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6%) followed by the maxilla (57. 2%). The pattern and presentation of maxillofacial fractures had been studied in many parts of the world with varying results. Severe multiple trauma patients had different patterns of maxillofacial injuries. The number of maxillofacial trauma is on the rise worldwide as well as the incidence of associated sequelae. Maxillofacial fractures on multiple trauma patients were more frequent among males and in road traffic crashes. The society should have a key role in the awareness of individuals and in prevention of road traffic accidents. Effective pain control and the ability to take deep breaths are crucial for optimal recovery, and these are key elements in current clinical guidelines. These guidelines use incentive spirometry volumes along with other assessment values to guide patient care. However, despite current guidelines, nurses do not routinely document inspired respiratory volumes. This article provides trauma nurses with the rationale for documenting and tracking incentive spirometry volumes to improve outcomes for patients with rib fractures. This promotes early detection of respiratory decline and early interventions to improve pain control and pulmonary function. Morbidity and mortality remain high following osteoporotic hip fractures despite advances in medical and surgical treatments. The associated costs and medical burdens are increased with a re-admission following hip fracture treatment. This study sought to identify demographic and clinical values that may be a predictive model for 30-day re-admission risk following operative management of an isolated hip fracture.

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That regularization became the product itself — suddenly the free-for-all marketplace became a tight menu of options with standardized pricing and rating systems. Even more importantly, the identities of the workers themselves are often shielded from the customer on these platforms. You are buying the company’s brand of quality, not the worker’s guarantee that they can do the job. There is a marketplace today for pretty much every simple and easy-to-define task imaginable. The challenge has been how to design marketplaces to handle more complex forms of work and evaluate the quality of that labor, particularly in cases where quality can be in the eye of the beholder. One answer has been to focus on hyper-specific (yet lucrative) verticals. Clora’s strength is knowing the hiring model for the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. They understand what talent is needed, and even more importantly, how to evaluate that talent. By focusing on accounting, Paro has a relatively objective standard on what quality work looks like, and that makes evaluation a bit easier. The key to each of these platforms is that pricing, ratings, quality, and product offerings are not standardized in the same way as the productized marketplaces that came before. Each of these platforms recognizes that, say, the launch of a cancer drug is going to be very different from a male-pattern baldness therapeutic. There is no secret algorithm that is going to be able to detect these nuanced differences without human judgment entering the equation. So to compensate for that variability, these marketplaces put much more of the judgment around the quality of work on the shoulders of the professionals themselves. Unlike Uber, there is no GPS telling someone to move from this work to that work. As such, these newer marketplaces are something of a hybrid between the first-generation free-for-all Craigslist-style marketplaces and the second-generation productized ones like Uber we have seen more recently.


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If they aren’t going to show that, then what point is there in having him in the show at all. Then, he can show up at the beginning of S6 (maybe Episode 1 introduces him as he’s at sea on the Silence, goes through his back story and the legend of the dragon horn, etc. and follows his TWOW arc from there. Plus, he seems like a total badass that would be a great addition. I think Vic and Damphair are probably out, though. If they do put that off for a later season it will be a bad decision IMO. It won’t have the same impact, I think since the three leaches should come one season after another at least. They won’t make a liar out of Mel, would they? LOL. We know they’re trying to start contracting the universe as we speed to the finish. Ignoring the third leech just comes across as amateurish. It just means that what’s generally refeered to as the Iron Islands plot is cut, that is: Euron declaring a Kingsmoot, Euron winning, the Shield Islands attack, Victarion going to Meereen, the Greyjoys raiding the Reach. Just don’t expect any of Balon’s brothers, a Kingsmoot, an invasion of the Reach or a Greyjoy fleet at Meereen. Why did they even bother setting up the Greyjoys as a faction in the show. I just don’t understand the choice to focus so much on Dorne.


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All she wanted was to see the guy she liked and her best friend happy. Sadly things didn't work out like they plan after dating for seven months. Lyric obviously did not take this break up very well. On week one of there break up Hayden started to receive threatening notes from someone. He became trapped, he didn't know what to do or who to run too. Miranda saw the looks in Hayden's eye and try to help him out through his mental break through. They wanted to find the culprit who was threatening Hayden. Hayden received an unexpected visit from Lyric, who wasn't too pleased to see him. Other things: There will be a part two of this machinima, sometime in the future, I cannot promise you when, but it will come. Extras: I want to thank OneBillionpixels for letting me use Hayden Xavier. He was not going to actually be in this machinima but I wanted a guy that looks to be a striving artist, someone who would match the environment in the house the protagonist would live in. He fitted that role perfectly, not to mention when I first created Lyric fay, the two clicked so easily. I am also sorry for shoving my OC against him, I am pretty sure he already has a wife in your game. ). If you want to use Hayden xavier in your game, please visit OneBillionPixels blogspot, he is not owned nor created by me.


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Prolific in terms of tweeting bunch of gross things about her maid. I have had a vendetta against Bryan Goldberg since he first stepped out with that misogynistic bullshit about women's sites, and my grudge has grown stronger and more resolute with each passing year. It's not just him, as a person, who's the problem (although he is definitely a problem! . The Bustle-ification of media is a problem as well. That's bad for me as a writer and, frankly, it's bad for you as a consumer if you want an internet filled with good stuff instead of content mills. So I don't link to his sites, I avoid even clicking on them, and I'd never write for one (not that they'd have me, given that I am such a man-hater and all). If you weren't already avoiding them, it's time to start. Those of us in media have enough working against us right now. More media sites are getting unionized and that's awesome, but we need help and support from consumers to ensure that this is a survivable profession. Between Facebook's wacky algorithms and failed pivots-to-video and constant layoffs and shitty venture capitalists buying up piles of sites and running them into the ground because they do not know what the hell they are doing, it's a precarious industry. I've had multiple offers for jobs in New York, and I've turned them down because I knew that if the sites didn't last I would be totally screwed (Narrator: the sites did not last ) trying to survive in a city that expensive on freelancing alone. A thing you can do as a consumer to help this is by not supporting garbage sites or garbage people like Bryan Goldberg with your clicks and shares. Thousands were on hand or watching live streams, including on the New York New Bridge website, on Tuesday morning, when the explosives at the 64-year-old bridge went off at approxi. Gene explains that his mother, a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, had an FBI file and was responsible for Gene’s original position as a democratic socialist.


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