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But. I know, life is never gonna be easy as predicted before. I don't want to rely on them anymore, maybe working in some good job will help that. So, I just widely open my chance now, IF, God let me to chase my dream, so I will follow it with no doubt. But, if God said that I must work to make better life, then fortunately I must stop to thinking about England for a while, but I hope someday, and absolutely I am working on it, I can make my dream come true;) View more. Dibikinin adi. Aku jadi inget cerita kamu di pinewood soal askfm jadinya. Kalau ada yang lain pasti lo insecure banget tam, percaya deh. Bro Guwe, hobi berenang, mageer, haircut advisor jatinangor, setiap orang diajakin ke Woles haha. GWS peep! Mungkin emang ditakdirin buat jadi poser vegan wkwk View more. LANCANG KUNEEENG! hahaha, terus gaul, enak diajak ngobrol, seru, enak diajak cabut travelling-backpacking, baek banget, dan ternyata hits baday di ask.

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9. Private Benjamin Warner Movies On Demand on YouTube This movie, which contains one of Goldie Hawn's most famous roles, uses the Army as a backdrop for the familiar fish out of water story. It's a silly film, but underneath the comedy is an honest portrayal of female independence in the military. Stream Private Benjamin here. 10. The Reader MyspaceTitanic on YouTube Hanna Schmitz (Kate Winslet) is a German SS Guard on trial about Nazi War crimes she may have committed, but her story is much deeper and more complicated than the one the court hears. This movie is a typical war movie, but it intertwines a romantic storyline with a service theme. Stream The Reader here. 11. A Few Good Men Movieclips on YouTube Moore's character in this acclaimed film is a prime example of the sexism women in the military can face, and her determination to win her case is so inspiring. Stream A Few Good Men here. 12. The English Patient LionsgateVOD on YouTube The English Patient gives a different narrative of women in service, taking a look into the role of military medical service.

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They never looked. They never saw. We walked the girl right by them! What if they met Skinner or Damon Dance-for-Me or Steelshanks Walton. What use was it to smuggle the girl out of her bedchamber. They were still inside the castle, with every gate closed and barred and the battlements thick with sentries. Like as not, the guards outside the keep would stop them. Holly and her knife would be of small use against six men in mail with swords and spears. But the guards outside were huddled by the doors, backs turned against the icy wind and blown snow. Even the serjeant did not spare them more than a quick glance. Ramsay would flay them all when he learned his bride was gone, and what he would do to Grunt and Sour Alyn did not bear thinking about. Not ten yards from the door, Rowan dropped her empty pail, and her sisters did likewise. The Great Keep was already lost to sight behind them.

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Idk if it’s because you know he reads these posts or what but I put in a range of videos so you don’t have to watch ones you dislike. Tables bombarded with turkey legs would be a distracting and wonderful indulgence as well. I? quite intrigued how well everything in Meereen works in the show, it actually raised my respect concerning Dany quite a bit. I could not stand her until this season, so this is actually quite an accomplishment and I thank the writers for it. Preferably Viserion, just to mess with deceased Tywin a bit. Imagine that: The “Imp” riding a white-golden dragon into battle is maybe the furthest a Lannister has ever come concerning shiny golden things. I have been thinking for awhile that GRRM’s annual episode raised the screenwriting bar for everyone else. Well, yeah, he did write it and I suspect they did read the draft of the book. I get the idea for the greater good and she’d probably have starved with the rest of them. But that had to be the cruelest thing I’ve ever seen on tv. And I don’t expect this show to be happy and light, the books weren’t and neither should the show. But I do agree with ozzy’s anger here; and wish this could have been done in another way.