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Still unanswered is why FBI Director James Comey was not informed about the new emails until late last week. Also unclear is how Huma Abedin’s emails ended up on her husband’s laptop, and whether they will change the outcome of the investigation, in which Comey recommended that Clinton not be prosecuted for mishandling classified information. Sources said that Comey felt bound to inform Congress of the new development, but the timing of the revelation put him at odds with the attorney general. “I do not honestly think that they will rush an investigation of this, this nature and this sensitivity,” said Fedarcyk. Part of the delay was in securing a warrant to look at the emails. CBS News learned Monday that there was friction between Comey and the DOJ. Attorney General Loretta Lynch felt that getting a search warrant in this case -- so close to an election -- violated department policy. According to public safety radio reports, seven people were severely burned. A UAB Hospital spokesman this afternoon confirmed three patients were already at UAB, three more were coming by ambulance, and one more was coming by air. And, with a severe drought caused by weeks without rain, much of central Alabama has been plagued by multiple wildfires, forcing crews to try and keep the blaze from spreading across the landscape. Coleen Vansant, a spokeswoman with the Alabama Forestry Commission, said crews were attempting to build a 75-foot-long earthen dam to contain burning fuel, which will be allowed to burn itself out. Two wildfires caused by the explosion burned 31 acres of land, she said. Homes around the blast scene were evacuated, and Capt.

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He treats everything as a joke, but the joke’s deadly serious. Once he sets his sights on you, you’d best run for it and pray for morning. This is actually really good, with some real tension and engaging characters who are mostly quite sympathetic. I honestly cared what happened to them, despite some paper-thin writing. The film even has the sense to give the background characters some halfway-decent dialogue, which makes them feel a little more alive before they’re added to the body-count. But don’t get too attached to anyone, as you can always trust Art to do the worst thing. This throwback knows its roots and thank goodness, the special effects have come a long way. When the possibility of that is dangled right in front of her thanks to a kindly Landlady (Dee Wallace), she just needs to make a little more money for the deposit and she’s good to go. When she spots an advert for a well-paid babysitting job, it seems like a golden opportunity. Will she realise the real plan before it’s all too late. Scary yet demure, House of the Devil is a lot more than a typical slasher. It’s a masterclass in low-key, hugely atmospheric horror that’s perfect for darkening nights in October. Weirdly, when they finally arrive there, nobody seems to have aged or really changed at all.


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This semi-autobiographical dramatic comedy saw a thirty-year-old gay writer David (played beautifully by Jesse Plemons) returning to his suburban home to care for his mother Joanne (the immaculate Molly Shannon), recently diagnosed with cancer. All of that human drama, including its gay textures, get embodied in one perfect song choice that Kelly uses throughout. First, an older Bob Fosse waits alone in a hotel room, and someone comes knocking. Then we flash back to the genius working in tandem with his wife and partner Gwen Verdon, perfecting a piece of choreography in his iconic style. Gwen offers a slight adjustment to his angular positioning, and they proceed. “Yours is better,” he says decisively. This kind of personal and creative symbiosis, which has made the two depicted here into the stuff of Broadway hallowed history, is sadly only fleeting in the premiere of this new limited series. Steep! which we knew was coming but not quite when. What we didn't realize it's that it's a fully self-funded passion project (though LaPfeiffer declines to say how much money she spent). After realizing that the fragrance business was very non-forthcoming about ingredients, some of which can be toxic, damaging the environment or your health, she stopped wearing perfume for 10 years and created her own. The line of five different unisex fragrances is fully transparent and safe in a recyclable bottle; Pfans will think the name sounds familiar -- it's a portmanteau of the middle names of her kids. S he plans to start work on a new film called French Exit this year.

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Caranya membangun tensi dan menghimpun rasa takut juga terasa familiar. Sayangnya, film ini malah jadi terasa enggak kreatif karena menggunakan elemen cerita yang sama dengan film pertamanya. Mereka melangkah masuk ke dalam hutan Black Hills, Burtkittsvile demi mencari kakak James yang hilang dua puluh tahun yang lalu. Usia James baru empat tahun saat Heather kakaknya hilang di hutan tersebut. James bermaksud menyelidiki rumah misterius tempat kakaknya terakhir kali terekam di video dokumenter mereka yang ditemukan. Yea, kakaknya actually adalah tokoh dalam film pertama. Jadi, berbekal kamera dan gadget yang canggih, James dan teman-teman menapak tilas perjalanan kakaknya. Tetap saja, mereka ujungnya tersesat dan hutan tersebut menjadi tempat paling tak menyenangkan seumur hidup mereka. Mereka kemping, malamnya denger suara, hutan yang seolah hidup membutakan arah, mereka melihat kayu-kayu yang diiikat oleh rambut, mereka melihat batu-batu yang disusun secara simbolis. Adegan wawancara dengan penduduk kota memang enggak ada, namun diganti dengan eksposisi mitos oleh dua remaja lokal yang jadi informan utama dan ikutan ekspedisi tim James. TEKNOLOGI ADALAH INOVASI yang dilakukan oleh film ini. Drone digunakan supaya kita bisa mendapat jangkauan penglihatan yang luas, yang sayangnya tidak berguna banyak bagi narasi. Most of the times kita akan mual oleh penggunaan shaky cam.

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If you are using Windows Vista or Windows XP, the Check whether the memory card reader is. The Official Toshiba Support Website provides downloads and support for drivers, software, and other updates for your Toshiba product. Smart Card Reader -, USB, Contact Reader, External. Dell released official Windows XP, Vista and 7 drivers for this model. If I try to update it, win7 seems to be a smart arse and not allow me to use the Windows 7 has stopped my SD card reader from working. Linux, Driver,, DOWNLOAD CM, CM driver for Windows 8, VER, Upoad CMILX, Windows Vista, VER, Upoad 4 How to Download a Micro SD Card to a Laptop If your computer does not come with a built-in SD card reader, you will need a multi-card reader that. You can use one of 3 ways here to update driver for Base System Device. The Base System The device can be graphics card,card reader, etc. How to find model name Do I need to update my video card drivers and where can I find them. ArkadyOfMars, Windows 7, Windows Vista Support, 17, AM. Knowledge Search. Search. Microsoft Support.

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An electric bulb makes a bang when it is broken The bulb has a partial vaccum. When it is broken the air rushes in to fill the vaccum and thus a noise is produced. How is it that food gets cooked quicker in a pressure cooker than in an ordinary vessel. In a pressure cooker, on account of the increase of pressure, the boiling point is raised, so the food gets cooked quicker than in an ordinary vessel. A pressure cooker is very useful in high mountains where, on account of low pressure and hence low boiling point, the vegetables cannot be cooked properly. A burning candle gets extinguished when covered with a tumbler. Why? The tumbler cuts off the oxygen supply which is necessary for its burning. River water during its course in the mountainous terrain dissolve the calcareous matter or lime compounds and thus becomes hard. While during evaporation only the molecules of water go up and minerals are left behind; hence the rain water is soft. Why is water from hand pump warm in winter and cold in summer. In winter, the temperature outside is low and the unexposed water underground is at a higher temperature. In summer, the outside temperture is higher than the temperature inside.

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Lady Bird absolutely nails what it was like to be at that age in the early 2000s. Coco touched my heart and led me to seek out stories about my long-dead relatives I’d never heard before. In far too many years, the Academy either gets it totally wrong or the industry, in general, just has a down year. So, sometimes there are really only a couple of good nominees and a bunch of whatevers you’ll have long since forgotten a year later. This year, however, I would have been perfectly fine if anything other than The Post or Darkest Hour won Best Picture and I won’t soon forget Dunkirk, Get Out, Lady Bird, Phantom Thread, or Shape of Water. However, Three Billboards was always too divisive to win on a preferential ballot. The Shape of Water, by using metaphor to deliver its message about love and the immigrant experience, is too disarming to hate, unless you simply can’t get past or don’t appreciate the symbolism of the plot’s fishman-on-woman action. As Erin Brockovich producer and Academy voter Michael Shamberg told NY Times, ““It’s well designed, well shot, well costumed, well acted, well made, and it moves you. What this guy del Toro has done is say something very emotional about human connection and love using the vocabulary of genre. However, Shape of Water is actually more zeitgeisty and relevant than any other nominees. Secondly, it touches on racial and gender discrimination, an immigrant’s hardships, workplace sexual assault, Russian interference with U. . secrets, and the U.

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It doesn't make sense that Jon would turn round and say to Arya 'I told you to stick them with the pointy end' at the first reunion. At that point he would have no idea what she had been up to. Maura Lee ? ? I agree with your point of the night king attacking some of the other castles and causing a lot of the dead to become wights. This indeed would be a great cliff hanger and we would be trying to figure out how would they (Jon and company) get themselves out of this one now that the night king’s army is growing. Lovely Skull ? ? Great video, thanks again, you keep the story alive for me, while I wait. I think Episode 1(season 8) will begin very much the same way as Episode 1 (season 1). It would be a neat way to contrast how the series end with how it starts, it will let you see how everyones grown and how much has changed in all the time thats passed. Makes perfect sense to do it that way and the report you cited seems to support that idea. Instead of Robert arriving and all that its Daenerys and Jon.

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Now desensitized, Jamie assists John in carrying out several murders. John and his team store the bodies in the vault of an abandoned bank in the town of Snowtown. Jamie drives with him to the town, vaguely conscious of what he is doing, and leads Dave into the building, where he is met by John and Robert. Unaware of what is going on, Dave watches Jamie shut the door of the bank. Kurzel himself grew up in the area and felt that using locals would move the film from being a one dimensional horror show to a tragic human story showing what happens when people are disadvantaged. Davoren Park is considered one of the most violent and dysfunctional suburbs in Australia and a place where emergency vehicles fear to go without a police escort. British Board of Film Classification. 21 October 2011. Retrieved 20 July 2013. Box Office Mojo. Internet Movie Database. 23 March 2012. Retrieved 7 September 2015.