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They all point to specific measurement procedures providing the highest possible signal to background ratio. Slow measurements on powders sealed inside thin-walled glass capillaries have proved to be satisfactory in all respects. The size of the capillary should be adjusted to optimize the absorption and is of course composition dependant. Measurements of the matrix alone are mandatory and are combined with the nanocomposite ones taking into account all corrections in order to accurately extract the scattering pattern of the magnetic particles alone. The usual analysis in the reciprocal space can be performed, however, for a range of dimensions of some few nanometers, the Fourier transform approach is an efficient way to exploit the total wide angle X-ray scattering (WAXS). Data measurement up to large angles (typically 130) using a short wavelength, i. . molybdenum or silver radiation, reduces termination effects. Metallic nanoparticles (single metal or binary alloys) and nanowires have been successfully studied by this method which also applies to well-crystallized oxides. 72173 17. . Small angle scattering Small angle scattering of light, x-rays and neutrons are very useful techniques for the examination of structures. They are non-invasive and do not require much sample preparation. Therefore, they have been widely used for polymers, composites and biological materials. The length scale accessible by light scattering is hardly reaching the nanometer region.

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Two object is criteria apply in the selection of objects: quality and historical significance. Signifi- may not be entirely satisfac- tory for aesthetic or practical reasons but nevertheless have contributed importantly to the development of design. Probably it is impossible, and perhaps even undesirable, to apply each of these defi- nitions with perfect consistency. Even such popular furniture which, in the twenties and imitated the stepped contours of skyscrapers, are not eligible for inclusion. On the other hand, despite their limited applicability, certain design ideas of bizarre character have been welcomed into the collection because they seem related in significant ways to ideas and emotions evident good many objects in the other arts of the day. Finally, as fine: it is not feasible to collect every work of merit produced around the world during the twentieth century. 385 should be noted that a in the collection, representing a generally high standard of achieve- ment, could be replaced by others just Architecture and Design it Exhibitions at the Museum have afforded many opportunities to assemble important groups of objects. Indeed the design collection began with the Machine Art exhibition organized in from objects 1934 by Philip Johnson, the department's document design the beginning to standards defined Under character. In the for- was administered and much enlarged by Greta Daniel, curator of design; and since 1976 it has been under the asso- management of J. John McAndrew, curator of what was then called the Department of Architecture and Industrial Art from 1937 to 1940, and Eliot Noyes, director of made valuable additions Notable among these was a series a separate Department of Industrial Design from 1940 to 1945, to the collection exhibitions and competitions. Successive exhibitions acquainted the public with inexpensive good design, the price range eventually being broadened so that furniture and mechanical appliances could also be shown. By architecture and design and competitions no longer seemed the best way to encourage higher standards. After this series collection material Kaufmann, Jr. perhaps the most important public service and potential source of was the exhibition program called Good Design. Directed by Edgar Good Design exhibitions from 1950 to 1955 sought to influence the who determine what furnishings will appear in stores throughout the wholesale buyers country; to convince manufacturers of the potentially large market for well-designed objects; and to encourage designers by the example of good work and the possibility of wide recognition.

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Upon noticing that Sansa has vanished, she immediately begins to suspect her too and petulantly demands to know her whereabouts. Cersei is mourning Joffrey while Tywin arrives and immediately begins instructing Tommen on the qualities of a good king, much to her annoyance. Cersei calls Jaime to his chambers, but only to know about Kingsguard formations for protecting Tommen. Cersei is present at the coronation of her son, Tommen. Margaery says she will need to speak to her father about the matter. Cersei is present at a small council that discusses the threat of Daenerys Targaryen, who they learn has recently conquered Meereen. When Varys mentions that Sandor Clegane has been spotted in the Riverlands, Cersei recounts him as being both a coward and a traitor to the crown. At Tyrion's trial, Cersei is verbally confronted by Tyrion, who angrily declares his innocence, but tells her how he wishes he could have been the one to murder Joffrey and that he felt the boy deserved it. Cersei bribes Bronn to sway him from being Tyrion's champion in his trial by combat by arranging for him to marry Lollys Stokeworth, and later she approaches Gregor Clegane and enlists him as her champion. Initially worried for the possibility of Clegane's failure, as Tyrion's champion, Oberyn Martell, has more passion throughout the fight, as Clegane killed his sister, Elia Martell. She watches proudly as the Mountain defeats him and smiles as their father sentences Tyrion to death. She later sees to the treatment of Ser Gregor's wounds. Cersei confronts her father and defiantly asserts once again that she will not consent to marry Loras Tyrell. She kisses his gold hand as a symbol of her acceptance, and he makes love to her. Season 5.

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I’m hoping that somewhere down the line, a government in Westminster will change my mind, but looking at the way things are going, the Tories’ vision of a dystopian, post-Brexit Britain doesn’t offer me much hope. I was lucky enough to interview four key members of The House of Daze: Sylvia Daze, Liv, Bishy Barnabee and Devil Child. Consisting of both regular performers and occasional guests, such as Dolores Deepthroat, The House of Daze are following in the footsteps of previous Norwich drag collectives like The Rose Bud Club and such local drag legends as Luna Howl. Whilst this may not seem like a huge deal on the face of it, it is massive news in Spain and to those with an awareness of Spanish politics. This decision marks a major point of departure for the country. From the start, British values have been about finding someone to blame, a bogeyman. Islamists, immigrants, bankers, the EU; it really no longer matters who just as long as someone can be put against the wall and publicly and figuratively shot. The problem is that this has become such an intricately entwined aspect of British society that the ability to dispatch from the blame game and actually go about resolving an issue is fast disappearing from the national psyche. It is much better to pile up the bodies and stare admiringly at the perceived resolution of society’s ills. Just below the surface however, simmers a violent and angry determination to enforce British values at all cost, threatening to overtake all sense of decency. Each entry is preceded by the title of the work in question, and the venue(s) at which it is being performed as part of the Fringe. The Tories are breaking apart just as national apprehension for Brexit reaches its peak and support for the Labour Party increases. As murmurs of another general election hover over the governmental rift, Labour could significantly strengthen its standing by explicitly promising to hold a second referendum as part of a game-changing manifesto. Often presented as the reason for the eventual defeat of the monster or villain, they demonstrate something we can physically see in our day to day lives and, for the most part, wholeheartedly love. However, children are not always the point of redemption in Horror.

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Christianity for Muslims is a vital milestone in the history of divine tradition on earth. There is just one point of difference between the followers of Islam and Christianity—the divinity of Christ. Muslims consider him like they regard their own Prophet—an ordinary mortal who carries a divine message. Muslims refuse to recognize Christ as the son of God. The Quran is perhaps the only holy book which repeatedly reminds its readers that God has been sending prophets and holy scriptures to the people since the time of Abraham. The followers of Christianity, however, do not share this reverence for the Prophet of Islam. It is an undeniable fact of history that military power played an important role in spreading the Arab Empire but this territorial ascendancy took place after the demise of the Prophet. The Quranic injunctions regarding jihad and war which were enforced during the life time of the Prophet can even today serve as a model code of conduct during a state of war. So too is the concept of shahadat (martyrdom in the cause of God). When the Prophet of Islam began his mission by preaching the divine revelations; his own people became his bitterest foes. He was subjected to the worst types of persecution and humiliation by members of his own tribe, the Quraish. He bore all the insults, assaults on his people and torture with unbelievable fortitude and patience. He answered them with compassion, perseverance and deliverance. At a later stage when his life was at stake, he accepted the principle of taking up arms in self-defence. It is this covenant of defensive war which is used for denigrating Islam by its opponents and also by its adherents for justifying their temporal wars by ascribing religious motives.


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“You might think we have a lead in water law,” Edwards said. “What we have is a national joke. A cornerstone of those 25-year-old lead regulations is testing. But the USA TODAY Network found that 9,000 small water systems together serving almost 4 million people failed to test properly for lead in the past six years, meaning the toxin could be there without anyone knowing. More than a quarter of those systems had repeat lead-testing violations. EPA acknowledges it gives higher priority to immediate public health issues like acute contamination than testing violations. Utilities must test from five to 20 locations, depending on how many customers they serve. USA TODAY Lead taints drinking water in hundreds of schools, day cares across USA Ranger admits in a letter to residents to three years of skipped or incomplete tests. Roberts, who started as city manager in the spring, blamed lack of expertise and previous neglect, saying “the ball got dropped for sure. It also got dropped at Orange Center School in California, which skipped testing for nine years — even after finding excessive lead in 2003. In the rural neighborhood outside Fresno, officials in charge let the kids keep drinking the water for more than a decade. State officials threatened to fine the school, but records show no more lead tests were done until 2012 and no action was taken. Two more years went by before California officials ordered the school to stop using the water and began shipping bottled water to students, while the school waits to be connected to the much-larger Fresno water system. But little changed. Finally, in late June, the state tested nine homes itself, and found lead contamination in two.

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And of tough, laconic Sundance, brushing past her with, “Don’t make a big thing out of it. Quickly, the man changes his mind, and in his most moving, romantic moment, he shows his vulnerability and says, “No. My essay for this issue is on Joel and Ethan Coen's Blood Simple -- look for it. The road the two lovers, Ray (John Getz) and Abby (Frances McDormand) drive down at night, opening the film, is lonely. And Christmas would be dismal without the children. She will shower the kids with presents and fill them up with treats and laugh and sing and it all sounds so sweet. We should be scared of her, perhaps even disgusted by this freaky soul, but we’re more perplexed and intrigued. And importantly, we (or rather, I) have sympathy for her. Much of our sympathy has to do with director Harrington’s sensitivity and insight towards the addled woman at the center of this dark fairy tale, and much of this has to with the performance of a brassy, bereaved Shelley Winters. Her whining is funny and mortifying and sad and you cringe because it’s just so nakedly needy. You want her to stop and yet her timing is so perfect, you wince, and then you want her to continue. At times, she plays aggressively needy to the point of dominance. We can’t stand her, and then the poor woman does something or has something done to her that breaks our heart. And she was brave to play such braying, potentially unlikable parts. Brave to be dumpy, brave to be annoying, brave to be braying.