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They have worked together several times before in such films as 90 Minutes In Heaven and the psychological thriller Amnesiac. Polish will adapt and direct, while Nick Phillips — who worked with Bosworth on the Straw Dogs remake while an exec at Screen Gems — will produce. Lennix as Jim Gardner Show Premise After beloved President Teddy Bridges falls fatally ill from a cerebral aneurysm, the protocol of replacing him brings forth Vice President Mackenzie Allen to take over his presidency, marking a landmark moment in history, as the United States pronounces their first female Potus to preside over the White House. Manning the helm of Commander in Chief is never an easy task for anyone coming in unplanned, but much less so when stepping into the oval office as a woman; getting doubly criticized, undermined, and penalized by a governmental system that had been primarily patriarchal. The book tells the story of the lone survivor of a serial killer who launches her own investigation after she begins having doubts about the guilt of man convicted of the crime. The lawsuit was followed by a subpoena demanding that the social media giant reveal the user's identity and that of another user with whom Woods has been embroiled in the (generally) no-holds-barred Twitterverse. In case you're unfamiliar with the name, these days the two-time Oscar-nominated Woods is best known for a supporting role as a right-wing sociopath in Roland Emmerich 's thriller White House Down, starring Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx (as a liberal-minded U. . president despised by Woods' character), and for his relentless. The Secret Life of Pets Shazam! Shazam! (v. . Spider-Man: Dans le Spider-Verse Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse Us Wonder Park. Based on a true story, the movie stars Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie as bodybuilding halfwits in late-'90s Miami who take on a criminal enterprise of kidnapping, extortion and murder in pursuit of the American Dream. Since that time, the company has released nine films. Eight of these films grossed their production budget opening weekend and four grossed their production budget opening night.

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The Chinese company is also planning to launch a gaming smartphone called ' Black Shark ' on 13 April in China. Robotic rovers have been cruising around on the Red Planet for years now, and they’ve provided valuable insight into the makeup of the planet, but in terms of scope, they’ve only scoured small sections of the planet. Now, NASA is helping to fund a new tool for Mars exploration, and this time it has wings. In an new proposal, scientists explain how the use of tiny robotic “Marsbees” could expedite exploration efforts by taking to the skies. With wireless connections to a base station — which doubles as a recharge station to give the tiny bees more power — the winged robots could cover a greater area in much less time, while performing a number of different tasks. “The Marsbees are integrated with sensors and wireless communication devices,” Chang-kwon Kang of the University of Alabama, Huntsville, writes. “The mobile base can act as a recharging station and main communication center. After the initial phase, if the concept continues to show promise it may be eligible for further support from the agency, and potentially become part of a future mission. The Marsbee idea still has a long way to go before it comes to fruition, but it seems to be off to a fairly promising start. In the initial proposal, the tiny cube-shaped bots sport insect-like wing structures that are optimized for the Martian atmosphere and would be highly efficient in managing power. In the first phase of development, the team will seek to prove that a pint-sized robot can hover in a Mars-like environment while drawing minimal power. Further work, which will focus on wind compensation, takeoff and landing, and mission applications, will be tackled in Phase II, assuming the concept makes it that far. It’s never been easier to skip the takeout menus for a home-cooked meal, but in some ways, never harder for these meal services to differentiate themselves from one another. But up to tackle that challenge head-on is Plated, the five-year-old company based out of New York. The creators believe that their focus on customers will set them apart from their competitors. Founded in 2012, Plated’s primary strategy appears to be taking a multi-faceted approach to meal kits. As Plated co-founder and CEO Josh Hix told Digital Trends, “We’ve thought from Day One that meal kits (and all perishable food) would need to be omnichannel.

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Throughout the essay I will focus on investigating and analysing the relationship between virtual simulations in comparison to tangible counterparts that might exist, with the objective of better understanding the nature of digital matter. A case study based on a virtual reality installation of Rembrandt’s Anatomy Lesson will be presented. From this perspective, the diorama should not be seen as a representation of static forms but rather dynamic and performance-oriented space. Her research work includes projects in areas such as information visualization, design and implementation of digital archives and interface design. She has also designed tools such as Image ImaNote (Image and Map Annotation Notebook) and SOL (Soft Ontology Layer). As an educator, she has developed and implemented curricula in new media and visualisation. Its relatively new history offers an exciting opportunity for media artists to confront with a genre where very few conventions are already solidified, if not to be written from scratch. At the same time, though, walking side to side with this potential, there are also risks and challenges. In the first place there is a persistent ideological fog in the mainstream rhetoric around VR, that, concentrating on concepts such as novelty, immersion and empathy, risks to overlook, downplay or ignore other important issues at stake. For this, I consider extremely important to develop a critical approach towards VR, in order to help put this tool into perspective and gain a more sober point of view in the discussion. In particular, in this presentation, I attempt to illustrate a few elements, both of theoretical and technical nature, I encountered during the initial phase of my journey as an artist researching such tools. I will discuss, in the first place, some more or less implicit aspects that, I feel, need to be brought into view. These include its commodified, “gadgety” nature, its eminently solitary, passive approach, as well as the proprietarity of most of its technology. Then, I will present some specific possibilities VR can offer in my personal artistic perspective. My approach towards this technology focuses on developing experimental artistic strategies to create “live” audiovisual performances, engaging more than one participant in shared multimodal experiences. The project is based on three key artistic ideas, acting as some guiding hypotheses: a blurred distinction between performer and spectator, the centrality of the body as a two-way sensory interface to access the experience, in-between passive reception and active agency, and the head-mounted-display (HMD) as a way to alter vision in favour of sound and touch. He studied composition with Rosario Mirigliano and electronic music with Marco Ligabue in the conservatory of Florence.

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But in a direct sense, it’s that simple: this is that show about the mother and daughter who talk really quickly. While the phrase has become nauseating over the years, it rings absolutely true here: the setting is yet another character, and maybe its most important. Gilmore Girls nearly always felt like a show inviting the viewer in, and the charm of Stars Hollow was too enticing to turn down. Thankfully, that quirk was always watered down enough by Lorelai’s sarcasm, Rory’s intellect and the gruff embodiment of denim that was Luke Danes. Aiding with that varying temperament, Lorelai’s parents Emily and Richard presented a more “proper” living just outside of the cozy little town. Gilmore Girls would go on to develop each of these figures, and more, giving them loving arcs. But from the beginning, the most vital element was clear, the chemistry between Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel. Through tormented romances and broken promises, that relationship was the bedrock of the series and their conversations were nearly always engaging and heartfelt (and qualifications are meant to blur out the infamous seventh season, for which creator Amy Sherman-Palladino was not present). Gilmore Girls was a genial and warm show, qualities that rarely get the respect in television that they deserve. They are difficult to pull off with finesse, to be sure, but Gilmore Girls nearly always nailed the formula. That one of the best shows of the young century happened to be one of its kindest is only more of a reason to celebrate. — Josh Oakley. Now run those elements through the mind of David Cronenberg. Got it? Through that twisted prism, Fringe dove deep into questions of mortality, faith, family and forgiveness. Fringe premiered to solid ratings and rave reviews with a massive two hour pilot in the fall of 2008. I didn’t discover the show myself until late in Season 2.


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And as always continue in our efforts to spread the Gospel, disciple believers, and save lives. Click the donate button to give on LDM’s Secure Site, to use your PayPal, or for our address. From Lidia, Romania Dear Melody, Your book has helped me beyond words. May God anoint you with oil of gladness for making yourself available to the Holy Spirit to bring healing to so many broken hearts including mine. From Justin, USA I just finished reading No Compromise: The Life Story of Keith Green. It has inspired me and I hope God blesses you every day. The Live Experience: CD The CD of Keith's very best live performances with amazingly energized piano and vocals. The Live Experience: DVD A DVD with four hours of Keith. During the past year, several of the studios releasing. This is the closest Marvel has come to making a stand-alone tale in many years. In agreeing to co-write and direct Black Panther, Ryan Coogler, who previously made Fruitvale Station and Creed, ensured that he would have carte. Panther is in-your-face with its political perspective, neither soft-peddling. After a prologue, which provides background, context, and an. The wonders of Wakanda are known only to its residents. T’Challa (Chadwick Boseman) assumes the throne after the. Okoye (Danai Gurira), T’Challa travels to South Korea to capture an amoral mercenary. On this mission, he encounters CIA agent Everett Ross (Martin Freeman), who.

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“Life gets in the way, ” said Esqueda, who now works at a company inscribing epitaphs on tomb stones. “I haven’ t picked up a can in so long. Nicole Rodriguez of Sunnydale snapped a photo of the painting. The 25-year-old came to the festival for the first time as part of a self-care day, she said. She wanted to see the art and how it came together — and maybe even paint something herself. “I love the ones with color, ” Rodriguez said. “This is a really cool way to bring the community together. It’s amazing how much creativity comes from different angles. But Robert Louthan, a professional painter and volunteer with Precitas Eyes, an mural arts nonprofit in the Mission, said the response was too harsh. He described graffiti as an art form, one that fed off of the hip hop movement and brought color to San Francisco’s already vibrant culture. “Graffiti has this stigma, and it has been labeled as a defacement of property, ” he said. “But it’s so much more than that. But when someone tags a liquor store window, all other graffiti artists get a bad rap. We want to break the stereotype that artists are vandals. “It’s a way of life for a lot of these people. Louthan blocked off a section of wall for a community mural. A rainbow of acrylic paint cans was lined up in the grass, and a handful of parents and children waited to leave their mark.