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In continuing the project, we will take the lessons learned in the ? st iteration on board. The resulting prototype RSVP uses the activity of planning an intercultural party as a metaphor for challenges that arise when humans coming from different cultural backgrounds aim to ? d common ground between diverse habits and belief systems. Experiencing perspective change is a crucial ingredient for better understanding and communication between migrants and locals. In order to further improve this aspect, future iterations of the project will emphasize the inclusion of all target-groups during the design phase to create an authentic, meaningful and, in the best case, positively transformative experience. The creation of accessible pedagogical resources for IDN design is therefore a challenge that the community needs to address with increased research and sharing of existing resources. That this need was already identi? d by Murray and Rieser in the 1990s should make clear that it is high time to ? ally do something about it. Acknowledgements. We would like to thank the following students and teachers for participating in the project: Timothy Schelhaas, Ruben Bimmel, Davey Verhoef, Ermis Chalkiadakis, Sytze Schalk, Roger Lenoir, Ruben Abels and Valentijn Muijrers. In: Presented at The International Congress for Design Planning and Theory, Education Group Conference, Boston, MA (1987) 2. Murray, J. . Hamlet on the Holodeck: The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace. In: Presented at the Seventh International Symposium on Electronic Art 1996, Rotterdam (1996) Interactive Digital Narratives (IDN) for Change 601 6.


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Regardless though, you won’t have to worry about muffled noises when you’re binge-watching flicks. When you buy the Fire TV or the Fire TV Stick, you’ll have access to more than 500,000 movies, TV episodes, exclusive series, and more. If you’re trying to sever ties with your cable company, both devices allow you to do that too. You can watch content without cable by using a HD antenna connected directly to your TV for broadcast network access or streaming content via Hulu, PlayStation Vue, and Sling TV subscriptions. The Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick come with an Alexa Voice Remote (First Generation), which can help you find, launch, and play content on your TV. Use simple voice commands like, “Alexa find horror movies,” or “Alexa, next episode,” to make watching content a breeze. Another bonus is that you can connect the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with other Alexa-enabled devices, such as the Amazon Echo, to have Alexa go above streaming help. You can ask her to order pizza, dim the lights, or check the weather, thanks to her far-field voice recognition technology. You’ll be one step step closer to creating the ultimate smart home environment. You’ll have HDR and 4K Ultra HD picture quality and suburb sound for a binge-watching experience that’s almost like the movies. Even though it doesn’t offer the same 4K Ultra HD streaming perks as the Fire TV, you’ll still receive an above-average binge-watching session with high-quality picture and audio. Plus, you can still have access to 500,000 types of digital content, streaming sans cable, and the Alexa Voice Remote for times when you want to watch something ASAP and manage other smart home settings. All the major plot points were almost all surprises. Neds Death, The Red Wedding, Hodor's Death, Jon's death, Renly's death, Stannis's death (sort of a surprise) etc. George has constantly talked about the element of surprise and how that elevates the story. However, was there one moment in Season 7 that actually, fully surprised you. Maybe if they hadn't her reacting to both Bran and Arya's abilities I could roll with it but no mention that her brother came back from the dead at all.

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