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Besides recieving guitar lessons and a classic piano training, Oliver Koletzki has his roots in Breakdance and HipHop of the early Nineties. After brief encounters with BigBeat and 2Step, he is now studying music sciences at Berlin's Humboldt University, writes scores for the University of Fine Arts and music for commercials. Being born and raised in Chile, Dinky came to New York in 1996 mainly to attend Dance School. However, the earlier influences by Electronic Music such as Kraftwerk did their job, urging Dinky to learn the basics of mixing and and tracked her into the studio. A year later, she was behind the decks and 1999 saw her touring the American continent. In 2000, Dinky signed at Traum for two EPs and these records were the initial for her career in Europe, resulting in her first European tour in September 2001. Today, Dinky lives in Berlin, reunited with old friends and colleagues from Chile and New York. Not only because of the anniversary but also due to the fact that this season was both the most beautiful and successful so far. From the time we started our events in 2000 until now, this year fifth season was by far the most exiting and thrilling one for us. The 'Cocktails' concept, which was a good mixture of extraordinaire decor, great visuals and excellent sound, did not only open the mouths on the island. Once again, we managed to attract a selected crowd of clubbers and gave them the time of their lives. Also VIPs like Valentino Rossi, Nadja Auermann, P. iddy and the elite of the international DJ scene dropped by to celebrate with us. For the first time, Cocoon was responsible for both the main and house floor, and we really showed everyone, what kind of sound Cocoon stands for in Ibiza. We have already been asked several times to publish this unique atmosphere on video or DVD - et voila - here is the masterpiece: The audio CD gathers the best tracks of the summer in a unique mix by Sven Vath, sometimes tending to a song-focussing selection. He succeeded once more in transforming the eight or nine hours of a CocoonClub party at the Amnesia into the 72 minutes of a CD without losing the spirit of the party. The tracks by Freeform Five, Roman Flugel or Goldfrapp were the hits this summer and do perfectly transport the atmosphere of the night. An exclusive interview shows the person and the artist Sven Vath, he is talking about Ibiza and his motivation to go there; besides that, a review on Five Years CocoonClub Ibiza is given, as well as greetings and congratulations from many friends and colleagues.

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Little Rock is about to be graced by T-Rextasy with the hyphen — not the dot — and it makes all the difference. T-Rextasy is an all-female New York pop-punk band with more than a little touch of cutesy and twee vocals over speedy, driven instrumentation. The fun surprise, though, is in the clever and sometimes cutting lyrics about feminist issues, privilege and queer politics, delivered with a healthy dose of the funny. These festivals are wildly popular; grab RV passes and camping reservations at fluxfamily. om beforehand and, especially if you hope to camp down the abominably steep hill next to the creek, pack light and wear comfortable shoes. SS. If you haven't seen them live, you couldn't have happened upon a more fitting setting: Capitol View Studio shows are intimate and communal by design. Nevertheless, you're likely to have come across Jamie Lou Connolly's voice — alternately sweet and soaring — on a commercial for the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism. Sunny as the ad spot is, it doesn't hold a candle to hearing Connolly and her outfit — a runner-up who rounded a corner and took home the championship at this year's Arkansas Times Musicians Showcase — in the flesh. The tight-knit ensemble (with two newlyweds at the helm) takes the stage Friday night at Four Quarter Bar, a historic Argenta spot as beloved for its late-night menu as it is for its consistently stellar musical lineup. SS. To play catch-up a bit: The Travelers have been having a decent year, winning the first-half division title outright and sitting just outside of first place as the second half nears an end. The Northwest Arkansas Naturals, who have been pretty much owning the Travs this year. Can the Travs come through when it counts the most, with the second-half title on the line. Yep, it'll undoubtedly be a sweaty and sticky old time, but that's what the Icees and other cold beverages are for. To end a series of alternatives masses — including a Taize service, a Gregorian chant service and a bluegrass mass (with a deviled egg cookoff! — Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is bringing in Birmingham, Ala. based Three on a String.


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Maybe better to take root in a tree like his predecessors. John Snow so far is the most decent of what we've seen. For all Danny's righteousness she's obsessed with her right to the throne etc. They all are. John doesn't care. He just cares about the people. And what about the dude that taught Arya (Jakon or whatever he was called). He's ultimately very powerful he can't just be gone from the show can he. Yeh, no one would take his claim to the thrown seriously, they'll just slit his throat and put him back in his boat. He's ultimately very powerful he can't just be gone from the show can he? He's probably just back to his day job of settling minor quarrels in Braavos with his vat of poison and changing faces. Just a long term plot device for Arya I think, though could be wrong. Sam's most likely to have an impact through his knowledge and research, though I guess he could still inherit House Tarly if his father and brother get killed, who knows where that could lead. I know he's still sworn to the Night's Watch but it barely exists now. That plus House Tarley plus he's gone a Valearyan steel sword too. Earlier in the day, EW released 16 cover photos of Game Of Thrones characters and while the fans were still busy dissecting the photos to find out any hidden details, EW went ahead and released 20 new Game of Thrones cast portraits. It’s been close to 2 years since Game Of Thrones Season 7 got over and since then the fans have been waiting to watch the final season. Luckily, as the season approaches, it appears that more and more fresh content is being shared and I am certain we can expect the season 8 trailer anytime now.


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Why do they seem to have cold internal fire, shining out through their blue star eyes? And now we know, or at least, we have a good theory to provide the answer to that question: because the Night’s Queen transmuted the fire of the blood of the dragon and created the Others. The white half of the yin yang, the yang side, contains a black dot, the black yin side contains a white dot, and the point is that everything contains an element of its opposite. The dividing line is also not a straight line, but rather an S shape, where one side tapers off into the other. This speaks of cycles, meaning that life and death are part of the one cycle, as are day and night or summer and winter. It’s easy to see how consistent this is with some of the philosophy George has used to define ASOIAF, and that’s because George is an old hippie and old hippies know what’s up with this sort of thing. Frozen fire still plays on team fire, and the burning cold is definitely on team ice, if you will pardon the sort of overly basic euphemism. The somewhat paradoxical concepts of frozen fire and burning ice are simply George’s creative depiction of this aspect of yin and yang. Jojen could just as easily have said “if fire can be frozen, then love and hate can mate,” and it would have made the exact same, Daoist point. Martin is showing us that the Others, with their consistently burning blue star eyes, have an element of fire inside them. The Others look like they swallowed some fire and turned it cold, don’t they. There is a burning aspect to ice, just as fire can be frozen but still retain the magical qualities of fire, as dragonglass does. That’s why he’s been thinking about ice dragons, or perhaps even a wighted dragon, and showing us the Others with burning blue star eyes. But of course I tend to think Martin does things with a lot of intention, and of course I am suggesting that there’s an important reason why the Others seem to have a cold internal fire: because their creator, the Night’s King, was the blood of the dragon. When the fiery meteor interacts with the ice moon, it’s a wedding of ice and fire. Fire is frozen, and ice is animated with a burning quality. Of course, the show version of Night King doesn’t seem to exist in the books, or may not exist, and the show always simplifies issues of magic from their book canon, but I since I had this theory long before that episode aired, it definitely caught my eye. I’m not basing my theory here on anything in the show, however it was too close a match not to mention it, and at the least, it serves to illustrate the principle I am proposing.


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As such there’s a plethora of punk-themed exhibitions, celebrations and, inevitably, memorabilia knocking around with the aim of inducing some punk-nostalgia in the generation that came of age during the mid to late 70s and early 80s. I am fully aware that an institution such as university is a privilege, which in itself brings together people of different backgrounds and different experiences in their upbringing. That in part is what makes the experience of being a student all the more interesting — being invited into a world unbeknownst to you. We know all of each other’s grossest habits, and we love each other with everything we have. But you wouldn’t know that a relationship like that is possible for a queer couple like us if you only had popular media as a source. Despite being in the same continent, I do think that South Asian and Western Asian representations in media differ vastly from those of East and South-East Asians. . Asians, including me, cannot exist beyond the characterisation of our slant eyes, buckteeth, and thick accent. We are good at maths, martial arts, and being meek. Only comic reliefs, either sexless nerds or docile sex fetishes, and ladyboys. We recognise that while official structures are not the sum total of the movement, they play an undeniably important part and to understand the political consciousness of the student movement, you need to, in part, look at the National Union of Students. Americans are rallying behind real sex offenders to try to stop imaginary transgender sex offenders. I have had a lot of enlightening conversations with friends about this, and one of the conclusions we reached is that we are the generation of nostalgia, imitation, and regurgitation. We think back to the golden filters of 60s or 70s music as the paradigm our experiences now should imitate. We idolise the past because of the lack of originality in the present. This is all a downward slope from the crossing the threshold of the millennium and feeling more culturally empty than ever before. The campaign called for an immediate coal phase-out, emphasizing the urgency for DIY solutions to the climate crisis in the face of governmental inaction. Aren’t ecologists and economists alike inspired by progressive policies such as the feed-in tariff that supported the rapid expansion of renewable energy sources.


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Through fundraising and volunteering, the auxiliary group helps St. Anthony Hospital fulfill its commitments to compassion and quality. The 20th World Water Ski Racing Championships were held at Point Ruston in Tacoma, August 5,2017. The event, held every two years, was last held in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2015. The championships have not been in the United States since 2003. In most cases, Washington state law says that any sunscreening material on windows must allow at least 24 percent light transmission -- that means that 24 percent or more of the total visible light that falls on the window must be able to pass through. Thomas Sterling Potts, his attorney and a friend address the court prior to his being sentenced by Superior Court Judge Shelly Speir for two separate homicides. Woman hits gas instead of brake after fender-bender in Parkland. A group of Puyallup police officers swarm parks around the city handing out coupons good for Slurpees to kids exhibiting positive behavior on the hottest day of the year on Aug. 3,2017. It's called Operation Chill Puyallup. A time lapse video of the moving of the SR 167 Bridge in Puyallup, Washington in May 2016. Video courtesy of the Washington Department of Transportation. Pierce County Fair’s chicken drag races are for the birds thenewstribune. om. The right-hander left without allowing a run and his Bulls leading by two runs. Normally this season, that pretty much guarantees a win. But for only the fourth time in 66 occurances this season, Durham lost a game it led after six innings.