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Two years on, it remains self-evident that the Trump presidency poses a grave threat to democracy, nonwhite people, and even our ability as human beings to inhabit the planet. It remains equally apparent that there is a collective responsibility to resist—him, his supporters, what they mean, what they want—though what shape that resistance should take, and what demands it places on those who partake in it, are less apparent. The Resistance—capitalized into a movement—was supposed to answer that. It should be a source of power in contending with Trump’s destructive agenda. Instead it has been little more than a tool, a form of branding, for the most benign type of opposition, trading on the radical resonance of the word “resistance” in order to appear more powerful than it actually is. The Resistance is a movement in the sense that those who have taken up its banner call it a movement, but no more than that. It is a movement because it is rather than because it does. Perhaps it’s unfair to ask the Resistance to be anything more than that. It may, charitably, be best understood as a social media campaign rather than a movement. Movements require organizing on a grand scale—of people, money, and other resources—to wage effective legal challenges, coordinate direct action, politically educate newcomers, and build institutions. The Resistance has not produced any of those things. Or rather, it has not produced these movement hallmarks within the context of the Resistance as a movement unto itself. What it has done is given people a slogan under which they can rally. It has allowed them to find others who are frustrated, isolated, and afraid. It has raised awareness and kept people informed about some of the most pressing issues of this still young presidency. Joining the Resistance, as political historian Beverly Gage put it in The New York Times a year ago, does not “require adherence to any particular ideology or set of tactical preferences. It simply means, in the biggest of big-tent formulations, that you really don’t like Donald Trump, and you’re willing to do something about it. A coalition that simple, formed around a shared dislike of a single person, has one upside: numbers.

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Greene, until 1952, nearly 40 years later. It took another decade for Joe Villareal, the first Hispanic firefighter in the city’s history, to join the ranks. And only in 1976 did the department employ its first female firefighter, Lucinda Hough; Betty Swint became the first AfricanAmerican woman in the department in 1979. At least the days are gone when white male firefighters would quit in protest over an African-American showing up at their station house, overnight bag in hand. And hopefully the days are gone when a firefighter like Rebecca Farris, after being promoted, would find feces smeared on her locker. Take a look at the AFD’s executive team, and you’ll see some things firefighters a generation ago never would have imagined. 26 T H E A U S T I N C H R O N I C L E MAY 13, 2011 a u s t i n c h r o n i c l e. Of that number, 1,803 (47. %) were white, 1,157 (30. %) were Hispanic, 448 (11. %) were AfricanAmerican, and 240 (6. %) were women. Compare that to the most recent hiring process, which started at the beginning of this year and was the result of the work done by the Bernard Hodes Group, the recruitment consulting firm hired by the city last April. This time, 5,273 people applied, a jump of nearly 1,500 over the number of applicants three years ago. So far, so good. Of that applicant pool, 2,696 were white, 1,410 were Hispanic, 522 were African-American, and 321 were female. So the numbers of Hispanic, African-American, and women applicants were all up. Even better.

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Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Film Editing by. Nigahen: Nagina Part II () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Nagina and Nigahen objects the theory but it is just a Movie. As a result, the world's largest movie theater chain is owned by a Chinese company. Find AMC Classic Sauk Valley 8 showtimes and theater information at Fandango. Find AMC CLASSIC Jefferson Point 18 showtimes and theater information at Fandango. In 2016, Mel Gibson hit the publicity trail for his new movie, Hacksaw Ridge, a biographical war drama that was his pro image hats revit how to augusta georgia cajun datascope. Sorry, Darling, But Killing the Facts Is Not Necessary. Ji hyun Lee 10 dni temu This is a lie Kelsey Auten 17 dni temu Omg I thought it was real. Indrid Cold 24 dni temu What makes Ouija boards move? Nothing. I can not believe people still believe this stupidity. I got a bunch of people to leave a room once just by taking one out, putting my fingers on the pointer, rolling my eyes back and start convulsing. TR HellBound 27 dni temu Shut up bitch go back to the kitchen, they are real Jules YT 28 dni temu Phew I thought a ghost visits you when you play the game Shahrukh Saeed 28 dni temu Massive Flaw: You’re not supposed to play this alone, and the “subconscious” of multiple people does not work in the same way. What are the chances that everybody is thinking of the same thing. Bryan Tavarez Chalan 29 dni temu Watch FAZE RUG ATV Show Miesiac temu That Ouija shit is fake. Lordizaiah Miesiac temu Me: Hi Demon: 5 Fortnite youtubers who sworn xXGetBodied l Miesiac temu Someone tell me is it FAKE.

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I can't wait to eat my words but I know it somehow. Another Dance of Dragons when Dany finds out about Jon. Bran will prob be the deciding factor against the Whites, not any one army. Maybe the Walkers team with the North to unseat Cersei. I honestly don't get why the dothraki or however you spell it are so great. They are light calvary or some kind of shock calvary with no armor. I totally understand how Jamie lost the battle by holding a overstretched 2 ranks deep line because he was ambushed, but come on. It was an ambush and there was a dothraki, but it seems you just put a moderate tactician who can find a good location where calv have limited abilities and hammer away the dothraki with missiles, pikes and heavy calv, and you got yourself a easy win. Wonder if the GOT spin-off is going to be the Mountain and the shame lady. For the record, according to the events of the show, Only Bran Knows Lyanna had a child. So even if the fact that Rhaegar left his wife and Married Lyanna became widely known, it wouldn't make any difference in the minds of those in the show since no one knows that that marriage produced a child. So Sam's reaction, even if he Did hear what Gilly said, is appropriate. Rory kay ? ? Howland Reed knows Jackuellee Thomson. I just saw a good bootleg version of episode 6 it gets crazy ThatManlyFisherDude. I completely disagree on your opinion that Cersei didnt really care, who killed Geoffrey. Despite all her bad traits, she is a fierce mother and was madly in love with her children.


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But felt a little like a fairytale to be taken seriously. Just know that if you have to take the kids it's not going to be a terribly painful ordeal,just a familiar one. My 8 year old loved it though, so I've given it a higher rating as she is the target audience. They asked why did I say that I twice, I said I didn't. And has some ridiculously funny scenes, most notably the whole scene that starts with him dropping the phone when the drugs kick in. 'ROLE! I can Role! . The only thing was that you needed subtitles to understand what the eff Jeff Bridges was saying. The only thing was that you needed subtitles to understand what the eff Jeff Bridges was saying. Yeah. he Texas drawl was strong with all the characters I reckon. Good flick but I was hoping it would be up there with True Grit or even No Country for Old Men but it doesn't quite reach those heights. But my wife and I have fond memories of the Chris Pratt pooping episode. Also a (dis? honourable mention to Hugh Jackman and Kate Winslet for their moment. Haha. It's also a double whammy of overexposed properties in Marvel and Benedict Cumberbatch.

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