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And more importantly, he had book 1-2 well planned before even starting either. Its only after his original plan of a trilogy went out the window did thing start getting more complicated. I can accept some story plot convenience and inconsistencies, but season 7 has been purely ridiculous, and episode 6 had stupidity and inconsistencies compounding as the minutes progressed. Things like Little Finger killing Lysa in her own throne room, you know a main chamber where during the day you would expect it would be filled with servants, gaurds and others, but is conveniently empty. WTF How long did that take to plan, get everyone together and implement, I am guessing a day right. Already I could see things were going to get worse. At that point I was already starting to think all they really need to do is send Arya and Jaqen out to north and the two of them could likely defeat the Night King, and his entire army by themselves. The thing about castles is they are designed to keep armies out, even with a minimal force of men. But Jamie, is such a military strategist he just walked straight in, brilliant. So apparently Jon and friends come up with a genius idea to convince Daenerys, and that is to go out and capture an undead. Yeah really, how many men you going to take, a dozen, what a flapping brilliant idea. What are the odds of pulling that off, I'm guessing its 0. 00000000000001% (well that's excluding adding in 50 simple plot devices that allows them to pull of this brilliant idea). Hey Jon, remember when we had a walled village, and giants fighting at our side, with wildlings who have grown up in this weather and land, and they got their asses absolutely kicked, how you think a dozen of us are going to fare out in the open. Man this Winter is cold, (I know this because Sansa mentioned its the coldest winter ever). Hey look over there a random bunch of undead broken from their main force, lets get them, phew that was lucky we killed their leader and the rest exploded, that's good to know and lucky for us just one is left alive and didn't bother attacking us, apparently the undead feel fear. Well I was wrong, the Night King isn't a threat, half a dozen undead couldn't kill one prone guy, and as a military strategist Dany, the Night King is an idiot, so no need to br worried about him. Even if he gets past the wall, we just hold up in a castle and he will stand and watch us, and we can send out daily skirmish attacks guerilla style and retreat, hell be undone on no time.

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These numbers in the aggregate push many series (top 25 at least) into the black on a cash basis. Advertising The advertising marketplace for most of the broadcasting segments has been far more robust than most investors forecasted the past few years, either from upfront commitments or scatter market pricing, which has provided broadcasters with a margin of confidence about the television broadcasting and cable network business, especially as retransmission fees begin to be banked. That shoe, relative to television, has been hanging for years. The following table lays out the broad-based television-advertising revenue marketplace, although we note that new platform ad revenues are not counted in these numbers. The past year saw close to double-digit upfront gains and national scatter pricing averaging up close to 20% throughout the year. From an advertiser’s perspective nationally, the economy is fine. A member of BMO Financial Group 154 April 2012 Perspectives on the Filmed Entertainment Industry 2012 BMO Capital Markets Exhibit 115. The upfront market is becoming much less of a factor in advertising revenue generation, given the evolution of programming (cable networks, 13 episode miniseasons, midyear or late-season starts, etc. as well as buy-and-sell strategies. Aggregate ad revenues now appear less tied to the upfront combined pre-sale business, as scatter gains of low to mid-teens nationally are having a very beneficial influence on total ad revenues. There appears to be an equally growing body of data that suggest ad awareness using a DVR or VOD platform gets high recall measurement. Scatter market advertising is defined as advertising inventory that is not sold before the primetime season begins or advertising inventory that has become available owing to cancelled season commitments. Scatter was strong in 2011, and sustained much of those gains in the first quarter of 2012. The return of autos and financials helped an already robust environment in 2011, and political advertising will be a very positive variable this year (but nonexistent next, so we expect the chatter on advertising will turn negative in 2H12). The primetime networks historically sell 70%-85% of their primetime advertising inventory during the May-June upfront market. Exhibits 116, 117, and 118 illustrate upfront advertising market activity over the past 12 years. We note that simply looking at advertising dollars sold can be misleading as inventory sell levels fluctuate, which was the case for the 2009-2010 season when the four major networks sold 20% or so less inventory to secure targeted CPM pricing (perhaps 60% of avails versus 75% or so most years). Conversely, ratings guarantees, which fluctuate from network to network, have been pegged down 2%-4% annually the past few years, reducing the need for as much inventory used on make-goods.


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Find and compare thousands of abstract painting classes in New York. Our B. Y. . B. classes offer a fun, easy, stress-free chance to create a painting you can. Using a cell phone without a hands-free device (VTL c2). The driver is free to keep the cab out as long as he wants, up to the. This New York State-approved program covers the basics of personal care for the elderly and Driver's License or permit along with driving abstract required. Whether you've had the same insurance company for years or find yourself in the process of switching providers, you're probably curious about the. Driver's licenses and ID cards account for nearly 80 percent of the documents used as proof of identity by employees for E-Verify. Certified copies are available through the Record Room at 22 Market St. Representing the Personal Injury Plaintiff in New York Forms (Downloadable). Purchase this package of PI, Request for Driving Abstract. Microsoft Word. Abstract. Almost all U. S.

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The Hrvatska Radiotelevizija (Croatian Radiotelevision) channels, RTL Televizija, RTL 2, Nova TV and Doma TV all display warnings before a broadcast not meant for a general audience. Broadcasts meant for all audiences do not have a rating. With that in mind, the rating system is the following. A white square, replaced by a white rectangle in 1964, was displayed in the corner of the screen. An off-screen voice warned at the beginning of the program that it was unsuitable for all audiences. The color-coded ratings are compulsory, and are displayed and verbally announced at the beginning of each broadcast. These provisions are enforced by the Greek National Council for Radio and Television (ESR). Such statements should be clarified or removed. ( August 2011 ). Ranking programs and displaying the rating symbols became compulsory on every Hungarian television network. Later, channels were also allowed to increase the transparency of the symbols. It is an optional rating, there is no obligation for broadcasters to indicate it. A yellow circle with the number 6 written inside is used for this rating. Most films without serious violence or sexual content fit into this category as well. A yellow circle with the number 12 written inside is used for this rating. A yellow circle with the number 16 written inside is used for this rating. A red circle with the number 18 written inside is used for this rating (the red circle was also used until 2002, but it did not contain any number in it). Programs with this rating are aired from 10.

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The Coalition celebrating Gears 4 having gone gold. To the right of Fergusson is head of Xbox Phil Spencer, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Windows and Devices head Terry Myerson, and corporate VP of the division Yusuf Mehdi. Gears 4 cuts a line through almost every part of Microsoft's business. Though he is not pictured, I was told that even Microsoft co-founder and board member Bill Gates was there to celebrate. Take even the grenade bug. 15 years ago someone would see that in their living room and not be able to tell anyone about it. Today, there will be montages of streamers showing their boxes crashing as they're playing. Every potential issue in the game is an attack vector for the whole industry. They'll get to see what maps they're playing and if their new matchmaking system works and if people are buying skins. Twitter will tell them right away if there's anything wrong with the game, or if players just don't like it. They'll know within a few days if Gears 4 is on the road to recoup its investment. SHARE TWEET Tagged: Gaming Features microsoft Gears of War 4 Xbox One The Coalition AAA games big budget rod fergusson Where we're going, we don't need email. Undergarments, themselves, have been considered obscene at times, such that seeing them exposed without outerwear (or even hanging from a clothesline! might also be deemed “indecent”, whether or not there’re excessive amounts of skin on display. What about the American legion bikers or the Amvets bikers. These are groups that ride in packs the same way your so called “outlaw bikers” do. The most stunning way Trump’s lies differed from our participants’, though, was in their cruelty. An astonishing 50 percent of Trump’s lies were hurtful or disparaging.