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Funny stuff. DiCaprio decides not to be sold to and creates an army of chest-thumpers. Not to worry, they’ll all be making cameos in the next Planet of the Apes Movie. Somehow the story just morphed from Wall Street into The Perfect Storm. Final analysis: an overlong tale of greed, sex and drugs with an unrelenting blitzkrieg of F bombs. Slick direction by Scorsese and fabulous acting all around. Owes a debt to Wall Street and The Boiler Room, but pushes the boundaries of excess to the extreme. There’s a great divorce in my evaluation of this film—a giant chasm which makes reconciling both sides a quandary of epic proportions. On one side is Scorcese’s sumptuous direction, DiCaprio’s utterly captivating performance and top-notch work in every phase of the production. On the other side is the ostensibly hyper-real lifestyle of the characters which comes complete with lewd behaviors of every kind imaginable and pervasive drug use all being done at work, out in the open for everyone to see, enjoy and clap and cheer for. If you’re still under the assumption or misguided, idealistic hope that some things are still sacred in the world, give this film a watch and it will shatter any such notions. As such, this get rich, live large philosophy holds no fascination for me. Despite its stellar production values, I just can’t endorse this film because its excesses detract from its entertainment value. In the final analysis, Scorcese’s wonderfully woven Wolf is merely a celebration of corruption and debauchery. Morally reprehensible from one set of credits to the other, this film is gratuitous to its own peril. Drink up! Who will make sure the Mona Lisa keeps smiling.

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Nano, an. Natural Resistance Ten years after the landmark wine documentary Mondovino, filmmaker Jonathan Nossiter returns to the subject, documenting the drastic shifts that have affected the industry in the time since. Neds Encompassed by violent street gangs, neglectful parents, bullying teachers and a dearth of positive role models, a studious but emotionally abandoned kid turns thug. Needles and Pins This series revolved around women's clothing manufacturer Nathan Davidson and his employees, including his new designer Wendy, who just arrived in New York City from Nebraska. NEMR: No Bombing in Beirut In this special filmed in both Lebanon and America, Nemr puts together an hour of uproarious comedy capturing thousands of people from the Middle East and America laughing at the same jokes. Could the monster hold the key to saving the town from a ruthless businessman. Never Back Down: No Surrender Picking up after the events of Never Back Down 2, former MMA champion Case Walker is on the comeback trail to become champion once again. Never Been Kissed A newspaper reporter enrolls in high school as part of research for a story. New Fists of Fury A young man sets out to avenge his grandfather's death and prove his martial arts mastery. New York Stories A middle-aged artist obsessed with his pretty young assistant, a precocious 12 year old living in a hotel, and a neurotic lawyer with a possessive mother make up three Gotham tales. Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow The children of the Avengers hone their powers and go head to head with the very enemy responsible for their parents' demise. Nicholas and Alexandra Czar Nicholas II, the inept monarch of Russia, insensitive to the needs of his people, is overthrown and exiled to Siberia with his family. Nicole Nicole, an isolated widow who lives alone in her mansion, leads a decadent and lustful life. Using her sexy body and her vast fortune to manipulate those around her, she is obsessed with controlling all the people in her life. Night at the Museum A newly recruited night security guard at the Museum of Natural History discovers that an ancient curse causes the animals and exhibits on display to come to life and wreak havoc. Night on Earth An anthology of 5 different cab drivers in 5 American and European cities and their remarkable fares on the same eventful night. Night Vision A womanizing reality-TV producer (Spencer) unwittingly sleeps with a mysterious woman (Alison), who turns out to be his own stalker.


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and Robert Englund co-star in a film that was also written by Sherman and aired the year after the Jonestown masssuicide tragedy in Guyana. After the Shock was a recreation of events that occurred during the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, concentrating on people helping victims out of rubble. In Murderous Vision, Bruce Boxleitner plays a detective who enlists a psychic to help him find a policewoman’s murderer. VINCENT SHERMAN b. July 16, 1906, Vienna, Georgia; d. His films include Nora Prentiss (1947), The Hasty Heart (1949), Harriet Craig (1950), Lone Star (1952), The Young Philadelphians (1959), Ice Palace (1960), and Cervantes (1967). In the 1970s, he directed episodes of Medical Center, The Waltons, Baretta, Doctors’ Hospital, and others. The Last Hurrah was a vehicle for Carroll O’Connor, with Sherman following the footsteps of John Ford’s 1958 film with Spencer Tracy about old Boston ward healers and their backroom handshake deals. In Sherman’s show, Mariette Hartley and Burgess Meredith were nominated for Emmy Awards for their performances. Dana Andrews was involved along with John Anderson, Kitty Winn, Mel Stewart, Arthur Franz, James B. Linda Purl led the first class of women cadets in the dramatization of the fairer sex’s acceptance at the U. . Military Academy at West Point, with the expected hazing and other shenanigans. Bogie, about Bogart, should have been better if just for the fact that it was made by people who knew the man, starting with biographer Joe Hyams, adapter Daniel Taradash, and Sherman. Actually, Kathryn Harrold handles the role of Lauren Bacall with some aplomb. Kevin O’Connor plays Bogart, and impersonations abound: Ross Elliott as Howard Hawks, Richard A. Dysart as Jack Warner, Ann Wedgworth as Mayo Methot, etc.


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Suggested talking points: Avengers Assemble, Life Coach, Karate Court, Dog Dick Limbo, Tempura Face, Customer Creeping, Pizza n' Dippins, Cop Tales, Chris Tucker Impressions, Spaceship Lingerie Football Episode MBMBaM 102: The Placenta and the Bear Listen Apr 30 2012 As you spend an hour with us this week, we ask you to reflect about all the hours you've spent with us, and then think about all the partying that you haven't done yet, and then, just, wow, what are you doing? Suggested talking points: International Flair, Limitless Sunshine, Tween Dating, Cubicle Fort, Austin Powers Stroke, Tiny Stenographer, Discarded Gigapet Episode MBMBaM 101: Sext Fiction Listen Apr 23 2012 You thought we were going to call it quits after a hundred episodes. Suggested talking points: Holo-B. . . Leap Anniversary, Scorpion Improvement, Recovery Sandwich Recovery, Choose Your Own Adventure, Wingmanning, The Theme to Doug, Lady and the Tramp Killer Episode MBMBaM 100: Reflectionz: A Look Back Listen Apr 16 2012 It's our hundredth episode, and it's also our two-year anniversary. Suggested talking points: Send in the Clowns, Borrible'd, Buttking, Neo-Nunnie, Juicy and Delicious, Stapler Thief, Tiesson, Dinklage Town, Tradeskills, Possession Shedding, Teeth, Behind the Sc enes, Doorframe Bathtub, Jorsten Blaber. ore Episode MBMBaM 99: Plunger Practicalities Listen Apr 09 2012 Looks like we've made it. Suggested talking points: Buried Alive, OkCupid Skinsuit, Swimfanning, Family Nudity, Tower Heisting, Momnapping, Bishop the Thundarian, Bathroom Preparedness Episode MBMBaM 98: Two til' Tulsa Listen Apr 02 2012 It's our second, super long MaxFunDrive special. Suggested talking points: Wrestlemania, Annoiding, Truckin', Conversational Currency, Sexting, Sleep Death Pods, Skyscared, Butter Doesn't Work Episode MBMBaM 97: Stevurkel Listen Mar 26 2012 It's the first part of our two-part Max Fun Drive extravaganza. Suggested talking points: Chuckle Tax, Terra Nova, The Thickness, First Impression Beans, Secret Marriage, Dungeons and Death, Dropping LBs, Step By Step Episode MBMBaM 96: Ven Conmigo a Jurassic Park Listen Mar 19 2012 Ssh. Oh, man. You guys are going to have to keep it down this week. Suggested talking points: A Quiet Podcast With the Lights Off, Hunger Games: Abridged, Little Monsters Only, Playplace Wedding, Its'a Me Kevin, President Doritos Episode MBMBaM 95: Giamatti, Go. Listen Mar 13 2012 It's a week of highs and lows for the McElroy bros, ranging from tragic revelations about Golden Corral visits to how great it would be if famous Hollywood actors were actually Pokemon. Stuff it! Gallagher, A Recap of Brett Favre's Career Episode MBMBaM 93: Dax is All Listen Feb 27 2012 We can't think of an episode that's as timely and relevant as the one you're about to listen to.


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JP Vice President Yudhvir Sethi while welcoming those who joined BJP into the party fold said that party cadres in all over the Jammu and Kashmir State are upbeat and working hard. BJP during past some years has made a mark in the hearts of people by taking some very important and historic decisions that are going to prove a mile stones in country's development and women empowerment. istrict President BJP Baldev Singh thanks all the party workers and leaders at booth and district level for their support. He said that during all six identified programmes of BJP that are celebrated all over the country every year party Karyakartas left Jo stone unturned. Besides these programmes whenever party needs their services that work selflessly and with utmost dedication. Others who were present on the occasion senior B. . Leader Sureshta Jamwal, Sunil Sharma, Vikas Sharma, Ankush Gupta, Rekha Mahajan, Anil Masoom, Neeru Anand, Anil Masoom, Govind Sareen, Sunny Sehgal, Satish Kumar, Hardesh Kumar, Sunil Sharma, Bageesh Gupta, Sharda Devi, Subash Chander, Krishnan Lal, Lalit Sharma, Narotam Sharma, S. They also ensured the Party President that they will be ready to make any sacrifice for the mother Nation as they are first Indians and then afterwards they belong to any particular sect or faith. He insisted that only motto of BJP is to ensure the quality life of every single citizen, nothing matters who remote he or she dwells. He said that PM Modi has emerged as not only the most successful leader of India, but as the most regarded leader of the world and all the countries are looking towards greater role of India for every issue. Shabir Kamlak, Master Javid Iqbal, Ashik Ali Thakar, Ab. Mushtaq, Adil Hussain and others were the prominent persons who approached the State President. Govt committed for well being of disabled people: Sh. He also emphasized that people with any form of disability should not feel isolated nor should they consider inferior in any way to others as there are ample instances to illustrate physically disabled persons have performed better and excelled in many fields. ice Chairperson was speaking at a programme organized by Handicapped Welfare Association, which works for the welfare and betterment of people of this category. Balbir Ram Rattan further said that no society can progress unless the people of this category moves ahead with progress as they are part and parcel who should get their respectful place besides avenues for better living.


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Then. we bring the monitor pot clown from what would be a speaker -destroying level to a merely deafening level. Before cars are plugged and music blasts forth, we invite one last, close listen. And we back each board with our renowned factory -direct technical support. With 16 inputs, 8 groups, 4 auxes and 4 stereo aux returns Hi -8s can be daisy -chained for more inputs if required. ADgear introduced the Over Quality OQM 8100 desk on the George Massenburg Labs booth with ADgear DOP210A discrete op -amps used throughout, no mic inputs and operating at line level. Loudspeaker systems in evidence included products from TOA, EAW, JBL, Community, Yamaha, Pioneer, Turbosound, Weisberg Audio and Bag End. TOA launched the SR- F05 -M05L (R) 2 -way processor- controlled systems for house and monitor use respectively. The enclosures employ a 10 -inch (25cm) bass -mid driver 1. 5 -inch (45mm) titanium compression driver coupled to a 90 x 40 CD horn for the HF. Each speaker has its own dedicated controller with the necessary EQ corrections and a separate subwoofer output with limiter. The 852 enclosures match the KF850 dimensions for greater compatibility. JBL released new additions to the Array Series of loudspeaker enclosures as well as to the Architectural Series and SR Series II, the latter featuring new large format driver technology. Of particular interest to those interested in true modular systems is the introduction of the 2350 Series CD horns, together with the 2337 and 2451 1. -inch (38mm) compression drivers, and the 2490 3 -inch (76mm) midrange compression driver and 2394-2393 biradial horns. Designed for very large installations, the Leviathan II is a point -source system that features a 34Hz horn flare powered by six 15 -inch (38cm) drivers, a Pattern Control mid horn with M4 driver and twin HF horn PCD Focused Array with 2. -inch drivers.


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Color me interested in how Tyrion deals with this relationship and how he'll inevitably handle the news about Dany and Jon being related. Littlefinger and Varys seem like people who might have a suspicion of it. I don't believe that nobody in the world has any clue about something that happened like 20 years ago. He feels as if Jon is going to box him out in terms of providing advice and counsel. With Jon getting into the mix, he probably fears he'll get stocked on that Jorah Friendzone shelf instead. As selfish as that might be, I can't blame him for being concerns since Dany has openly defied his advice twice now if I'm not mistaken. Tyrion has been especially concerned with the line of succession. Then, during Tyrion's meeting with Cersei, he realizes that she's pregnant. It's probably why he advises her to fly north on Drogon rather than risk assassination by an angry Northerner, because he doesn't want to put Cersei right back in control. Now, with him seeing Jon go into her cabin, he knows that Jon could well knock her up. Of course, Cersei never intended to keep up her end of the bargain and send any soldiers North. Or even stay at home and not re-take the lands while Dany is away. Will be interesting if we ever get the finished books how he deal with that discrepancy in writing or if he somehow ties it full circle. I believe he was in Dorne at the end of dance with Dragons. So essentially it seems the shows has deleted the Aegon from the books to make Jon Aegon to avoid having the tell that story. As a baby he was smuggled out of King's Landing and replaced with another child (who was killed by the mountain). He was brought to Essos where he has been groomed for ruling his whole life and is nearly ready to head back to Westeros in order to try to take the throne.