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Also on this episode Suesie reveals a shocking new crush. Please rate, review and subscribe to the show on iTunes. Does this really need anymore introduction than that. Also on this episode Suesie talks about the pointlessness of ghosting. On this episode Suesie attempts to push Frank over. Also, on this episoe Suesie is horrified about something having to do with the Slenderman. This week we're covering too movies that just straight up hate women though Beautiful Creatures takes it a step farther and hates the South too. Suesie learns some disturbing truths about Jeremy Irons. Frank gets loud. Intro and outro is Lee by Tenacious D. It helps us and helps people find out about the show.

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My friend opposite is quite right that the money that is paid into the EI system is money that has been deducted from employees' cheques and is paid for by employers. Was it right? The Auditor General at the time said it was the right thing to do. We never know what the circumstances will be, but when people need to avail themselves of the employment insurance program, they should be able to do it. However, under the Liberal government, I do not think people were not able to avail themselves of it. The decisions the Conservatives are making are having devastating impacts with respect to certain components of the EI legislation. This is in large part because of the misinformation and rhetoric that we hear from the opposition on the proposed amendments, which are of truly epic proportions. I believe it is important to look at some of these proposed changes in greater detail in order to see what is actually being proposed. I would like to take a moment to explain why these reforms are important for Canadians and for our public service. I will begin with the proposed amendment to extend the current four-month notice period up to 12 months. I am certain most would agree that providing more time would increase the odds that a new agreement could be reached prior to the expiry of an existing collective agreement.

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ASoIaF is a big book series and lots of people work on it, but it is nothing compared to the giant, always running machine that is GoT. I’m not saying GRRM has no contracts to fulfill, but I doubt that something like “books X and Y have do be finished before the show” is part of that. The show does not need the books anymore, in fact, maybe it never needed them. The books will come out when they come out, and when they do I will read them, the show is a different beast. He starts off in the dumps, starts to pick up after meeting a certain collection of “My Death was Greatly Exaggerated” characters, then winds up back in the dumps after encountering Jorah, with no rebound until very late. The story really came from the rebound: but having two of them blurred GRRM’s point. If we are correct about the sole plot point that Victarion will provide, then I think that it is another “Numenorean Sword”: the show will skip right past it and although the fans will scream “Nobody could understand how it happened! the general viewer will not even question how it happened. Similarly, once Tyrion or whomever (including the dragons themselves) accomplishes what Quentyn did, nobody is going to think twice about it. Well, we don? know what their contract looks like, so it?