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. Lovecraft, and two who prefer to remain anonymous, performed by host and narrator Otis Jiry, about unsettling after-school activities, secret passageways, unearthed oddities, and dangerous games as old as time. You’re listening to the standard edition of tonight’s program, which includes the first two stories. If you’d like to show your support and enjoy an extended version of this and or other episodes, with twice the terror, visit SimplyScaryPodcast. om and click “Patrons” in the upper menu to sign up today. Brian lives in southern Ohio near the West Virginia border, where he has seen the creature known as Bigfoot on several occasions. During his third encounter, Brian's experience turned unpleasant when he found himself in a dangerous situation. While hunting for turkey, he drew the attention a Bigfoot that was not happy to see him. This week we sit down with a Biblical professor, Mark MacLean, to discuss what are the Nephilim, how did they come about and are they around today. Crimes tend to be strange enough, but when you add an element of the unknown, it becomes even more frustrating. The 4 cases on this list are tragic but even more puzzling are the circumstances surrounding it. Check out our Patreon at - There's a lot of cool access, giveaways and even a custom episode! Buy awesome original shirts made by Scary Mysteries. In the 1950s, Sam Borg, a Maltese-born man had made a small fortune for himself running a casino called the Maltese club. Located just North of Melbourne, the place was known for its illegal gambling with money flowing freely at the establishment. On May 30, 1960, Sam was seen heading back home and in the days following, he started missing engagements. When A concerned friend realized Sam hadn’t been seen for several days he called police to do a welfare check. Once there, police found the front door bolted shut with Two nails used to reinforce it. Since they couldn’t get in through there, they decided to climb in from a window instead.

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As a nation of proud people, we should certainly not accept anything that disgraces our Founding Father. Being neither on the side of the movie makers nor its critics, one would argue that the government must review the script in an objective manner. The reviewers must not side with either of the two sides, which appear to one as equally ambitious. I have myself seen the video of the audition of the editor concerned for the role which Mr. Lee is now performing. By all accounts, the acting of the person being auditioned was unimpressive. Second, his acting itself, the style of walking and speaking, was quite miserable. As for Prof. Akbar, his ambitious nature is quite well known. As my friend Masood Hasan has already pointed out in his six-part paper article, Prof Akbar in his six part documentary on the BBC, Living Islam, would make sure that he should be physically present with sunglasses in every other shot of a Muslim shrine, mosque, tomb, and the like. When I visited his place in Islamabad earlier this month, Prof Akbar showed me the videotape of the audition of the editor, who, in his opinion, threatened the movie team of dire consequences after his case was rejected. Before I could see this letter, Prof Akbar realized the mistake and virtually snatched it from my hands, saying that it was “confidential. What was so secretive about this letter. Mohsin Akhtar, a UK-based Pakistani financier of the movie, and Prof Sharif accompany Prof Akbar these days, wherever he goes. And, when it comes to defending his movie project before the press, Prof Akbar prefers not him but Prof Sharif to speak on authority. The criticism about the contents of the script may be justified. What, however, looks ridiculous are the objections being raised against the cast of the movie, and that also on ground which is totally nonsensical. Dracula series is not the only movies series Christopher Lee has acted in. There are dozens of other hit movie to his credit.


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As in the similarly themed The Wolf of Wall Street (2013), Short allows numerous characters to break the fourth wall and address the audience in supplemental, anecdotal or humorous asides. All of these story devices lend the film a unique narrative flow, which makes it accessible to a mass audience and prevents it from degenerating into a derivative snore-fest. The cast is headlined by Brad Pitt, despite the fact that his character is ancillary to the action and his screen time is far less than many of his co-stars. Christian Bale is extremely effective as glass-eyed, socially awkward hedge fund manager Michael Burry, the first person (according to the movie) to bet against the housing market. The most impressive (and unexpected when considering his typical role) performance is turned in by Steve Carell, who plays Mark Baum, the low empathy, high maintenance ringleader of a small team of renegades inside Morgan Stanley. The freeze-frame shot of Baum’s face when he learns about Synthetic CDOs perfectly mirrors our own expressions of confusion, disbelief and betrayal. For scores of people who were adversely affected by the bursting of the “credit bubble,” it will take the rest of their life to wipe that look off of their face. If Short has done its job properly, you should leave the theater furious over how the banks have destroyed millions of lives and very nearly tanked our economy. By dint of its classification as a contact sport, you can’t have a high level of excitement without punishing tackles and vicious blows to the head. And yet, most people, especially with what we now know about the sport’s potentially devastating effect on the brain, would agree that we must do more to protect football players from TBIs (traumatic brain injury) or, as Dr. Bennet Omalu (Will Smith) discovers in the film, CTEs (chronic traumatic encephalopathy). Omalu first encounters the disease while conducting extensive tests on the brain of legendary Steelers center Mike Webster (David Morse). As ironic as it seems, discovering the degenerative condition inside players’ brains turns out to be a far easier task for Omalu than convincing the NFL of his findings. What kicks off as a standard sports movie morphs into a medical procedural and ultimately ends up as a David vs. Above all, Concussion chronicles one man’s dogged pursuit of the truth and the considerable diametrical forces that attempt to discredit and squelch his work (this struggle of opposing views is not too dissimilar from the basic arrangement of players on the football field: offense and defense). Smith turns in a remarkable performance as Nigerian pathologist Omalu and absolutely nails the accent. The supporting players are also extremely effective in their roles, especially Morse, whose portrayal of the deteriorating NFL star is heartbreaking and haunting. Honorable mention goes to: Baldwin, Albert Brooks (as Omalu’s supervisor), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (as Omalu’s wife) and Luke Wilson (as NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell). One wonders how much interference director Peter Landesman encountered while spearheading this even-handed effort to expose the ugly truth of the NFL (in specific and football in general).