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And as others have pointed out, not knowing the ending makes it silly to state that 13 episodes (23, really) isn’t enough. (For many it comes down to Dany. But it was never plausible, the way the story was shaking out, that there was a lot of story for Dany in Westeros. Deal! The biggest factor is that storylines are condensing. Think of how few storylines there were to start the series. Then they started spreading out, and other major characters began to sprout up. As they come back together, four storylines worth of people will coexist in one space. It’s seemed obvious to me that Jon’s death was a way to free him of the NW and get him away from the Wall so it can fall. That wipes out NW. Think about how there will no longer be a storyline at the Wall. She would be like, if I can’t create two-headed babies by incest, I’ll find another way. In fact this news indicates that they know much more clearly now exactly how it will play out.

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Data from the National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results database and the linked Medicare enrollment and claims database were used. Selected patients were aged 66 and older and had a diagnosis of Stage III colon cancer. Patients were followed from surgery to time of death or censorship. The outcome was colon cancer-specific death during the follow-up period. Receipt of adjuvant chemotherapy was measured according to the presence of a claim for 5-fluorouracil or leucovorin within 6 months after surgery. All elderly patients had a significant survival benefit associated with adjuvant chemotherapy receipt, although the survival benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy was not uniform across all age groups. These findings have important clinical and policy implications for the risk-benefit calculation induced by treatment in older patients with Stage III colon cancer. The results suggest that there is a benefit from chemotherapy, but the benefit is lower with older age. However, little is known about the timing and pattern of third-molar development in the Indian population. This study aimed to stage the third molar development in relation to chronological age of 5-16year old Indian children. In this cross-sectional observational study, the status of third molar development in relation to chronological age of 1139 Indian children aged 5-16 years was evaluated radiographically, using Orhan's modification of Demirjian's method. The frequency of occurrence of the third molars varied from 47% to 70%. Crypt formation, crown completion and root completion occurred as early as 5.


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A Hollywood make-up artist for over twenty-five years, he has worked on such films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Watchmen, The Boy, Ouija: Origin of Evil and more. So, the man knows something about fantasy films. All of which is why his latest outing as a director, The Terror of Hallow’s Eve, is a winner. Romero, Adam Green has revived Victor for the fans. With this film they have made a love letter to The Thing, Halloween, Funhouse and Alien. Read More. Ralph (Aubrey) and Piggy (Edwards) attempt to maintain order. But, the other boys are more drawn to the violent choirboy Jack (Chapin). But, Peter Brook’s Lord of the Flies, adapted from William Golding’s novel published almost 65-years ago, remains a cautionary fable. Having an agreed definition of these terms reduces the risk of suppliers and buyers misunderstanding or misinterpreting what each other wants or needs, when it comes to international procurement of goods. This Incoterm puts the full obligation for things like arranging and paying for shipping, and dealing with customs clearance, on the buyer. It means that the seller simply makes the goods available, at their warehouse for example, and the buyer is then responsible for arranging everything else. The seller is then obliged to provide the documents required for export processes, for example, although they can charge for doing so.


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I think Arya is really the only real plot line that doesn't have a clear answer to where it is headed. A big part of the problem is them killing the only interesting character from that realm. But Dorne holds a grudge, and they will be important in the future I'm sure. There's zero chance they don't align with Dany when she comes over. Dorne is now run by the sand snakes HISS WITH ME SISTERS, HISSS. And what do all three of these groups have in common. Littlefinger will side with the winners and brings the Vale, Riverrun and the Tully's will definitely side with Jon and all they have to do is over throw the Frey's to take back that kingdom. That leaves the Lannisters and the Tyrells, a precarious alignment at best. A few key assassinations and that would crumble, especially if it could be made to look like one side was responsible for it, by say a skilled girl who has no name but has learned the trade from the best. All of this comes together to unite the Seven Kingdoms against their impending doom. It has been a pretty minor part of the story up until now, maybe a bit disappointing, but I'm willing to see where the writers take it. Well they had a coup executed as a result of the inaction regarding that desire for revenge in Dorne. Man, I don't know if its the fact that I dont like the character or something else, but i just cannot imagine the Game of Thrones ending well for Dany.


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