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If people have HBO anyway, it isn’t exactly hurting them as they already have the money. I can see why some people watched it to avoid spoilers too. I’m not going to condemn anyone who watched it, but the people who spoiled others are pure scum. I don’t know if they’re out of their depth or just incompetent, but they should be doing a lot more to prevent leaks. One or two times is regrettable, but sort of acceptable, but I have lost count of the number of times it has happened now with GoT. And they have the cheek to whine about sites like this one giving out fairly minor spoilers. Cause even if The Children told Benjen he has to wait for Bran and Meera, that’s a long damn time to be waiting in the forest. The hand print isn’t going anywhere so it’s a constant reminder. I felt 3ER was pretty clear that being touched compromised the ward. That’s fair enough-and unfortunate, but certainly not representative of the “vast majority” of us less disciplined viewers. I never go to the unsullied threads as I know I’ve no business there, but was curious yesterday to see how you guys were doing in an almost empty house. Which you haven’t unless you are a time traveler. . I think that Jon foreshadowed what is going to happen: it is going to fall down (or part of it) under Edd’s watch when Ramsay’s men sack Castle Black looking for Sansa.

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What the TV version will substitute for that moment of identity crisis is anybody’s guess, but something like it is clearly needed, in my view. Plus Joffrey lacked the necessary deviousness and imagination. Perhaps Jaqen was in Kings Landing as Littlefinger’s backup plan to kill Ned in case Joffrey reneged. If so, Jaqen would have been aware of Ned’s amazing daughter. Seeing her many talents and outlook, he recruited her by offering her the FM coin TO HELP HER COMPLETE HER LIST. Perhaps, in addition, maybe the MFG had been cheated of many thousands of deaths by the Nights King’s zombiefication of so many dead people. Jaqen might have surmised that Arya, a Stark of the North and a key player in her family AND an avenger, might participate in some action that would reverse the zombiefication and just leave all those people dead dead. From the point of view of the FM, that would be a win-win winter. Sadly, the fun-loving little imp of a girl is irrevocably gone, but she warmed to the Hound and-surprisingly-Tywin. Even during her FM training Arya kept her identity in keeping Needle, imperiled herself to spare Lady Crane, later responded to Lady Crane’s motherly warmth, and dreamed of exploring west of Westeros. Every one of her kills has either been accidental (the KL stable boy), self-defense, or JUST revenge for family and friends. And using a short-bladed oyster knife would require lots of stabbing and slicing. Her more ritualistic murder of Walder Frey was not especially drawn out considering he had not only killed her mother and brother and the Stark army, but had broken guest rights, and had committed abominations on her family’s corpses. And it was poetic justice.

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- 18 minutes ago. You know the drill. Guess the number and win person with the closest gets half. DM me if you’d like to purchase one or pre-order one in my shop. Like Blair Witch, The Last Broadcast and bigger budgeted flicks like Cloverfield and Quarantine, Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity is another entry in the faux-doc, shaky cam school of horror cinema aesthetics. Like Trier’s film, Paranormal Activity proceeds from the ol’ Cartesian split suggesting that men are the cold, clinical emissaries of an ineffable rationalism and women are the impassioned ambassadors of an embodied physicality. This is a trope as typical to horror cinema as the “Final Girl” or variations on screechy audio cues lifted from Psycho ’s famous shower scene. But where little Regan must have her devils expelled by some impotent priests, and Roe must come to accept her Satan-spawned demonseed, Paranormal Activity is suggestive of a feminine dynamic that is not subject to the wills of incapable men or the expectations of motherhood. Katie believes that she is being tormented by a ghost or demon that has tailed her since she was eight years old. Micah, the sceptic and sober second-thought, buys a high-grade digital camera to record goings-on around their house in order to find proof. (The film itself, like Blair Witch and similarly styled films, is composed entirely of this “found” footage. . Micah’s cynicism and constant toying with his camera greatly annoys his girlfriend, who believes that his arrogance and goading will only further agitate this malevolent spirit. He works as a day trader, is clearly comfortably wealthy, and doesn’t trust psychic intervention.

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He lives in Southern California with his wife and a very demanding cat. A prolific screenwriter, producer and comic book creator, Andrew Cosby’s (Screenwriter) career was jump-started in 2001 with his first television series, “Haunted. This was soon followed by Syfy’s “Eureka,” which ended its five-year run with a record-breaking season in 2012. In 2005, Cosby created his first comic book, Damn Nation, which was immediately set up at Paramount Pictures with Cosby attached to write and produce. Since then, he’s been involved in numerous other feature film projects and even founded the award-winning BOOM. Studios, which has since gone on to become the sixth largest comic book publisher, producing Universal Pictures’ 2 Guns based on their graphic novel. Currently, Cosby is launching a number of new series and film projects, including an animated series for Netflix. He also sits on the board of the world’s first fan-owned entertainment company, Legion M, and serves as Head of Creative for a major motion picture production, distribution and acquisition fund. It felt almost like we were doing a biographical or historical movie. We had Mike, and I think it really, really paid off. . Working together with Mike we discussed how to give this film a contemporary feel and a contemporary setting that really grounds it in the now. So in addition to the forests and other primal settings from the comic books, our story takes place in contemporary urban London. .