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Here is an unrelated picture of me and my wonderful manager riding off into the sunset together. What did she do with the Lannister soldiers, though. This is cause for serious speculation, given scenes from the trailers. Either way, Jon will shove Littlefinger up against a wall in the crypts for some reason. That is an increase of 14% from the previous record, which was 195,000 downloads. Recover your password Tad Too New Start Up Stories Namostute. om: Did you know it can arrange your Puja online? 10 Traits To Look For In A Financial Advisor In India Fancy A Bar. India’s first Underwater Restaurant! 7 Indian Dishes We bet You Never Knew Of. But this year they confirmed the “cyber incident which resulted in the compromise of propriety information. A certain Reddit user who later deactivated his profile had leaked almost the entire plot of Game of Throne Season 7 which was immediately deleted. But a few hackers managed to make several copies of the post. We probably know the fate of the major and here are the most intriguing moments that are going to take place in the coming episodes: Cersei, the beloved Mad Queen Image Source Yes I know she is evil in the core and she might end up proving herself an absolute fool but haven’t she given us enough reason to fall for her already. I mean if you deny the fact that you secretly felt glad to see the wild fire blow up the High Sparrow then you are lying to yourself. There was a time in Game of thrones when misogyny ran rampant in the world of Westeros. But now look at Cersei, the first woman to sit on the Iron Throne and three episodes into this season she have won every game she has played. Be it by using Euron to destroy all Dany’s alliances or serving justice to her only daughter who was poisoned by Ellaria and her Sand Snakes.

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Petyr Baelish was an exceptional character, gaining more and more influence each season. He kept using Sansa to gain more power but like he once stated himself, knowledge is power. Bran has become a source of knowledge, so it was a lose-lose situation for Petyr Baelish since he plotted so much in secret and behind everyone’s back. Was he really in love with Sansa or was that just another lie of him. Oberyn only survived one season of Game of Thrones but his character brought us so many unforgettable moments. The way Oberyn got introduced made him a remarkable character immediately. His death angered Dorne and in particular Ellaria Sand so the ball got rolling many seasons after his death. We may all conclude that Oberyn was the most important Martell to date as a lot of side plots are centered around his character and his tragic death. Unfortunately, the Martells will never be able to get revenge for Oberyn’s and Elia’s unfortunate deaths. Oberyn was an honest and inspiring character and every year I am happy to see him ending so high. From fighting dragons to meeting Dragon Queens, Bronn was with a doubt one of the most badass characters of the seventh season. This man doesn’t just say whatever he thinks, but he owns everyone in conversation. Bronn is a bit of a selfish character and can’t you blame him for that. He doesn’t need to be honourable in his opinion and seizes every opportunity if there’s something to gain for him. He has been a friend of the Lannisters for a good time now, so I hope his debt get paid at some point. Bronn really deserves a beautiful castle and a hot, highborn lady. I’m curious to find out what’s in store for him now with Jaime Lannister out of King’s Landing. Will he join his comrade back to North or does he think of his own well-being and stay right where he is.

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. These ideas should go beyond provoking “That’s stupid! to eliciting a much stronger response. Bad ideas might be immoral, dangerous to the user or bad for the business itself. In one session I led, a team proudly showed me their sketches of homeless people packed onto trains and shipped away from the downtown core they were trying to improve. At the time, I reacted to the general lack of humaneness in the idea and saw that as visceral proof point of how they were challenging boundaries. It wasn’t until much much later that I appreciated the horrific evocation of the Holocaust. In this writing, and perhaps in the reading, in the cold pixels of this piece, this feels grotesque. That’s because in reflecting here we are outside the environment of ideation. Within the context of the brainstorm, we have a “safe place” where exploring what’s possible without judgment is crucial. Digging out of email, setting up meetings that have been on pause, and following up all those things that you pushed off several weeks ago, knowing there was impending travel. We’ll be scrambling to find an opportunity to catch each other up on our travels, eatings, networkings, and work. Look for some blog posts as we share some bits and pieces. We’re putting the final touches on the findings from our gamer research and meeting with the team later this week to discuss the implications for their products. We’re writing proposals, revisiting year-old proposals, meeting with new prospects, going through corporate vendor approval processes. In case you missed it over there, you can sit back and relax and enjoy it right here on our blog. This month we are looking much closer to home and finding ponderous interactions and objects within a few miles (and sometimes feet) of our front doors. You don’t know who else has been using it, touching it, or not-washing-their-hands-and-touching-it.

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'It’s the anti-establishment protest vote, I definitely saw it Saturday,' he told The Daily Telegraph. 'It wasn’t the only reason. Mr Grant, who held the police and racing portfolios, stepped down as deputy premier on Monday afternoon in a bid to give the government a chance to 'pause and reset'. 'No one encouraged me to go. I spoke to my colleagues about it and I just didn''t want the turmoil to continue,' he told reporters in Sydney. Premier Mike Baird on Monday admitted he should be held accountable for the 'terrible' coalition outcome. 'I know what a great man Troy Grant is. He's done an incredible job for his community, and his leadership in the last state election was second to none,' he said. The premier said the Liberal-National coalition government would learn from the by-election drubbing but added it had no plans to reverse the deeply unpopular council amalgamations. With just 204 votes to be counted, Shooters candidate Phil Donato is on track to win the party's first ever lower house seat of Orange on 50. per cent of the two-party preferred vote, with the Nationals on 49. per cent. Orange became vacant when its former Nationals state member Andrew Gee resigned to run for the overlapping federal electorate of Calare at the July double dissolution election. Sandy River Baptist Church failed to make sure its drivers were properly licensed and followed rules about rest, according to the order from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. The bus owned by the Chester church was carrying the Ramah Jucco Academy football team from Rock Hill to an away game when it crashed Sept. 17 in Hamlet, North Carolina. Four people, including bus driver Brian Kirkpatrick, died after the bus had a flat tire and slammed into a guardrail and bridge support on U. S.

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Shopping site Wish has capitalized on this trend with its over 300 million products aimed at thrifty shoppers from thousands of merchants. Both Amazon and Alibaba reportedly tried to buy Wish, in fact, according to reports from a couple of years ago, but Wish rejected those offers. Now Amazon is trying to beat Wish at its own game, which has encouraged others, like eBay now, to follow. These low-cost shopping sites also compete with Hollar, an online dollar store of sorts, which is more pleasant to browse than eBay’s outdated-looking website. However, based on my latest demo with Far Cry 5, which is set in a fictional county in Western Montana, you'd think the game took place on the outskirts of a massive city. At times it can feel like there's actually too much going on in Far Cry 5, and nothing demonstrates it better my bear buddy, Cheeseburger. He's a clumsy but lovable oaf who also attacks everything in sight. As a result He's constantly ballsing up my best laid plans, and he really doesn't do well around cars (you'll see). Cheeseburger is impossible to stay mad at, but the fact he's such a magnet for trouble can make it hard to ever kick back and enjoy one of the prettiest open worlds I've seen. Sometimes, Cheeseburger and I just need a damn second to catch some trout and smell the roses undisturbed by rabid cultists. Far Cry 5 preview: Cultists, crossbows, and a bear named Cheeseburger pcworld. om. To improve its service, the company has been rolling out a new system that involves taking photos to show where a delivery has been placed on a person's property. The system allows couriers to leave packages in safe places where they’re less likely to be spotted by thieves. Taking a photo of the location for the owner will probably be easier than having to explain its whereabouts. Additionally, it can also be used as proof that the items were dropped off at a person’s address. The image is included in the notice of delivery received by customers. According to USA Today, the program, called Amazon Logistics Photo on Delivery, has been around for six months but the delivery device and app has only just been updated so all drivers can take photos.

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I grew up loving some of the great heavyweight fights of the time with Tyson, Holyfield, Forman, Lewis, etc. There's something special about boxing, as opposed to other sports, that really lends itself well to storytelling. I think it's because it's just one person versus another in a ring. I was taking a break from the movie for the weekend and went to Lake Arrowhead with my girlfriend and some friends. We were having a great, relaxing weekend when my good friend called me up to let me know the news. I was shocked. I knew he was in the hospital after having a heart attack, but I had been told that he was recovering well as far as people knew. We had just been working with him a few months prior and he seemed in great health. As soon as I heard that he had passed, I couldn't hold it in and I just broke down crying. We had worked together for just a little over two weeks, but when you're working together for 12 hours a day for two weeks, you get pretty close pretty quickly. And I spent the next 8 months slowly getting over his passing while having to edit him in the movie every day. His passing also put a lot more pressure on me to make the movie as good as it could be. I am definitely a Pacquiao fan, especially since I trained at his gym for this movie. I interacted with Freddie Roach almost every day at the gym and he seems like such a genuine guy. He'd be there behind the counter every day greeting the boxers as they come in and working the front desk. Here's a guy who definitely doesn't need to do this for the money, but he's here anyway, as much as he can be, simply because this is what he loves. I never met Pacquiao, but he also seems like a good guy. I would only want to see a rematch if I thought Mayweather wouldn't fight so defensively.

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I don’t think his endgame is going to be full of these unresolved bits and pieces, but I do believe there will be just enough of them to convey a sense of living history where not everything is conveniently explained or, since Martin is a great fan of weird and exotic, explainable. The current events, however epic and grand they may be, are still a small weave of the tapestry that is Planetos. After all, nothing that he has said about Swords, Crows or Dragons prior to release was a lie. Some statements were taken badly out-of-context: but that always happens. However, in a lot of ways, the fans need to get over themselves: storytellers want to do all of this stuff through storytelling, not through the media. I do think that he deliberately puts certain stuff in his books, hints and clues, bits of lore and worldbuilding and such that he fully intends not to follow up on, in order to achieve a sense of a living and breathing world that is richer and vaster than what is contained with the pages. In a way, I believe Martin indirectly encourages all the crazy theorycrafting his fans obsess over. We never get the answers to all the questions in our real lives. I fully expect that many of the more “puritanical” fans — the ones that eagerly bash the show, by the way — will be put off by certain developments in the Martin’s endgame. Not enough resolution, or not the kind they were expecting. By the same token, writers will always write more if you let them. The history of literature is replete with battles between editors and authors over such things. The editor’s job is to keep the eye on the prize: the story, the primary plot, etc. And although authors innately want to share every drop of their imagination with the public, it’s the editors’ jobs to note that extraneous details will distract readers (or viewers when you have scripts) from the plot and story. And move it to online supplemental material! So, this really is a “human” thing: when we are clever and creative, we want the world to see just how damn clever and creative we are. I do want to add that in art a certain level of “needless detail” may be worth it, if only to give the audience a sense of depth and richness, of buried treasures and hidden secrets lurking just beyond the written word. The trick, of course, is not to overpower the narrative, lest it devolve into a barely coherent mess.

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It has been updated every year or so since then to reflect new tools and workflows. Six helpful add-ons for Gmail Remember the old productivity and office suites we all used to use. I don't know about you, but my mix of productivity tools has certainly changed over the years. Stories of high school reunions are steeped in revenge. Think of Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion, where two titular outcasts concoct fantastical lies in the hopes of impressing the mean girls who made their teens living hell. Sometimes the trope is averted, like on 30 Rock when Liz Lemon attends her high school reunion and discovers that she wasn’t the bullied nerd she thought she was but was actually the bully herself. But usually, it’s played straight: the jocks and mean girls are dejected; the nerds and outcasts are rich or successful or interesting. The end. The enduring revenge narrative wasn’t of particular use to me when I decided to partake in the post-high school ritual of the 10-year reunion. I was never bullied or harassed on a regular basis. But, like nearly all American teens, I was subject to the tensions unique to high school. This week, we’re talking about some tough questions. When your relationship hits a crisis point, do you trust your partner, or do you go with what your gut tells you. What about when you know you’re in a bad situation. Do you grit your teeth and bail despite the cost, or do you ride it out and hope for things to get better. Let’s do this. Hi Dr. NerdLove, Something has happened that I just don’t understand.

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