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At any rate, we picked three areas with high density for devices and plenty of each of these audiences in spades: NY, Seattle and Austin. The first interviews went swimmingly: one Dad told us how he used his tablet to collect coupons, his computer to develop his Saturday shopping plan with coupons, and his phone to go through with his plan. He also told us about watching movies during lunch at work on his tablet. An Earlier Adopter told us how he obsessively followed tech news as he rode the bus. Good, I thought, these interviews are going really well. The Seattle weather was appropriately grey and rainy, but these folks lived in warm and welcoming homes. Normal, to me, at least, with the typical toys in the home with kids, the nice entertainment system, clean kitchens, and so on. The rain had been pouring down the night before and I hoped it would hold off until I got to the airport at the end of the day. We were interviewing a young Mom who lived past Sea-Tac. I drove down pseudo-country roads and pulled up to the property for the interview. As I walked up with my colleagues to the front door I passed a dirty diaper sitting in the mud. Huh, I thought. Their garbage probably got torn apart in the storm last night. We were greeted by the young Mom and entered the house. Immediately the stale smell of cigarettes and mildew hit my nose. I looked down at the dirty table in front of me while we continued talking. She had some great insights about how she used her tablet (often on loan to her parents who would watch the kids), how critical her phone was to keeping in touch, and how her computer was there as she worked on projects for school. I could feel my two colleagues shifting in their seats, covering coughs.

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If you were already inclined to think of our involvement in Afghanistan as an incompetent diaster, War Machine might be your film: Those given charge of transforming the region can’t even make an electric razor or Blu-ray player work. But by frequently reminding us that McMahon is oblivious to what his masters really want, Michod’s film is as much of a blunt, simple instrument as that which it tries to lampoon, essentially letting the D. . establishment of the hook. — Anthony Salveggi. The self-described loner with OCD who loved watching the film Lawrence of Arabia while growing up proceeded to take his life to an extreme he never expected, all chronicled in the remarkable film Point And Shoot. While traveling, VanDyke took hundreds of hours of video that he eventually shared with two-time Oscar nominee Marshall Curry, who in turn created a film that would seriously challenge anything Hollywood could come up with. We see VanDyke’s fascinating transformation not just through the battles he finds himself in but also through the friendships he makes and the love he leaves behind in the States. The film won Best Documentary at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. —Tim Basham. And yet in the swirling darkness, amidst all the depravity and moral compromise, slivers of light often emerge, offering compelling case studies in human character and resilience. That truism is again borne out in Walking With the Enemy, an unfussy but robust World War II drama inspired by the factual story of a small-town Hungarian rabbi’s son who used wile, guile and occasionally brute force to disrupt Nazi occupation and save countless Jewish friends and families. Regent Horthy ( Ben Kingsley ), the leader of Hungary and a onetime German ally, has fallen out of favor with Berlin over his refusal to fully prosecute their Final Solution. As he attempts to stall and open back-channel negotiations to Allied powers, the clock runs out and his grip over government apparatus is wrested from him. Meanwhile, separated from his family during forced relocations, Elek Cohen (Jonas Armstrong) escapes and reconnects with Hannah Schoen (Hannah Tointon), a young girl whom he met at a dancehall some months earlier. With the help of Hannah’s uncle, Miklos (Simon Dutton), Elek starts forging Swiss citizenship documents. When a colleague is pinched by the Nazis, however, matters escalate further. Walking With the Enemy has just enough scale to give its narrative roots.

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No one knows because the ancient knowledge was lost or corrupted. I get the distinct impression that Melissandre serves an elemental force of fire and blood magic that she does not truly comprehend. The ever present blood sacrifice indicates to me that the Lord of Light is just the yin to the Great Other's yang. Neither can be allowed to spread unchecked but both are necessary for life. Although it has been forgotten by men, the Children of the Forest have the hidden power to enforce a balance because the forest will not thrive in ice or fire. Consider this: neither fire or ice have an intrinsic life force to power magic. In the show, the power of the Others and the Lord of Light is often depicted as feeding off the living via necromancy and blood sacrifice. The forest, however, is a massive living organism so its hidden power would be much, much greater than that of fire or ice. That's where Bran's story finally pays off, I think. As did Tolkien, Martin has clearly thought out rules of magic that illuminate the origin story of his world. Hidden, ancient power is also sort of a Tolkienesque way to take it because in Tolkien's mythos, magic is powered by the elemental force inherent in the Creator. Magic does not flow from conjuration, its the life force inherent in a being. It is finite. he original source of conflict in Tolkien's world comes because the most physically powerful of the gods is jealous and obsessed with the Creator's power to create life. Notably, the Big Bad has the power of fire, ice and destruction. He can manifest as a volcano walking across the ocean or a great glacier crushing a mountain. He can reshape the world but he can't create so much as a bug and give it life. This maddens him and he becomes obsessed with this power that is hidden to him.

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I think something similar will be done in the books as well. Jon knows the way people from the South look at the Night’s Watch and that no one believes in the treat of the WW. This is epic having all these POV characters in the same place is amazing. And before criticizing something so harshly, shouldn’t it be better to wait until you actually watch the episodes. He needs tangible proof, not just to convince Cersei, but the entire realm. FFS. Since the wight hunt is probably (hopefully) a show only thing like Hardhome was, I see it as a possibility to eliminate some of the minor characters and tie up loose ends. Jon, Davos, Jorah and Sandor seem to make it out alive, Thoros is rumoured to be killed by an undead polar bear, but what about Beric, Gendry and Tormund. Do they return to Winterfell while Jon, Jorah and Sandor sail to King’s Landing with the wight? (By the way, how do Sandor and the BwB manage to join Jon’s team. Gendry is with Jon and he wasn’t too happy when Beric and Thoros sold him off to Melisandre in Season 3. And the Hound was famously loyal to the Lannisters the last time Jon met him. Ghost came running back with a hand in his mouth, the crew went and found the bodies and brought them across. We have yet to see one of the dead cross the wall on his own. I’d imagine capturing a wight is a much easier quest, relatively speaking. I know I’m judging prematurely, but where did “hoping that it’ll be great” ever get me these past 2 seasons. I also figured the Hound would be the muscle that controls the wight as the Kings and Queens talk. And, of course, I thought it would also be the perfect time to have the Hound see what has become of his brother.