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And just when we thought there was an opportunity to get out of a bad spot, whack. The TV series did a great job of paralleling the first two books. Oh -- And TriniD now realize why Grey Worm is always so quiet and hardly speaks. It would've been a fool's errand to challenge Euron, but he'd have gotten posthumous respect for it. Poor Davos tries some light hearted talk and she's all about showing off the dragons. Dany came across as Queen Bitch there, but Jon remained unbent and unbowed (hey that's the House Martell motto. Got a particularly evil form of revenge on Ellaria (as predicted). And appears to have gotten into the Iron Bank's good graces. And I wonder if Sansa is eager to get behind Bran ruling Winterfell since she and Jon clearly have differences. Bran for his part wants no part of it, but he's still being a bit cryptic. The Lannisters abandoned Casterly Rock, isolated the Unsullied troops with help from the Greyjoys, and stormed the Tyrell seat of power. A good innings under tough circumstances, Diana Rigg. It's hard to imagine Theon's role in the grand scheme of things. He's a broken man with no courage, no power, no respect, and barely a highborn title left. Sansa was a child who still a member of a powerful noble highborn family. I think most people who read the books and watch the show knew she was going to grow up and be a person to be reckoned with at some point in time. I thought he had fulfilled his usefulness after he helped Sansa escape from Ramsay. I don't really see what purpose he still has on the show. The whole Winterfell saga is completely different in the books than the show. Having Theon go with Yara must be portending to a showdown with Euron as opposed to the books suggesting the showdown will be Yara (Asha) vs Euron.

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Segal won the Emmy for outstanding directorial achievement in drama for Death of a Salesman. The other nominees were Bogart twice, for The Final War of Olly Winter and Mark Twain Tonight! and George Schaefer for Anastasia on Hallmark Hall of Fame (NBC). Winning an Emmy for directorial achievement in variety or music was Fielder Cook for Brigadoon (ABC) against variety competition. Winning Emmy Awards for performances were Peter Ustinov under Schaefer’s direction in the Hallmark Hall of Fame presentation of Barefoot in Athens, and Eli Wallach under Terence Young’s direction in the Xerox Special (ABC) presentation of The Poppy Is Also a Flower. DGA Awards: Winning the DGA Award again was George Schaefer, this time for Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night on CBS Playhouse, starring Melvyn Douglas and Shirley Booth. BAFTA Awards: In the first year that a miniseries or feature-length program was so recognized by the BAFTA, James Cellan Jones and David Giles’s The Forsyte Saga was named best special. Eric Porter was selected as best actor in that epic, and Judi Dench was selected as best actress for the Rashomon-styled family drama, Christopher Morahan’s Talking to a Stranger. Peabody Award: CBS Playhouse was bestowed with a Peabody Award for excellence. Also nominated were two presentations on CBS Playhouse, Schaefer’s Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night and Paul Bogart’s Dear Friends, as well as Charles Jarrott’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (ABC), Stuart Burge’s Uncle Vanya on NET Playhouse, and Luther, presented as a Xerox Special (ABC). Nominated for outstanding dramatic series along with five series with continuing characters was NET Playhouse. Directors whose presentations aired in this second season of NET Playhouse included John Desmond, Brian Parker, Glenn Jordan, Waris Hussein, Herbert Wise, and Donald McWhinnie. Bogart won the Emmy Award for outstanding directorial achievement in drama for Dear Friends. Also nominated were Alex Segal for The Crucible (CBS), and Schaefer for Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night. Winning an Emmy for dramatic performance was Melvyn Douglas under Schaefer’s direction in Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night. DGA Awards: The winner was a live telecast, George Schaefer’s My Father and My Mother on CBS Playhouse, starring Gene Hackman. Also nominated were two other installments of CBS Playhouse, David Greene’s The People Next Door and Paul Bogart’s Secrets, as well as Delbert Mann’s Heidi (NBC). BAFTA Awards: Jack Gold’s The World of Coppard was selected as best specialized program.

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Agency spokeswoman Patti Thompson blames the foul-up on an unfortunate but random circumstance created by YouTube, the platform storing the IEMA clip, which was ultimately viewed more than 900 times. YouTube policies prohibit pornography and exclude nudity that is provocative or gratuitous. Stephanie Shih, a spokeswoman for the online video company, said the company depends on viewers to flag questionable videos for review and removal. Thompson said Brooks didn't review the offerings for lewd material. Rather, he unchecked a box allowing suggested follow-up videos and set the system to return the IEMA video to its beginning, Thompson said. Thompson said the agency was alerted to the added footage by a viewer who reported it to a regional IEMA office. A dozen people dressed in military fatigues scale a crumbling, abandoned high-rise with Kalashnikovs strapped to their backs. This is a “war camp” organized by the ultra-nationalist Eurasian Youth Union, known as ESM, the youth wing of the broader Eurasian movement. Such camps, which are on the rise in Russia, imitate a broader Kremlin policy of “patriotic education” that has seen a marked increase in government funding in recent years. The ESM camps serve as breeding grounds for the volunteers who fought alongside Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine and are now producing a new generation of trained fighters. “We are in a state when NATO moves closer to our borders and today’s youth needs to be trained in order to prevent those attacks,” says ESM leader Anton Bryusov. Instead, the conflict has created two breakaway pro-Russian regions in Donetsk and Lugansk, but they formally remain part of Ukraine. Still, despite their dissatisfaction over Ukraine, the bulk of nationalists remain supportive of the current regime, said Andrei Kolesnikov, an expert on Russian domestic politics at the Carnegie Moscow Center. “Mostly, the nationalists who are more or less rational are pro-Putin. Those who are really radical are against Putin because he hasn’t finished the story in Donbass,” he said. In this photo taken Sunday, Aug. 21, 2016, Sergei Andreev, leader of the far-right youth group called Right Anarchist, poses with his Kalashnikov in their makeshift camp on the outskirts of Moscow, Russia. Carrying out his own training in the woods, not far from the location of the ESM “war camp”, Sergei Andreev, the 25-year-old founder of a small, far-right youth group called Right Anarchist, is polishing his Kalashnikov. Unlike most of his peers, he does not support Putin’s presidency. “Putin is like all other leaders in the modern world: He just wants to hoard money and resources so that his family lives well,” Andreev said.

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Dr Steven Laureys, who discovered that Houben had been wrongly diagnosed, dismissed the accusations. He said he had already tested whether Houben was really conscious by showing him objects when the two were alone in a room. Later, with the speech therapist, he asked Houben questions about the objects - questions that he answered correctly. See video of Houben using the keyboard here During the video interiew with APTIN, Houben described his frustration at not being able to tell his family for 23 years that he was conscious. The years of being unable to move or communicate left him feeling 'alone, lonely, frustrated, but also blessed with my family', he said through Ms Wouters. 'It was especially frustrating when my family needed me. We could not give each other support,' Houben wrote during the interview at the 't Weyerke institute in eastern Belgium. 'Just imagine. You hear, see, feel and think but no one can see that. You undergo things. You cannot participate in life. Dr Laureys said he has discovered some degree of consciousness using state-of-the-art equipment in other patients but won't say how many. He looks at about 50 cases from around the world a year but none are as extreme as that Houben, fully conscious inside a paralysed body. Many centre on the fine distinction between a vegetative state and minimal consciousness. 'It is very difficult to tell the difference,' he said yesterday. His studies showed that some 40 per cent of patients with consciousness disorders are wrongly given a diagnosis of a vegetative state. 'It is clearly unacceptable. It is four times out of ten that they think the patient is in a vegetative state but in reality he is minimally conscious,' Dr Laureys said. Patients from Europe and around the world brought to his centre in Liege for a second opinion go through and PET scans, MRI's and a battery of other tests during a week-long reassessment. 'Sometimes patients fly in and there is all this hope.