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Youd think this was the old aunties and the mums and dads: the straights. But Im always amazed at how artists believe it too quite famous ones. They dont question it, because its a matter they rarely think about anyway. You mentioned politics, how does that work with Czanne. He didnt shout about it and make pronouncements, as Degas and Renoir did, his fellow anti-Semites. As the author of Jaccuse! my expos of hypocrisy, Im on the other side of the political fence to him. His paintings of a natural order, which appear to be making themselves anew every time you look, are a profound allegory in visual form for a political attitude. You are forced to put reality together for yourself in a fresh way, as he has put it together for himself. EZ Its only right to object to them being too high. Politics is always about ideals whose purpose is to change reality. So all students should have a political consciousness. They should be aware of the issues and they should join in the demonstrations. The other subtler issues have to come after the more obvious black and white ones. EZ Well, art schools have become questionable institutions. You imbibe platitudes that come from a bottomless well of diluted maxims originating in deconstruction. Over the years deconstruction has ossified into a creed, and its ethos, which used to be always to search for more in any situation than many people believe is really there, has reversed. Seeing art history as mere ideology is only one example. Czanne wasnt childish, but this is exactly the degenerated mental state that present-day art culture, as it is passed on at the education level, demands. Needy posturing.


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COYOTES is about women who go missing, women who fight back, and stories we tell ourselves to get through life. “My favorite fantasy stories are the ones that help us relate to each other and our own reality, and COYOTES is all about that,” said Yarsky. “As soon as I read it, I could envision the stark, gritty world and the badass women that band together to change their narrative. The new series is set to launch with an oversized debut issue this November. “Society now moves at an exponentially rapid pace. Around the world, humanity is undergoing rapid and unpredictable changes, and only three individuals seem to notice that their world is being reborn. But what can they do about it? “Horror is a slippery and weird genre,” said Sebela. “Not everything scares everyone else the same way. But I know what I want out of mine: long tendrils of dread, a fog of doom, deep conspiracies, monsters—especially the human variety—and loss. Evolution ’s horror focuses on that sense of loss, one that can be as deadly as a psycho in a mask. About Image Comics Homecoming Dance: Back by popular demand, Image Comics is pleased to host a very special formal Fall Homecoming dance for the comics community during the Rose City Comic Con festivities. Tickets to the Image Comics Fall Homecoming Dance are on sale now. Cache Translate Page ATOMAHAWK TO BE COLLECTED INTO DELUXE, OVERSIZED EDITION FROM IMAGE COMICS “A screaming black hole feedback squall of death metal Kirby-kozmik energy spinning straight towards your prefrontal cortex. Donny Cates and Ian Bederman forge a stylish, super-heavy 21st-century mythology of blood, sentient steel, and rebel circuitry. A razor-nova of explosive writing and searing visuals that bury themselves deep in your skull. First serialized in Heavy Metal magazine, ATOMAHAWK is the out-of-this-world adventure of the Cyberzerker and his mighty Atomahawk. We have SO MANY badass and insane ideas to show you all. The 64 page, full-color, pocket-sized, hardcover book puts a cheeky spin on small illustrated books in the vein of Edward Gorey’s The Gashlycrumb Tinies and Tim Burton’s The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and will hit stores this November. In five decades of wretched existence, doom metal has evolved into a vast orchard of unearthly delights.


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Nie mozna go jednak nie lubic, bo jest inteligentny i bystry jak malo kto. Autor opisal jego losy w ponad 20 powiesciach, a jednak stary glina nadal intryguje. Opowiada o parze, ktorzy przez problemy z autem musza zatrzymac sie w hotelu na odludziu. Juz pierwszej nocy zaczynaja sie tam dziac dziwne rzeczy. Atmoswera z kazdym rozdzialem sie zageszcza, tym bardziej, ze czytelnik wie troche wiecej niz nasi zakochani. W Biedronce mozna bylo dostac ta ksiazke za 20 zl, w Empiku ok. 30 zl. Mimo rozwiazania pierwszej sprawy, mamy jeszcze wiecej pytan niz na poczatku. Ksiazka autorstwa Chrisa McGeorge'a to trzymajacy w ciaglym napieciu kryminal. Postaci sa dobrze wykreowane, zagadki z przeszlosci splataja sie z terazniejszoscia; jest krew, smierc, tajemniczy zabojca. I choc bylam blisko. ardzo blisko rozwiazania zagadki kim jest tajemniczy zabojca to jednak autorowi udalo sie mnie zwiesc i wyprowadzic w pole. Such a great film, I enjoy watching movies that make me think and provoke stimulating conversations afterwards. Brutalny seryjny morderca Cztery Iks w koncu wpada w rece policji. To jednak nie koniec koszmaru, wkrotce bowiem odnalezione zostaja zmasakrowane zwloki. Mimo, ze schwytany psychopata nie mogl popelnic tej zbrodni,zna jej szczegoly. Co wiecej, istnieje podejrzenie,iz niektore z uprowadzonych przez Cztery Iksa kobiet wciaz zyja. rzeci tom serii o komisarzu Eryku Deryle i moje pierwsze spotkanie z autorem. How exactly were the Loser's Club able to over come the master or fear - Pennywise. I mean he had plenty of opportunities to kill them off one by one.


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I equate psychics to churches and their clergy. We should be taught morals and the golden rule, but religion need not apply. Watch Matt Fraser and explain how he’s fake Just some Guy 2. I've heard plenty of paranormal stories, and they feed off of 2 realities of life, con men can be very smart, and people are naturally credulous. I'm not as well versed in testing paranormal claims as the amazing Randi,but I am ab empiricist, and therefore respond to every claim that unless each of them is testable and repeatable under a controlled setting, that it can't even qualify as evidence, much less smoking gun proof. The more believable claims are the ones who have veredical aspects, which are strange in that people can't explain how people could know certain things, but it does go without saying that because X isn't explainable doesn't mean Y is true. That's what's special about all these paranormal claims, from ghosts to alien abductions, they all rely on the assumptions that human experience is infallible, and that humans are 100% honest. (I saw it, so it must be true), and the conclusion that rejection of these claims means calling the witness a liar. When I say I don't believe people, I mean Im not convinced, though there is the possibility that you are lying to me, there's also equal probability that you were mistaken, or that your account is wrong. Remember that there are many reasons why witness testimony is considered to be the least reliable source of evidence. When I used to stay the night I would wake up with my face covered in slimy goo. My uncle told me his house is haunted and it was ectoplasm. I love James Randi, but the paranormal world is very real, ghost, sprites, whatever you want to call it, does exist. Mr randi needs to read Victor Zammits book A lawyer presents a case for the after life,but knowing him he wouldn't read it cause hes a smart ass ignoramus. If James merely shaved his magnificent beard clean off, he could date young Sheldon's Meemaw. I was able to read his mind while levitating and smoking a joint. Mael-Strom 4 ? ? If you believe in telekinesis raise my hand. Randi was right (he's dead now), people want magic and a great story and they'll believe anything.


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When Anneliese was sixteen, she suddenly blacked out at school and began walking around aimlessly, almost as if she was sleepwalking. Though Anneliese did not remember the event, her friends and family said she was in a trance-like state. Medicine did nothing to help, when she was lucid she would beg her family to bring in a priest because she believed that she was possessed by demons. Meanwhile, her parents stopped treating her epilepsy. Maybe she had an extreme case or different kind or something, but I can tell you for a fact, besides maybe seeing them have a seizure and you didn’t know any better, not all epilepsy resembles demonic possession. In fact, if I never told someone they would probably never even know I had it). She refused to eat and often talked of dying and becoming a martyr. The Parents had suffered enough according to the Judge and the Priests both got 6 months, which was later suspended. She broke the bones and ripped the tendons in her knees from continually rising and dropping, kneeling in prayer. Some people have to turn it off and simply can’t stand to hear it. It takes a lot to scare me and something about this audio sends chills up my spine, if she faked it then she deserves an Oscar imo. There were almost 20 attempted assassinations on him, even by his own men, all of which failed. He “took over” about a quarter of the planet, and was never technically brought to justice or killed. They say he committed suicide, but just a “what-if” for the hell of it, maybe demons or possession played a part. It logically followed that Hitler had to be possessed in order to manipulate and lead the Germans the way he did. A nothing of a man could not so quickly accomplish what he did unless he was fully possessed by satan. So unforgettable is it, that even the most trivial things, the clothes Adolf wore that evening, the weather, are still present in my mind as though the experience were exempt from the passing of time. I was just cleaning myself up from the workshop and getting ready to go to the theater. We had never seen this Wagner opera and looked forward to it with great excitement. In order to secure the pillars in the Promenade we had to be early.


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I understand people want the final couple of books ( I do too) but the man isn’t a slave to fan’s wants. He’s written a number of other books if people want something to read in the meantime ( I thought Fevre Dream was particularly good) and there’s a whole ton of great fantasy series out there. I’m just addressing, specifically and explicitly, the “whole lot of stuff” they invented, which GRRM okayed but I’m sure he will have no trouble to contradict if he believes doing so is necessary for a definitive History of the world of ASOIAF or another story within the world. I don’t see how that’s a controversial or provocative statement. TWOIAF has an excellent first half with the history of each Targaryen King combined with the excellent piece on Princess Nymeria and the Rhyone. The only part of the first half that I felt was plodding along was the Regency Period. The 2nd half is not as good as the first half maybe because we don’t see the internal politics of the Targaryen reign. The Riverlands and Reach chapters were a snooze-fest for me but I loved The Westerlands and The North. They might not have realised how late it would be though. At any rate the adaptation overtaking the source material isn’t exactly a common problem so my theory is still at least plausible (though less likely if they already knew about the knot). I like the guy, and I find the incessant calls for him to finish the books a bit disgusting, especially when they come accompanied by insults or threats. As far as I am concerned, it’s his work and he doesn’t owe us shit (he owes the publishers, but that’s none of our business. Some people feel too entitled about this and other fictional universes. I’m not saying it doesn’t make sense: we get attached to these stories and worlds, so when we feel the author is fucking it up we feel betrayed. I do to, with other things, but it’s certainly never a healthy attitude. I truly don’t care and I’ll happily experience the end of ASOIAF for the first time in the show, albeit in a condensed form. This whole tale began with a gross misperception and subsequent unjust killing by the main protagonist. The tales live amid the rumors, the lies, the mummeries, the dangerous liaisons, the fallacies and goofy prophecies. I’m aware that when you have ten hours you cannot afford to have a ton of differing accounts of crucial events, because it would get confusing (for everyone) and it just wouldn’t be good storytelling. Knowing that, I still miss that element from the books in GoT.


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. Film captures depth, color and light in ways that the digital image cannot: “Oftentimes with the new digital world people say it’s so clear,” producer Shannon McIntosh notes. “We’re clear and in a way that is so beautiful because of this film. It is hard to imagine folks wanting to go back to look at a digital image after that. Last year, Tarantino banded together with several studios and filmmakers Christopher Nolan and J. . Abrams in their support of Kodak, allowing the company to continue to produce film stock. In turn, Kodak’s support was integral in making The Hateful Eight a reality. Once Tarantino and director of photography Robert Richardson chose to move forward with Ultra Panavision 70, Panavision’s Bob Harvey, Jim Raudebush and Dan Sasaki gathered and refurbished equipment that is a part of film history. Panavision pulled fifteen lenses from storage and displays, including lenses used on the chariot sequence in BEN HUR, and reconstructed them for use with contemporary cameras. Richardson asked Panavision’s Dan Sasaki if there was any way to update the lenses for modern cameras. It was like uncorking a really expensive red wine from the 50s,” Tavenner says. Finally, you have a camera system that can record detail in its full glory. It’s really beautiful, and it brings you back to some of that awe that we all experienced when we were kids watching the big picture projected in a cinema,” Tavenner says. I’ve got a lot of big actor takes, and I wanted to run the scenes from beginning to end. I could run long acting takes and have a take have integrity from the beginning until the end, because I do a lot of five and six and seven minute scenes. Panavision was a hundred percent on board for what it is we were trying to do. It was really lovely because they didn’t look at it as just another movie, they looked at it as a legacy movie,” Tarantino says. The Haberdashery was constructed on the Schmid Family Ranch on Wilson Mesa. The Aspen trees there, which really become another character within the movie, are amazing.