaw” between Davos and Mel now will be important then, because it will really test that thaw. I suspect that fragile alliances will be a very important aspect of this year’s story. What is impressive about Jon is not that he defeated a White Walker, but that he risked life and limb to save enemies from a still-greater enemy. Davos knows that Jon did this, and that the Wildlings owe their lives to Jon because of this. Davos preaches the necessity of making hard choices: and he’s seen that Jon can do that. Davos is a smart and pragmatic man: given that he’s accepted the danger facing them, he has more than enough evidence to see that Jon is one of those rare people who could be very important right now. Extra sad because the complete thoughts are there, but the words can’t get out. Totally believable that without intensive therapy he would never come back from something like that.