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5 A Christmas Carol 3. The Santa Clause 4. 5 The Santa Clause The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause (26) 8. The Haunted Mansion (23) Family. Lava (214) 3. The Lizzie McGuire Movie 4. 5 Tron (1982) SUNDAY 1 6. Sleeping Beauty 6. 5 Aladdin (1992) 8. 5 The Return Of Jafar 9.

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My Suggestions: Colm Wilkinson, James Fox, Jim Broadbent, John Hurt, Nicholas Farrell, Tom Wilkinson My Choice: This is a role that could be replaced by the reappearance of Jaqen H'ghar if some people's theories hold true. Personally, I would love to see Maisie Williams acting opposite James Fox or Tom Wilkinson. The Waif appears to be a pale young girl with a gaunt boney face and dark eyes that look as big as saucers, however she is 36 years old. She wears a robe with a cowl of black on the right side white on the left side. All of the suggestions are best guesses or some fan's wishes - not official in anyway. Official news will be updated in its own post on this page. - With my own predictions and suggestions I tried for the most part to ignore larger named actors and Americans since most roles on Game of Thrones will go to British and European actors that are not blockbuster draws. Maybe Erik, and Blacktyde for lords along with Cragorn and Nute for crewmen possibly. None will be significant roles though. - I'm beginning to think that we will not get any new Kingsguard in Kings Landing and probably no Kettleblacks either.

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Driven by a particularly bad public speaking event for the United Nations of NASA, he manages to discover trans-dimensional travel in his laboratory full of Pro Tools frequency analyzer plug-in monitors, flashing lights, and a cymatic particle membrane (because science? . Her precocious post-toddler brother (Deric McCabe) goo-goo, gaa-gaa's smugly at adults ad nauseam in a desperate attempt to out-ham Jaeden Lieberher in The Book of Henry, and I could barely understand (phonetically) what the little twerp was saying the whole time. You've probably seen what they look like in trailers, and you would be correct in assuming every second they are on screen is fucking hilarious. Excuse my superlative cursing, but if the movie was just the first act, it might be one of the most unintentionally funny films I've ever seen, but as the rest of the film unfolded it really turned into a nightmare. Then they bring out the big exploding shit, and we're somewhere in between New Age spiritual psychobabble and Transformers off and on for a good hour. Don't let the one scene with a nod to The Holy Mountain fool you, this is a generic blockbuster that somehow manages to cram all of the most simplistic pseudo-spiritual tenets into it's underlying themes in earnest. Did you know that love is eternal and binds us together. Every three or four minutes, somebody utters a feel-good truism to make you feel like you're learning something deep, but it's all terminal myopia. And why does the utter embodiment of evil always have to be BLACK.

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