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July an indefinite stay. Chatterbox now has Mutual wires, but will switch over to with Chester's 17 for ment Sale of Wires The bandleadlng gentry point out allotment jumble on Mutual can be traced to the competition for the sale of remote lines which prevails among the Network's key stations. York, WON, Chicago, and other similar originating stations are each interested In disposing of their lines to local dine-and-dance spots, with the result that if a band originates out of Chicago it is as a rule ignored by WOR, wliich broadcasts its own band pickup at that time. Plans are being made to enlarge the seating capacity of the spot. Currently seating 350; that limit has been found inadequate on peak week-end And if York, fashion. Following Hal Grayson's run at the Hotel Rice here, the band goes the Lake-Worth casino at Ft. Y, Friday (27) at 10 p. . effect It plays records and aslcs quesCorp. FRANK DAILEY MAY ADD COLUMBUS SPOT Deal Is In the works whereby Frank DaUey, owner of Meadowbrook, Cedar Grove, N. -J. will either take over or go into partner-' SHEBIFF HENBT BUSSE ship In the operation of -Lou Peppe's Valley Dale ballroom, Columbus, O. Valley Dale Is situated a mile outside of Columbus, on 13 acres of Cedar Point, O. June 24. Local Sheriff made Henry Busse a special deputy, badge and all, at a benefit ball held here last night, ground and it can accommodate approximately 1,400 people inside and another 1,400 In a summer garden. Out of approximately 67 pickups made by MBS last week, only H Though the cutting of time into small segments has been going on only for the past month or so. Mutual claims that its signing with ASCAP has nothing to with its attempts to accommodate all requests for time.

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Next came growth in numbers of skilled, local crew to work on incoming productions. Then infrastructure — meaning sound stages where productions could set up shop and film. Crossen and a lot of people see the explosion of multi-season, episodic TV and streaming series over the past decade — and the hunger for high-quality content from providers like Netflix and Hulu -- as new tickets to sustainability. And steady employment. “This is all about 21st century jobs — just as much as Amazon and Biogen and other companies of that sort,” Crossen said, “all of these streaming content providers are also 21st century jobs, and we ought to be leading the league in that as well as in the other areas. According to IATSE Local 481 business manager Chris O’Donnell, “Castle Rock” employed 381 of his union’s workers alone, in Orange, Devens and the other communities where producers shot scenes. The union represents film and TV technicians around New England, including grips, set dressers and set builders. Growth takes time and is a steady progression, Bruce Mohl, editor of CommonWealth Magazine said. He’s followed the film industry and crunched data from the Massachusetts Film Office on the impact of the more than 180 productions that have worked here since the 25 percent Film Tax Credit came into play. Over the past decade productions have mainly been located in and around Boston, but the Hulu team shot in communities including Orange, Tewksbury, Groton, Fitchburg and Acton. Back at her store in Orange, Brenda Anderson and her husband Paul smiled as they watched their home town in the latest “Castle Rock” trailer. A woman jumps into their river, a drone shot swoops into town, a main character stops in front of the Universalist church. The whole town is celebrating the series’ big premiere, but Anderson said it’s already been a very particular kind of game-changer for Orange. “It made the town feel good about itself,” she told me, “It’s a beautiful area. But this is something we could actually be proud of. And that’s pretty cool. Anderson says if “Castle Rock” didn’t come to town she and her husband might’ve been forced to shutter their shop.

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I apologize to anyone I may have offended. The couple’s appearance together at the Casamigos Halloween party on Friday night was their first as a couple. The actress, who currently stars in Younger, only recently confirmed they were in a relationship with a picture of them kissing on Instagram. Hilary shares four-year-old son Luca with her ex-husband, Mike Comrie. Yet with the team’s title hopes on the line, Keane found himself on the bench twice in the last six days. “I can promise you Robbie is not happy with that,” Galaxy Coach Bruce Arena said after Sunday’s 1-0 win over the Colorado Rapids. “It’s the way it is. And given Arena’s penchant for riding the hot hand, it could be the way it remains when the Galaxy head to Colorado on Sunday for the second game of their two-leg Western Conference semifinal. Keane has been a workhorse since coming to the Galaxy, averaging 25 starts during his first four full seasons in MLS. But this year a combination of international duty and injuries, including early-season knee surgery, caused him to miss half the team’s regular-season games. Keane, 36, was healthy enough to start in playoff victories over Real Salt Lake and Colorado, yet Arena went with the ageless Alan Gordon instead, using the same lineup in consecutive games for just the second time this season. Could a changing of the guard be taking place? “That’s a team we’ve been playing with over the last two, three weeks getting them ready for the playoffs,” Arena said after the postseason opener. “They’ve been training together and they know each other and each other’s responsibilities. Landon Donovan has been with the Galaxy just seven weeks, so his point of reference may be a bit skewed. But the team, he said Sunday, may finally have found the personality it’s been looking for all season. “We have a way we play now.