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' Dirawi told CNN he hopes whoever wins will ''bring back security all over the world, and especially in America. ' But not everyone was so enthusiastic. Webber says most parents are successful business people, while others are part of the cultural elite. The students' expensive, uninterrupted education highlights the deep division in Syria after a grinding war that has left more than 250,000 people dead and millions more displaced inside and outside Syria's borders. Millions of children and teenagers are experiencing the war very differently depending on which part of the country they live in. The United Nations and other international organizations speak of a ''lost generation'' of young Syrians growing up under the constant threat of regime airstrikes, in refugee camps or working instead of going to school. But those growing up in the relatively stable government-controlled parts of Syria are experiencing some semblance of a normal childhood, although many also have to contend with regular rebel attacks. Little boy in Aleppo a vivid reminder of war's horror The United Nations estimates that 60% of the population in Syria live in areas controlled by the government. ''We're just like everyone else,'' Asma Sukkur and her classmate Hassiba Nizameddin told CNN by video. ''We don't live in ashes like people think. We listen to music, watch TV, just like the rest of the world. Every vote counts in America. ' US-backed forces launch bid to seize ISIS 'capital' Raqqa. The commission expressed “ serious concern ” about dozens of arrested journalists and the closures of media outlets since the failed coup in the country back in July this year, according to the paper. The closures and arrests targeted editorials and people whom Ankara suspected of having links to either PKK (Kurdistan Workers' Party) or to cleric Fethullah Gulen. The former is an insurgent militia considered a terrorist group by Turkish authorities, while Ankara believes Gulen to be the mastermind of the governmental coup plot that aimed to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Some 170 newspapers, magazines, TV stations and news agencies have been closed, leaving 2,500 journalists unemployed, Turkey's association of journalists said, as cited by Reuters. Just last week Turkish authorities arrested the editor-in-chief and issued arrest orders for at least 13 employees and executives of the independent Cumhuriyet newspaper. The move sparked concern from Ankara's EU partners, who said that European standards apparently have no importance for Turkey. It says that one-fifth of Turkish judges and prosecutors were dismissed after the failed coup.


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In ASOIAF terms, George has given us a moon goddess that wanders too close to the sun, cracks from the heat, and drops her stone skin from the sky in the form of dragon-like meteors. The detail about the ghost of Argus pursuing Io made its way into the ASOIAF version of the story as Argoth Stone-Skin raging outside the walls of Oldtown for his bride, I think it’s easy to see. Argus and Argoth can both eat their hearts out, though, because Io turned back into a beautiful women a bore Zeus’s baby, and Maris presumably helped Uthor found House Hightower by having some Hightower babies. If Argoth is the stone skin, Maris the Most Fair is the “heart of the fallen star” which represents the fire of the gods, or the special meteor to make a sword with. Either way, Uthor now possess the fire of the gods, as Galladon does, having been given the heart of the moon maiden. Hence that crown of red flame that burns atop the white tower in the Hightower sigil. Many a maester has pondered that question, but we simply do not know. The origins of the city are lost in the mists of time and clouded by legend. Some ignorant septons claim that the Seven themselves laid out its boundaries, other men that dragons once roosted on the Battle Isle until the first Hightower put an end to them. Building on my pet theory about Dawn being a dragon-killer sword like the Just Maid, consider that I have pointed out before that the Daynes and Hightowers seem to be in the same boat in a lot of ways, particularly as Westerosi “First Men” houses which actually descend from the Great Empire of the Dawn and who may have turned against the evil Azor Ahai and fought on team Westeros when he invaded, assuming that that is a thing which happened, as I theorize. Uthor possessed Maris the moon maiden in his flaming white tower; Galladon of Morne won the heart of the celestial Maiden and won a magic sword, the Just Maid; and the Daynes possessed the heart of a fallen star which they made into a magic sword. The Hightowers and Galladon are rumored dragon-slayers, can Dawn slay dragons. Another clue about this is that there is both a Davos Dayne in recent times and a Davos the Dragonslayer legend from the Age of Heroes. When the wildlings come through the Wall in ADWD, Jon stations the spearwives in their own castle, Long Barrow, so as to avoid any Dany Flint situations. Jon has to station a couple of actual Night’s Watch brothers there to keep things running, and he chooses two he can trust, Dolorous Edd and Iron Emmet, the former master-at-arms at Castle Black. That leads to this funny line, when Dolorous Edd returns to Castle Black and reports back to Jon. So once again, we see that Garth’s children are implied as joining the Night’s Watch in some way. We also had a Runcel Hightower who was Lord Commander of the Watch, but he disgraced himself by trying to make the position hereditary so he could pass it to his son. There’s also good old Garth of Oldtown, one of the three Garths who join the watch. He’s not a Hightower, but I thought I would mention him here anyway since he’s “Garth of Oldtown.


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You can find them in the upholstery department at JoAnn or you can find them on Amazon here. I opted to make my own piping out of the striped fabric, and I really love how it turned out. She does a fabulous job outlining all the steps, and I never felt confused or frustrated. I was a little shocked when I finished my first cover without a single mistake. The bottom cushions, however, are about 1 inch narrower than the top ones. I had three covers made before I discovered this, and I had to spend an entire morning picking out stitches and adjusting my pieces. This helped fill out the cover and give it a nice, plush look. Batting is ridiculously hard to coax into the covers, though, so I wrapped the whole cushion in the cheapest fabric I could find to help it slide in smoothly. I love the thick duck cloth on the back of the cushion, because it is durable enough to withstand friction from the particle board. I feel like the other fabrics would have become snagged or torn easily. The batting fills out the cover nicely and gives it a custom look. The covers are really easy to remove for washing (check the recommendations on your fabric before laundering), and using an outdoor fabric gave me an element of stain resistance, too. The old cushion covers had insanely short zippers, and getting those cushions out of the covers required a strong arm and a good amount of patience. I actually cut the last cover off because I was so sick of wrestling with it. The new covers have these wrap around zippers with a hidden pocket for the zipper pull. I love how easy it is to remove the cushions, and the zipper pull isn’t an eyesore. I think I’ll be able to call this baby finished really soon. This trailer will never be finished, but at least it will be pretty. I put them back up for the cushion pictures, but they did stay nice and crisp throughout our two week trip. Polyester really doesn’t wrinkle but it can be a pain to sew since it slides all over the place.


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Unless you are versed in the history of Modern and African art, the primary associations derived from the design are disengaged from the emotional narrative built behind AfroCubism — i. . the historical synergy between Mali and Cuba. The concept behind the graphic design seems intended to attract the European public, which contradicts the spirit of the project. The immediate associations of Cubism are far removed from Cuba-ness, creating a cultural distance effect with regards to the basic associations of AfroCubism. The relationship between West African masks and their influence on Picasso’s work is clear and it helps the connection with the Afro part of the title, but where is the primary association of Picasso and Cuba. Graphic designers and semioticians are central in the execution of many ideas that are consumed around the globe; therefore, they are actors in the quest of the authentic. Though their background work is invisible to the public, the results of their work help to construct new cultural experiences and connect to individuals at a deeper level. The responsibility for the creation of designs that connect with people and cultural realities is high and will be higher in years to come, especially if we take seriously the spirit of collaboration. What's clear, though, is that there are more people fighting his corner than not. Particularly convincing is Henry Gee, who suggests Santa is (duh! a Macroscopic Quantum Object: 'Following the logic of the two-slit experiment, it is perfectly possible for Santa to visit all the good children of the world simultaneously, provided that he does so unseen. If he is spotted, his wavefunction will collapse and he will be revealed as your Dad with a comedy beard after all. . But what does it really mean to ask if Santa exists. One the one hand, Santa is the same poorly camouflaged portly charmer he's always been. A figure uniquely appreciative of a child's capacity for wonder. An unfailing public servant who only indirectly costs the taxpayer any money. On the other hand, Santa is increasingly depicted as something of a liability. This Christmas, they're offering 25% off everything in store (unless you skateboard, and are endowed with what they call 'core muscles', I'd remain seated.


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To tell myself over and over, This is not my fault. Permanence—remembering that I won’t feel like this forever. Pervasiveness—this does not have to affect every area of my life; the ability to compartmentalize is healthy. For me, starting the transition back to work has been a savior, a chance to feel useful and connected. But I quickly discovered that even those connections had changed. Many of my co-workers had a look of fear in their eyes as I approached. I knew why—they wanted to help but weren’t sure how. I realized that to restore that closeness with my colleagues that has always been so important to me, I needed to let them in. And that meant being more open and vulnerable than I ever wanted to be. I told those I work with most closely that they could ask me their honest questions and I would answer. I also said it was okay for them to talk about how they felt. One colleague admitted she’d been driving by my house frequently, not sure if she should come in. Another said he was paralyzed when I was around, worried he might say the wrong thing. Speaking openly replaced the fear of doing and saying the wrong thing. One of my favorite cartoons of all time has an elephant in a room answering the phone, saying, “It’s the elephant. Once I addressed the elephant, we were able to kick him out of the room. At the same time, there are moments when I can’t let people in. I went to Portfolio Night at school where kids show their parents around the classroom to look at their work hung on the walls. So many of the parents—all of whom have been so kind—tried to make eye contact or say something they thought would be comforting. I looked down the entire time so no one could catch my eye for fear of breaking down.


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. I’m most excited to see how audiences will react to the end of this film. Everyone is going to want to see it because you are going to want to talk about it with everybody else. You don’t want to be the dope who’s left out of that conversation. . Why did I cheer? One of the reasons I love genre films is because they push these visceral, involuntary reactions that can ultimately teach you something about yourself, if you want to look. . That, Peele says, is a key ingredient for an ideal audience experience. “The comedy that emerges from a tense moment or scene in a horror film is necessary for cleaning the emotional palate, to release the tension,” Peele says. “It gives your audience an opportunity to emotionally catch up and get prepared for the next run of terror. With horror, you don’t need to go much further than the truth to get a laugh. I don’t like to tell jokes, or to write something with the purpose of being funny. I like to write something that feels true to a character and true to the reality of the situation. That way, the audience never gets taken out of the moment, or out of the genre. . It makes you see things you didn’t see before, or makes you see them in a different way. . For that reason, they are ideal formats for socially conscious storytelling. “Great horror is often grounded in reality, which is the way I love to do comedy as well,” Peele says.


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