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Guess what, contrarian opinions are a part of discussions. It'd be like me telling you any opinion you have to offer me about the show is invalid because you're a devoted fan and are too colored by bias. And my point about giving up after three episodes is this, a TV show has to present a hook to keep you tuning in week after week. In the first three episodes this show doesn't offer a hook to keep me watching. A new TV show needs this or else it can't hope to survive. You're only sounding out opinions that reinforce your own and everyone else should just shut up not say anything. This reductive reasoning people try to use is ridiculous and counterproductive in general. Shutting up when you don't like something doesn't improve your position, or the quality of things you wish to take an interest in. If you really don't like, then why the hell bother. You clearly haven't appreciated any advice or discussion that you were offered. You're just trying to get a rise out of people and validate your opinion.

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There are so many leaks right now, as we all know now, so save us non book readers from those who can't control themselves. Be our Hodor! Hold the door on spoilers for us, so we can get to the episodes without any knowledge that could ruin the experience. Many thanks to you 'Watchers On The Spoilery Wall'. If the iron born just blindly followed whomever took power by force, it would be chaos. The Greyjoys have been in power for hundreds of years. The entire iron islands arc has been butchered in the show. They, including Euron, come across as stupid and impulsive. Euron didn't achieve power by killing Balon - he did it by killing Balon and then convincing the Kingsmoot that it was a good idea (sort of like Ser Alliser doing FTW and then convincing the Nights Watch that it was a good idea) and then convincing them that he was the most capable of leading. So, for them, the show isn't cannon, and doesn't matter as much. It's not the show watchers i'm wary of for introducing spoilers, as much as I am book readers.

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But I go along with the general assessment that it’s been quite disruptive, probably more disruptive than the government itself imagined. It’s had a negative impact, particularly on the informal sector, which was the most cash dependent. Whether it has changed all the basic attitudes towards corruption, I have not seen any evidence of that. On the question of the cash transactions, my understanding is that there was a huge, there was a big decline, and as the cash has come back into the banks, there will be a process of remonetisation. So some of the cash will be pulled out and we need to give it a little more time, to work out how much has the cash to GDP ratio actually gone down. I don’t believe that had any significant effect on counterfeit currency, because people who are counterfeiting currency will counterfeit the new currency. I guess the terrorist financing issue was also connected with counterfeit currency, in the belief that they are financed by counterfeit currency. So there may have been a shock, but counterfeit notes. t’s already evident that they are there. We don’t really know how (the informal sector) badly damaged, but we do know that it must have been much more badly damaged than the formal sector. One is that the informal sector was cash dependent.

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Having seen the illustrations in her mid-to-late 1940s journals at the Lilly Library, I am looking forward to any excuse to go to New York City to see them. I am hopeful that my web site for Sylvia Plath, A celebration, this is, will be up and running by the end of the weekend. Sylvia Plath event: The Cheltenham Literary Festival. Alvarez will talk about Sylvia Plath and Eye Rhymes at this years Cheltenham Literary Festival, 5-14 October. She joins poet and critic Al Alvarez, one of Sylvia Plath's personal friends, and actress Diana Quick, who reads a selection of her poetry, to celebrate her life and share some fascinating new insights into Plath's extraordinary creativity. For more information or to book your tickets, click here. Sylvia Plath collections, Letters to Gerald Hughes, 1952-1991. Woodruff Library at Emory University, I post here information about the Letters to Gerald Hughes, Ted Hughes's brother. Letters to Gerald Hughes, 1952-1991 The collection consists of letters from Ted Hughes, in England, to his brother and sister-in-law, Gerald and Joan Hughes, in Australia, between 1952 and 1991. The letters often include photographs, drafts of published poems, or original poems written for Gerald Hughes. The letters provide an intimate look at Ted Hughes as he discusses personal matters such as the birth of his children; his separation from Sylvia Plath; and the deaths of his partner, Assia Wevill, their daughter Shura, and his mother.