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Tini Le Brun meets her new love interest while vacationing with her friend, a baroness. Producers: Gerry Arbeid, Pieter Kroonenburg, Michel Shane; Director: Roger Cardinal; Cinematography: Karol Ike; Film Editing: Jean Beaudoin; Original Music: Osvaldo Montes; Cast: George Hamilton, Leo Ilial, Francoise Robertson. Vampire experts, people claiming to be vampires, and others are guests as George Hamilton hosts a show on vampire stories, live from Transylvania. Dracula has been “destroyed” and he now rests in the frozen river that ? ws alongside his castle. The monsignor arrives at Dracula’s castle a year later to check up on things. He ? ds that the townsfolk refuse to attend Sunday Mass at the church because the shadow from Dracula’s castle touches the church in the later part of the day. The monsignor exorcises Dracula’s castle to show the townsfolk that there’s nothing to be afraid of. But Dracula is soon resurrected, and he’s out for revenge, and a new bride. What better bride than the monsignor’s niece, Maria. Producers: Ken Cayre, Stan Cayre, Joe Cayre; Writing Credits: Sandy Oliveri (compiled by).


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We talk about the surprising success of Dany's little ritual, a shockingly spry Grand Maester. Things are going surprisingly well for Robb in his campaign to meet the Lannister forces in battle, surprisingly bad for Dany and Drogo over in Essos. Another incredible early season episode, action packed with two epic fight scenes, direwolf savagery, zombie killings. Featuring the impressive debut of Daddy Lannister, a thrilling inspirational (before it gets scary) speech by Drogo. We have a complete recap and review of Game of Thrones episode 106, 'A Golden Crown', as well as tons of feed back on same, coming right your way. Tyrion gets a room with a view, Catelyn regrets some recent life choices, Robert and Ned have a falling out. If you're new to Game of Thrones, enjoy our spoiler free episode discussion and recap, but if you're a hard bitten. Don't fear spoilers if you're a new listener, we do our best to contain any such advance knowledge to our SpoiLore section. Next week we're starting a re-watch of the series next week with episode. We'll be back with our full coverage podcast on Tuesday afternoon. While it could perhaps be accused of having far more heart than brains, director Miguel Sapochnik goes for broke to make us as the audience collective. There were no real surprises to be found tonight if you've been paying.


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The succession is more or less fucked in any of the kingdoms in the northern half of the continent (the Reach and Dorne seem stable still, the Stormlands less so). The North is in chaos, the Riverlands are shaky, the Vale's ruler is a psychotic 8-year-old, the Iron Islands' leadership is looking to ally with Dany, the Westerlands just had their ruler assassinated on the dunny, and the crownlands are ruled by another 8-year-old with complete chaos behind the throne. Dany's going to look like a godsend by the time she gets there. Smid, I don't see how either of those could be even remotely possible. Rhaegar would've been the most recognizable person in the Seven Kingdoms and was killed at a battle where thousands of other people were present. Plus Mance was brought to the Night's Watch as a child. Littlefinger was born 7 years after the Reynes were wiped out. Petyr's father knew Hoster Tully, so his lineage is known before the event too. Like another one about the identity of the High Septon, based on a haircut description and the fact that someone hasn't turned up yet. Of course with number one, the only twist would be if it wasn't true. Tywin hated Tyrion because he was a dwarf (disability and deformity being a cause of massive shame in Westeros, look at the attitude to Jamie when he loses a hand), and wanted to disown him. Two disconnected things connected into Tyrion being a targ.