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The following month Chambaili, an Urdu -language political thriller film directed by Ismail Jilani, was released starring Salmaan Peerzada, Khalid Ahmed, Mohammed Ehteshamuddin, Maira Khan, Shafqat Cheema and Ghulam Mohiuddin also made a special appearance. The film was a political drama exploring the subject of political corruption in Pakistan. Several other films were also released between April to October including Ishq Khuda directed by Shahzad Rafique, Josh: Independence Through Unity directed by Iram Parveen Bilal, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi directed by Syed Ali Raza Usama, Zinda Bhaag by Meenu Gaur and Seedlings by Mansoor Mujahid. The film starred Humayun Saeed, Javed Shaikh and Noman Habib in the lead roles. The year saw some of the most critical acclaimed Pakistani films including Moor and Manto. Thes film raised the standards for Pakistani films. Whereas much awaited film Verna,which marked the return of Shoaib Mansoor was also banned because it revolved around the taboo topic of rape but due to the public outcry it was released. Whereas the film Saawan directed by Farhan Alam was showcased at Madrid Film Festival before getting released in Pakistan and won several accolades. The year ended with Shaan Shahid's Directorial Debut and the remake of Mahesh Bhatt's 1970 Arth, Arth - The Destination and an unofficial remake of South-Indian film Chupan Chupai. The film Arth was bashed by the critics and emerged as a flop at the box office earning around only 1. crores whereas the film Chupan Chupai was criticised for copying an Indian Film but fared well at the box office earning 7 crores. The film struggled at the box office for weeks and emerged as a hit earning 9. 5 crores locally and 17. 0 crores in total. Its released was followed by a highly successful animated film named Allahyar and the Legend of Markhor which earned 5. 7 crores at the box office. The film also saw a clash from another local release, Pakistan's second horror film Maan Jao Na, but the film tanked at the box office.

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Many of the musical tracks from the Golden Record are here. Including Eastern and Western classical music, American popular music and ethnic music from Asia, Africa, South America and the Pacific. Animated Stereoviews of Old Japan. 'In the late 19th and early 20th century, enigmatic photographer T. Enami (1859-1929) captured a number of 3D stereoviews depicting life in Meiji-period Japan. Jacob Riis's New York. 'After more than a century, the oeuvre of the photographer and activist Jacob Riis remains indelible. Done correctly, it can fill those apparently useless sleeping hours with adventure. Artforms of Nature. 'The nineteen century German biologist Ernst Haeckel is famous for his fantastically illustrated book Artforms of Nature. Only if they know their way around the 25,000 streets in a 6-mile radius from Charing Cross (and along 320 main roads within Greater London) will they be licensed to drive one of London’s iconic black cabs. The London Taxicab Examination System is reputed to be the hardest of its kind in the world, and this speaks to the complexity of the British capital’s road grid. 'That complexity, and the cabbies’ Knowledge, put passengers at the risk of being overcharged, the Victorians feared. Mid-19th century, even before the current Examination System was instituted (in 1865), a Mr John Leighton devised a system to prevent passengers from being taken for a proverbial as well as a literal ride. Leighton, a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries, published a scheme to divide London in a number of hexagonals, specifically aimed at preventing overcharging by cab drivers. Enheduanna, the First Poet We Know by Name. 'Enheduanna was a priestess and poet in the city of Ur in the 23rd century BC and supposedly the daughter of Sargon the Great of Akkad.

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Sam snarkily replies that there are no windows, considering that the Sept had been blown up by Cersei. The one with the dragons or the one who fucks her brother. It Their faces as they eat it are hilarious, as they evidently don't like it at all. Bronn visibly takes a moment to process the stupidity of that statement before commencing a well-deserved chewing out. Bronn visibly takes a moment to process the stupidity of that statement before commencing with a well-deserved chewing out. Drogon looks them over and then roars to convince most of the others to follow suit. Drogon looks them over and then roars to convince most of the others to follow suit. roars. Knees start bending, rapidly. Tyrion reflects the last time he was here, he killed his father. Davos retorts the last time ''he'' was here, Tyrion killed his son. Varys points out that it was a sealed scroll meant for a king. Tyrion, knowing Varys too well, asks him what the letter said. Deleted line(s) 898,899 (click to see context): Is there an issue. Is there an issue? Send a Message Reason: None TheRoguePenguin Aug 9th 2017 at 11:36:03 PM Changed line(s) 867 (click to see context) from: '''Daenerys:''' Are you trying to present your own statements as ancient wisdom. From the moment he demonstrated that scorpion to Cersei, viewers noted obvious flaws in the demonstration, i.

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Scholarship holders are encouraged to incorporate research-related travel into their research plan. Candidates must also have at least 1 supervisor from the School of Languages and Cultures. Guidelines of the Scholarship and the application form are available here. The application is filed by the French university on the behalf of the foreign student. The PhD must be awarded through a joint supervision or a co-tutorshiip with a foreign higher education institution partner. Up to seventeen scholarships are awarded annually for the whole of Australia. A number of these always go to Queensland graduates from all faculties. The scholarships are normally awarded to recent Honours graduates or to students enrolled in German Studies Honours (IV). The scholarships consist of a two-month language and cultural studies course at one of the Goethe Institutes in Germany, fares to Europe, accommodation and a small living allowance. The scholarships are normally awarded to graduates (Pass or Honours) who have been teaching German for at least five years. Information and application via the International Education Office, University of Queensland. General Information Learning a language and having fun at the same time. Going abroad for a language trip during your holidays is the perfect addition to your language courses at university or your full-time job. While improving your language skills you will also get a wonderful experience and opportunity to learn first-hand about a new culture, different traditions and local customs in a foreign country. Are you in? The Scholarship Our Scholarship includes a 4 week intensive course in one of the following schools: Malta, Malaga or Frankfurt. Free textbook Scholarship to be used before 30.

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Pictured: (L-R) Christopher Lee, George Lucas and Hayden Christensen arrive for the charity premiere of Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones at The Odeon Leicester Square, London. She has written several plays for stage, radio and television, some of which have even gained international repute. She is the recipient of the Pride of Performance award for her services to the performing arts in Pakistan. It appears strange that with such a success following even greater success on the TV screen, Moin didn’t branch out into other literary forms like novels or short stories which are such a popular genre among Urdu fiction writers. She lived for a number of years in Rawalpindi, then moved to Lahore and, in the 1950s, settled in Karachi, where she graduated from the Government College for Women in 1960 and earned Master of Arts in History from Karachi University in 1963. Professionally, she took up the educational pursuits and start teaching. It was in 1969 that Iftikhar Arif, Head of the Script Dept. Initially Hasina was nervous, but took courage to pen down a play. The cast was also decided by her with Kunwar Aftab Ahmed as the director. Her play Gurya which was directed by Shirin Khan with cast members Manzoor Qureshi, Shahla Ahmad Bina of Uncle Urfi, Azra Sherwani and Raju Jamil, won an award at the Global TV Plays Festival in Tokyo for best script and direction. Before this PTV used to rely on novel based scripts. Most of the people at that time were not confident with the experiment but it was Mohsin Ali who encouraged her to write and finally when the play was on air, it was a huge success and is remembered to date. She also wrote the dialogues for the 1986 film Nazdekiyan which was directed by Usman Peerzada, starring Samina Peerzada and Usman Peerzada. The film was directed by Javed Sheikh and the cast included Resham, Shaan and Saleem Sheikh. Raj Kapoor wanted her to write the dialogues for his dream project Henna, which was released in 1991. During the pre production stages Raj Kapoor passed away and the project was taken over by his son Randhir Kapoor. But when the film was about to release the Babri Mosque incident broke out and Moin wrote a letter to Randhir Kapoor in which she requested that her name should not be used to promote the film neither her name should be mentioned in the credits as it may hurt her fans in Pakistan, thus her name was not mentioned in the credits nor the film was promoted using her name but she was acknowledged at the end of the film.


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9 The war poems were Jarrell’s ? st sustained success in poetry, but it bears emphasizing that identifying these poems as a single body of work — as “Randall Jarrell’s war poetry” — is a convenience. Rather than resolve these problems, I want to argue that an attention to arrangement helps establish the parameters of Jarrell’s project — or rather projects, for the work has two distinct phases. Setting aside magazine appearances for the moment, the war poems were ? st published alongside Jarrell’s other poetry in three individual volumes: Little Friend, Little Friend (1945), Losses (1948), and The Seven-League Crutches (1951). The subsections were retained for the posthumous Complete Poems (1969), in which the work dropped from Selected Poems appears at the end, identi? d by original volume. There are thus two discernible tendencies in the work’s publication history: ? st, Jarrell’s ? ting of the war into a larger frame of reference; and second, his treatment of the war as a frame of reference in its own right. Translated into psychological and social terms, Jarrell takes possession of the war ? st by absorbing its unfolding event into contemporary consciousness and later by shaping it as experience for future generations. I In “Absent with O? ial Leave,” the soldier moaning in his sleep lies poised between the army’s darkened world of noise and the visual richness of a dream. The dream is his “life,” and the soldier’s body participates in it, but at a remove that is ? ally more painful to him than satisfying. Although he can block out the physical oppression of his surroundings, he escapes them only as a plume of smoke or pu.