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The series will premiere as scheduled in June 2019. A DJ, producer, promoter, cumbia collector extraordinaire, this dude cuts his own vinyl and dub plates in house. Assembling the team to review over 400 films made by Latinos and Latinas in the U. . 2019 Latinx here we come. Thank you everyone for your love and support, first and foremost. Please support her by watching her film and share it with everyone. This costume was a real collaboration between me and Kash, who had been in a punk band himself. He already owned the leather jacket with the hand painted decal he painted on his sleeve, and he and I collaborated on which bands and patches would match his character. His shirt was also owned by him but for the film, he cut out the print and sewed it onto another shirt, just as a punk ensemble would be made. And all chain necklaces in the film were handmade me to fit each character’s style. Thank you for your continued support and love of Mi Vida Loca. Tonight was legit, if you didn’t come out, you missed out. Join us to a night with 5 Award winning short films, produced and starring talented International actors who create opportunities for themselves and other filmmakers. This is our second year being nominated by the Barcelona Planet Film Festival, and is in addition to wins in the Best Short and Best Director categories for our 2nd film, Shallow. The first trailer debuts March 23rd and film releases August 2nd. One week in to our indiegogo campaign and we say THANK YOU to all who have contributed so far.

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The one thing I find truly conflicting about this series (and not in a bad way) is how I feel about Kara's love life. It's definitely one of the most unique ones I've seen in UF. I never trusted him anyway and while his treachery was a spectacular twist it didn't exactly shock me to my core, because I never liked the guy. Though my heart ached for Kara, as the amount of pain he caused her is just beyond the worst betrayal you could ever cause someone. (I did feel like however what she went through because of him made her a much stronger person, as I hinted above) Anyway, Rhyzkahl was never an option for me when it came to Kara, no matter how much good sex they had. There is a deep, tender, strong love between him and Kara, and it's fantastic to see Kara have a true partnership with someone. I'm not sure how I want it to go, and that's why I love this series. The unpredictability really works in this series, and it's all very exciting. Like nearly 500 pages, but it was still a pretty good read! think a lot of what slows me down at times are all the names. Names of demons, realms, spells, Arcane magic things. o many names. I know Diana directs us to use her dictionary on her website but sometimes stopping to try to look up the name and pronunciation can be time consuming and I was eager to see where this novel took us. ara has been in the demon world with Mzatal, training. Training to be better in body and mind and Arcane abilities. And the story pretty much leads us right into a battle with Rhyzkahl. And I don't know about you guys, but I am still reeling with his betrayal to Kara from last go around.

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After all the fuss was over, I got up at 6am and went out on deck with a huge cup of tea and a piece of my mum's neighbour's best fruitcake for breakfast expecting to see the lights on Rotterdam and we were still in the middle of the black North Sea. The customs people didn't object to the vintage stationary engine I had stashed in the boot, and the trousers I bought for the windy miller fit like a charm. This time, the windy miller is coming with me - hurrah. If it were cyanide or nicotine you be approximately 50% dead. How are things looking elsewhere in the Morniverse. His arrival from Spain, as documented on national TV, was dogged by bad weather, but he is already out and about with his blacked-out moorish assistants, strangely all called Zwarte Piet (Black Pete) and gathering information about how good the children have been. Children leave their shoes out overnight in the hope of having them filled with sweets (snoepjes) if they've been good, and a lump of coal is they haven't. Traditional sweets are particular to Dutch tastes - pepernoten which looks like earwax and tastes of aniseed, and strange crunchy things that look like dog meal and taste of aniseed. And of course, as I didn't really care whether they lived or died, most of the little blighters have survived. Small, pretty purple flowers, but their main schtick is that their leaves smell of lemon sherbert. I'd have a few for my purple patch - they sound nice. I knew all that money and time wasn't being expended for the simple reason of spreading holiday cheer and joy. And I'm very much a fan of the team colour options rab gave us. I'm only coming in tomorrow (a 70km round trip, btw) to collect my Christmas box. Nearly -5C this morning as I got into the car - and surprisingly as I reached the campus too. Grey and overcast though, so useless for taking photos. I did not sweat, but many others on the trams looked very hot and bothered.

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— TIME Interview Michael Ware Walks Through a Heart of Darkness of His Own The director talks about the parallel between his narrative and Joseph Conrad's. Read More Resources Get More Information These are just a few organizations that support press freedom and veteran empowerment. Find Out More Interview Michael Ware Walks Through a Heart of Darkness of His Own The director talks about the parallel between his narrative and Joseph Conrad's. Find Out More More Documentaries to Explore We Stand Alone Together: The Men of Easy Company Last Letters Home: Voices of Am. Troops From the Battlefields of Iraq Alive Day Memories: Home From Iraq War Dog: A Soldier's Best Friend Get HBO Anytime, Anywhere Discover how you can enjoy HBO’s original series, hit movies, documentaries and more. Conscripted Russian boys press ganged to fight in the Russian invasion of Chechnya 1994. That is the plot of the 1995 documentary filmed at the height of the Russian war on Chechnya. I first watched it at 15, at the time I was fascinated by the violence. I recorded it from the television and even edited my own version showing just the battle scenes that were soundscaped by gaudy Russian pop music. It was exciting to watch for me, the wars in the former Yugoslavia and Soviet Empire were modern and showcased differing eras of weaponry. It was a different version of warfare that I had yet to consume. Even in defeat inside Somalia their seemed a techno-supremacy at work on the American behalf. An established narrative which would only be ensured by Ridley Scott a handful of years later. Whereas in Chechnya the Russians seemed gritty and often more vulnerable. It was new information for my eyes and ears to gorge upon, a different pornography to arouse. Then weeks would pass before I began to think about the story, the tragedy. It was not another war film; Charlie Sheen was not narrating from inside the make-believe jungles of Vietnam.

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Blasko will also feature at the Festival in the Music Makers session with Holly Throsby (Sunday August 6). North Coast news daily: The Byron Shire Echo July 19, 18 Articles North Coast news daily: netdaily. et. u Britain s fate still a mystery. Dressing up helps Brexit: hard, soft, hard, soft, as if life were made of cheese. Britain s fate is being squashed through the fingers of squabbling politicians while they push the UK out to sea. No longer feeling united, and well, it s not been a kingdom really for the last 180 years. Victoria assumed the throne in 1837 and since then it s been sat on longer by queens than kings, with Victoria and Elizabeth totting up 129 years between them. Once renowned for restraint and steely statecraft, Britain is clearly only just holding it together. The divisions from the Brexit referendum haven t healed or softened. June brought the government an early election debacle, with the newest Tory prime minster Theresa May going all in on a re-election gamble one year after her predecessor Cameron lost his premiership betting an easy win in the Brexit referendum. May assumed a big win would clear up the mess but after a disastrous campaign and winning the popular vote but not by enough to govern outright, she s now running on empty. The Labour opposition, on the other hand, went off like a rocket. Their leader Jeremy Corbyn is enjoying enormous renewed enthusiasm for his folksy, frank appeal. We re now in the bizarre situation where the Tory side are sulkily keeping a low profile as they try to cobble together a workable coalition with dodgy outliers, Northern Ireland s far-right DUP party. The losing side, meanwhile, are parading about like giddy victors or heavyweight boxing underdogs taunting their foe with all the damage and trouble about to come their way. Corbyn pro-brexit Corbyn did little to help the anti-brexit Remain vote last year, although his party s supporters were mostly in favour of it.