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The question is however, Could I get away with this look in work. I'm loving the diamante Rocky Horror lips she's holding. Only 2 more chances to come watch me shake my body positivity across a stage. Oh the antici. ation! AND she gave me a FREE Ouija pendant. Cuz who doesn't want a nice pair of lips on their neck. These are still available to buy on my Facebook page (link in bio). Based on the iconic image of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Rocky Horror Picture Show will always have an important place in my life, in the back of my denim jackets or decorating my living room. I painted this painting some years ago, and I'm so proud of it. I'll be set up in front of Chamblin's from 5-9 (red tent).

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The idea of a full-body immersion in warm, creamy chocolatetype stuff, so that I was like a human Mars Bar, sounded like heaven. And as for the idea of just lying there, losing weight, letting the mud do all the work. It got better—the beauty salon said they guaranteed a minimum loss of eight inches. Eight inches! Walking on air, thinking of losing four inches from my arse and two from each of my thighs, I went along to the salon two days before the nuptials. Where I met a beautician called Tanya who was clearly displeased at having to come to work two days after Christmas. My mood dipped instantly, as I felt cruel and guilty. It dipped even further when she ushered me into a freezing little room—clearly they hadn’t had the heat on in days—and ordered me to strip off. “But we ’ve only just met! I tried to cover my embarrassment with humor, but Tanya ignored me 73 Under the Duvet and pulled hard on both ends of her measuring tape, as if she was getting ready to thrash me. She measured me about fifty different times—each arm alone was done in four different locations: wrist, forearm, lower upper arm, upper upper arm. Quickly I did my sums, and I didn’t have to be a mathmatician to figure out that if I lost a fifth of an inch from each measuring place, the promised eight inches wouldn’t be too hard to come by, but would make no difference at all to my silhouette.

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Here the tarot cards speak to your personal soul your psychic answers to hidden questions. Does the tarot card be more effective if you are seeing someone face to face, or can you an equally amazing reading on the phone. In this article we could take an important and insightful look at online tarot card readings, and real Benefit of getting a reputable reading, regardless of who you determine. I bought a book called Corpses, Coffins and Crypts: A Good Burial. I have started to read the first couple of chapters of this already system hooked on this book. It explains plenty of about historical past of the dead in New Orleans and history about that old cemetery which is a popular tourist attraction any person that visits there. So I don't know the age of exactly, but my parents always encouraged me to draw. But I have been making my living off of art to receive. hm. four years now? A little bit more than very. Now you may buy a collection of Tarot cards and explore the meanings.

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Hingga suatu malam, Reno sedang merayakan ulang tahun temannya di sebuah klub malam, hingga Reno mabuk dan bertemu Tiara di klub ini lalu berhubungan intim. Ternyata Tiara merekam kejadian itu lalu memeras Reno. Tiara meminta Reno menceraikan istrinya dan memberikan waktu 1 bulan, jika tidak Tiara mengancam akan memberikan rekama video sexnya kepada Clara. Reno kemudian mendatangi rumah Clara dan mencari master file video sex yang di simpan Tiara. Reno malah menemukan foto foto lama Tiara sebelum di make over. Ternyata Tiara adalah korban Reno sebelum Reno menikah dengan Clara. Tapi Tiara tidak mau memaafkan dan tetap minta Reno menceraikan Clara. Karena Tiara ingin Reno merasakan sakitnya di tinggalkan orang yang di cintai, seperti yang pernah di rasakan Tiara. Pemain: Arifin Putra, Acha Septriasa, Deva Mahenra, Abimana Aryasatya, Ernest Prakasa, Ira Wibowo, Sheila Dara Aisha. Sabtu Bersama Bapak diadaptasi dari novel berjudul sama karya Adhitya Mulya. Film ini akan mengisahkan sebuah keluarga yang beranggotakan seorang ibu, Itje dan kedua anaknya, Satya dan Cakra. Sejak kepergian Gunawan, suaminya, beban keluarga kini berpindah kepada Itje.

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Znajduje sie ono przy miejscach wyjscia z ER i wymaga do transportu prokolagenu fuzji blon. W ramach projektu CUPS naukowcy wyjasnili dzialanie calego kompleksu bialek transportujacych duzych czastek. Do formowania duzych pecherzykow transportowych, oprocz TANGO1, niezbedne sa jeszcze bialka fuzji blon, tak zwane bialka SNARE — Syntaksyna 18, BNIP1, USE1, oraz YKT6. TANGO1 rekrutuje pecherzyki blonowe z kompartmentem ERGIC zawierajacym YKT6 do bogatych w prokolagen warstw ER. W zwiazku z tym TANGO1 jest niezbedne w gromadzeniu duzych czastek w miejscu wyjscia i rekrutowaniu pecherzykow blonowych ERGIC na cytoplazmatycznej powierzchni ER. Dane te dowodza, ze wzrost duzych pecherzykow transportujacych kolagen z ER nastepuje poprzez dodanie blon ERGIC do domen ER, z ktorymi zwiazane sa duze czastki, w procesie, w ktorym posredniczy TANGO1. Ostatnia czesc projektu przeznaczono na badanie transportu z ER innych duzych czastek, takich jak chylomikrony i VLDL, jako ze ich zintensyfikowany obieg jest zwiazany z rozwojem plytki miazdzycowej. Dane pokazuja, ze utrata TANGO1 lub jego homologa TALI zmniejsza wydzielanie chylomikronow oraz VLDL i powiazane z nimi wydzielnictwo apolipoproteiny B. TANGO1 oraz TALI oddzialuja z apolipoproteina B w przenoszeniu duzych czasteczek lipidow do miejsc wyjscia z ER. ZRODLO: Podczas badania transportu duzych czastek kolagenu i chylomikronow na zewnatrz retikulum endoplazmatycznego udalo sie znalezc odpowiedz na dawno zadane pytanie, jak tworzony sie wielki pecherzyk. Dla pecherzykow pokrytych COPII kolagen jest za duzy. Podobnie jest w przypadku innych wydzielanych molekul, np.