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He also played the minister in Storm of The Century, Teddy Weiszack in The stand, a band member in The Shining, Tom Holby in Langoliers, and a cemetery caretaker in Sleepwalkers. He also appeared in a cameo as a man using a malfunctioning ATM. In an interview with Rolling Stone from Halloween of 2014, King states, “When the movie was over, I hugged Rob Reiner because I was moved to tears, because it was so autobiographical. . In the early 2000s, he hung his Red Sox baseball cap on the computer at which he wrote, and references it in the author notes of Everything’s Eventual. He frequently attends their home and away games and references the team in his stories. One story in particular, The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon, revolves around a young girl’s obsession with the team’s former pitcher, and how she imagines his presence with her, as a coping mechanism, while she is lost in the woods. Also, in the film, Opening Pitch (2005), King tosses out the first pitch in the scene of the Sox’s opening day game. King references their songs in Pet Cemetery, as well as The Dark Tower books. The Ramones reference King in their song It’s not my place (in the 9 to 5 world). Dee Dee Ramone also wrote the song Pet Semetery in King’s basement after being given a copy of the novel. King and Michael Jackson worked together in 1996 to create the 40-minute musical video, Ghosts. WZON-AM (sports radio), and WKIT-FM (Classic rock). In an effort to draw in more listeners, he attempted to write a radio play, inspired by the success of Orson Wells’ War of the Worlds, but it never made it on air. According to the introduction of Everything’s Eventual, he felt that everything he came up with wasn’t good enough. He felt that it was all boring and would have cheated the listener. Both of their sons are published authors, and their daughter is a Unitarian Universalist Church minister. King referred to Trump as “a thin-skinned racist with the temperament of a 3-year-old” on Twitter, on June 5th,2016. You're about to nominate a thin-skinned racist with the temperament of a 3-year-old. King responded by posting a tweet banning Trump from seeing IT or Mr.

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They actually cut a brief scene with Sansa opening the door to Bran's room and saying I need to talk to you. It would have been a brief transition scene and would've enriched the episode. We were left to assume (correctly) that Bran informed his sisters about LF. You might say,, So what, but IMO it's these kinds of details that helped make it a quality show for the past 7 years. I hate the sense that things feel very rushed in ways that indicate lack of care. If we or the human characters know they definitely do this but not that, they're less scared and more prepared and the show is a little less suspenseful. If we or Team Jon know about the Night King's origins or feelings, then again, they can make better plans and are less scared. Since this is dramatic entertainment, it works better to keep us a bit ignorant, more frightened of the unknown. I know there will probably be a siege of Winterfell, but I'm not looking forward to it, and not just because I'm much rather see a zombie apocalypse in King's Landing (and BTW the snow on the throne has an alternate or double meeting, IMHO it refers to JON SNOW parking his lovely ass on the throne). Anyway! Winterfell wouldn't have a chance against the Night's King, if his ice dragon can blast down the Wall it wouldn't have much trouble with the stone walls of Winterfell. And the Night's King can freeze everyone with a gesture, or make so much snow fall that his armies can just march across 50 feet of snow and over the walls, or make his army of hundreds of thousands form a huge pile of zombies that forms a ramp for the army to march over the walls, etc. Frankly, if the zombie apocalypse comes to Winterfell and the place isn't destroyed, we're all going to be bitching about sloppy or unimaginative writing. I'd bet it is imbued with some kind of magic like the Wall. I remember reading fan theories about dragons being the source of the underground hot springs there a while back, but it could be any kind of magic. The Starks are clearly the most important family in this story, more so than even the Targs. I also have been wondering if the name Winterfell is some twist on it being the place where the NK meets his demise (or met it during the first Long Night) the place where 'winter' literally 'fell'. Sansa's squeeze is so tiny I feel I could crush him just by hugging him. That he's trying to butch it up only adds to the comedic effect. Arya cleans up very nicely; and her bf is very cute.

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Pearl, a sweet woman who can't speak or hold her head up, sits next to me. The old people move so slowly that I am challenged to keep up. They touch my hands. My hair. I buy a delicate necklace with a silver and gold sparrow. I can hear wheelchairs and click-clicking walkers outside my door. I run or walk frequently to keep my head quiet; to help me digest the fact that one day I might be Pearl. I take a picture while feeling frozen in the spray of the water. Final, feeling. I speak to my children on the ride back to the airport. Sit in a window seat and snap photos of Mt. Rainier. Mt Adams. Mt. St. Helen. The mountains rise above the clouds. The sky is blue. I feel clear. My seat mate is young--this time I am sure.

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billion is highly appealing. If the Voice Clips feature proves popular, it could roll out elsewhere just as Facebook is getting more serious about voice. It building a smart speaker codenamed Aloha to be released as Portal, Cheddar reports. It’s easy to imagine users dictating Voice Clip status updates to Portal without ever having to open their phone or check that their words were properly transcribed. Facebook wants to encompass all the ways we share, and voice is perhaps our most instinctual communication medium. A new robot with the brilliant name “the LineRanger” has a different area of expertise, however: Inspecting power lines. Created by the Montreal-based company Hydro-Quebec, the LineRanger is a newly unveiled functional prototype for a robot designed to inspect the conductor bundles on high-voltage transmission lines. It is the first such robot to be designed with this task in mind. To carry its inspection out, it attaches to the power line and then uses a smart mechanism to essentially “hop” any obstacles it encounters by momentarily decoupling its connections. It is able to work quickly and can cover around 12 miles of line every day, operating on a live line, which means that it doesn’t need to interfere with power transmission. As it is making its inspection rounds, the LineRanger can record video footage of any potential damage on the lines and send this information to a ground crew who can then arrange to have the line fixed. This isn’t the only technology that Hydro-Quebec has created for the task of transmission line inspection and maintenance. It previously developed a drone for the non-destructive evaluation of power transmission systems. The company’s drone is equipped with a smart sensor that is able to detect the earliest signs of corrosion in conductors. It’s also able to land on a live wire without causing damage to the drone or wire itself. Unlike the drone, however, the LineRanger doesn’t have the same challenges regarding short battery life. That means that it could be deployed as a more in-depth inspector able to travel along large lengths of line spotting damage. There is no word from Hydro-Quebec on when the technology is being rolled out, or whether any companies or states have adopted it yet. Considering the possible risk of a human getting too near to power lines, however, we have to say that this is one dangerous job that we’re more than happy to hand over to the machines — especially one that looks as ingenious as this. Jones’ knack for controlling and contorting his exceptionally long, lithe body into almost inhuman shapes is undoubtedly what’s made him such a fixture of Guillermo del Toro’s films, and it can be easy to forget that the actor’s actually a 57-year-old man from Indianapolis.