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Take his four-year liaison with ? dgling Filipina actress Isabel Rosario Cooper. Few knew of the 19301934 relationship and nobody was talking, Fazzi said. Love letters and postcards were uncovered as the much-older MacArthur’s tryst became public. Still, Cooper wasn’t more than a footnote in any MacArthur biography, Fazzi said, which was pivotal motivation for the former Associated Press reporter to write “My MacArthur: A Novel,” historically accurate with Fazzi’s own speculation of what happened between the two and what happened to Cooper after the relationship ended. “That MacArthur happens to be handsome compensates for the fact that he’s as old as her father. Out of hubris, he takes Isabel with him to America without marrying her,” said Fazzi, explaining the book for Sand Hill Review Press. A three-year Fair Oaks resident, Fazzi was born and grew up in Manilla. She understood the adulation for the man who led the Philippines to independence, she said Tuesday by phone. Though Cooper’s existence “is not a secret,” it’s hardly front row center anywhere. During the decade, she wrote two romance novels under a pseudonym, explaining that the romance genre “has a really speci? target audience and there’s always danger the most serious readers would not take me seriously. Because there’s so little information about Cooper, it became ideal for novelization, Fazzi said. “It gives me a lot of leeway for creating her story,” the author said. Why did it end so badly? Thanks to a DNA website — OK, it was Ancestry. om — Fazzi was able to uncover Cooper’s family tree, her various residences, and other information the writer wasn’t able to obtain when her research began a decade ago. “Technology caught up with me,” Fazzi said happily, finding documents that included a ship manifest and various names Cooper assumed. “Little bits and pieces are not very reliable for non? tion, but are great for a novel,” Fazzi said.

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Stalemate continues in the south and the rival queens' resources to fight the Night King have been mutually squandered. Jon and Davos will still be pleading for an alliance of the living. The Wall being breached is the cliff hanger and it's the deciding event that finally forces an end to the civil war among the living. 209803. I thoughts Snow's died in the battle of the Bastard's. Why? Better story. Threaten the dragons with Qyburn's ballista to raise the tension but since it's so fucking obvious, the dragons survive. The Wall being breached is the cliff hanger and it's the deciding event that finally forces an end to the civil war among the living. 209803 can you just get on with writing book 8. While a zombie dragon would be bordering on the ridiculous, I wouldn't put anything past George R. R. Martin. Zombie sharks on the other hand make perfect sense. The show runners have established two clear hints in the episodes so far. Ep 1. Something big is going to happen at Eastwatch. Everyone's favorite bear fucker was just sent there by Jon. The opening credits back that up; the sea is freezing at Eastwatch. Five bucks says in the next two episodes, Tormund reports back to Jon that the sea has just frozen.

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. Today we're checking in with the staff at Fort Greene bookstore Greenlight to find out what they've been dog-earing lately. What about darkness where demons and devils are disguised. Unfortunately, no, this isn't a werewolf bar mitzvah. It's just a list of haunted houses. Sigh. Anyhoo, depending on what particular spine-chilling feature will satiate your appetite for fright--whether it's campy or unnerving--we've got just the list for you to peruse. Soon after, rooftopping was declared the latest thing by The Internet, and we got visually dizzy once again. And now, we revisit it all with a series of photos by Navid Baraty, who has been working on a project called Intersections. The North Dakota native has sharpened his piercing wit with gigs at Spin, Esquire, and, more recently, Grantland, and he's the author of several non-fiction collections including Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs: A Low Culture Manifesto and Fargo Rock City: A Heavy Metal Odyssey in Rural North Dakota. He just published his second novel, The Visible Man, about a psychiatrist who becomes increasingly entangled with a patient who can't be seen. It's an interesting departure from his usual, non-fiction subject matter, and he'll be reading and discussing the book tomorrow night at a special event presented by WORD bookstore at Public Assembly. We spent a few minutes talking to Klosterman about his book, the future of journalism, and why he left Manhattan for Brooklyn. If you want to be able to attend more concerts on the Williamsburg Waterfront in the future, or if you want those damn kids off your lawn, then this is the place to be. Following one local's outrage over nitrous-huffing Widespread Panic fans who infiltrated her street, the Open Space Alliance will be addressing the waterfront concerts tomorrow. It seems that a cast money dispute might halt production of new episodes of the The Simpsons, the longest-running primetime TV series, after the current 23rd season wraps up next spring. And you'll either think this is a merciful development, or the suckiest bunch of sucks that ever sucked. When you ring the doorbell dressed like Anthony Weiner, your sack is sure to spill over with treats. Swing by a party later, and watch everyone go nuts over your doggone costume choice. Hundreds of pet owners brought their pride and joys to the 27th Annual Feast of St.

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James - Sit Down(Game of Thrones Season 7 trailer) Rajender Joshi Song in Game of thrones' season 7 trailer. Perhaps he is careless, or maybe he’s just that good at avoiding HBO’s anti-spoiler sniper squad. In either case, our favorite Scottish actor has delivered again, with comments that, if true, should get us very excited about season eight. Any donation to the Movember Foundation through here will give you at least a chance, as you also support the charity, which raises funds for men’s health issues on a global scale. Given that season eight will have even one fewer episode, we can likely expect this trend to continue, and that’s without even considering the season took almost twice as long to shoot despite having its episode number almost halved. Can’t wait to find out, but for now I’ll temper my expectations and just assume they’ll be normal length episodes. Usually there’s a huge length disparity between the shortest and the longest episodes. Last season, episode 4 was the shortest at 50 minutes, but it was also one of my favorites. It had the emotional scene of Jaime jousting the dragon through the flames. I’m hoping the last two episodes are epic and approach 90 minutes each. I’ll take another “Spoils of War” episode at 50 minutes though if it’s as well done, and I’ll gladly watch another 30 minutes later about the making of the episode. The actor’s contracts leaked last year, and their definition of episode length was quite clear. But surely HBO would rather opt to have more episodes. My repeated viewings on Sunday nights might fit together better if they’re well over an hour or closer to 90 minutes. There have always been some gaps between re-airing, even between multiple HBO channels. As it has been, I’ll watch it at 8:00 my time, then rewatch on HBO Go on my phone for about half an hour, then turn to the tv when it airs again on one of my HBO channels at 10, and sometimes the next airing. I also usually watch it again almost every night of the week until the next episode. Another is participating here hours of every day. As the article states, feature-length could be anything from 40 minutes to whatever. I’d prefer Friday night or Saturday night, but I’m sure plenty of people feel differently.

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Within the concept of the Cocoon, this is something entirely new: As the nineties, techno? groundbreaking decade, came to an end, Sven Vath realized a fundamentally new path had to be persued. Calling longtime fellow travellers and new acquaintances together to form a Cocoon: a remote safety zone and a exciting playing ground, a highly productive agency and a weird tribe of electronic music freaks and party animals. With the Cocoon club, Vath and his companions created a new type of club which fused sound and space into one immersive experience. Having realized that the daily life in the big cities compromises partying without limits, they set up a second home each summer at Club Amesia on the Mediterreanian island of Ibiza. The “Sounds of the Season”-Series is an aural photo album and an a compressed culmination at the same time. The love for electronic music is the driving force of all Cocoon? endevours. Yet they closely watch what is going on outside their Cocoon. Exited about the chatter about musicans and night life going on services like Facebook or Twitter, the concept of the Cocoon heroes was created. Serving as an arena for gossip and discussion, there is even a Facebook app to create the most unlikely avatars, desolving the border between performer and listener. In the first part of “The sound of the 12th season”, Vath melds the crowd into an orgiastic techno feast. Being bold in its outcome, the beginning is quite subtle. Efdemins and Kozes surprisingly slow grooves lure the dancers into their unique electronic sounds. With the elegant techno soul of Justin Vandevolgers he lets the crowd take a deep breath. Then, when you don? expect it at all, Todd Terjes accoustic space disco sets in. Terjes Tracks is as an unexpected exposition of the hammering bass and nasty acid sounds of Mark E? “Belvide Beats” as well. Entering with unexpected force, the gates are open now.