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Grrm is given his life to this song, HBO could easily gone a decade. I do give them credit though. est show on TV ever. I hated him ever since Sam told Jon why he had joined the Watch. Tarly threatened his own son with death simply because he didn’t fit his ideal of what a Tarly heir should be. I certainly don’t want the show to end, but I’ll take quality over quantity. Jaime is the equivalent of a dumb jock who got by his looks and physical prowes. Since part of that was taken away, he had to learn to actually use his brains and become aware of his surroundings. In the process he got a bit humble but he’s in no way as redeemed as people think he is, Jaime still lacks remorse. He never truly repented for what he did to Bran, he was sorry for the additional troubled it created for him and the Lannisters but not his victim. When you have Theon to compare him to, Jaime falls utterly short. I’m really worried about Sam and Gilly because his dad is horrible and this will not go well. We had even seen pics of Tormund at that time) yet based on the episodes we have seen, it seems the Wildling support has already been take for granted, with Tormund speaking for them. So either L7R were wrong about this or else this scene has been cut. Besides, I wonder, there were not many Wildlings at CB when they marched out. Are Jon and Co going to collect the Wildling army and take them along when they go to the Northern houses or will the Wildling army just appear directly on the battlefield.

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Egyebkent evadnyitonak remek resz volt, elerte hogy varjam a hetfot. Euron Greyjoyt nagyon varom mar, nagy remenyeket fuzok a karakterhez, remelem nem kell csalodnom. Es itt innentol (bar reszben eddig is) ket kulon utrol beszelunk, es mindketto erdekel. Jelen allas szerint fogalma sincs, hogy mit tegyen, es hacsak nem almodja meg, nem latom aktiv (es tudatos) kozremukodonek. Mert itt nagyon ugy volt felepitve a karaktere, hogy egy tevedhetetlen, nagyhatalmu “josno, varazslo”. A konyvben Aemon Targaryen mar ki is mondta, amit az olvasok tudtak, hogy ezt a Stannis dolgot bizony benezte. Tobb milliardan celtalanul acsorogjanak a westerosi hosszu ejjben? Oooke. Majd a konyveket elolvasom, es ha veget ert a sorozat elolvasom wikipedian, mit talaltak ki. Szerintem csak annyit akart ez a jelenet jelenteni, hogy rapihen arra, amire keszul. A konyvben a sirason kivul semmi masra nem alkalmas. Melisandren meglepodtem, bar utolag talan sejtheto lett volna a konyvekbol. Ha belegondoltok, biztos lesz vmi Jonnal, mert kulonben miert vedenenek Davosek olyan adazul egy holtestet. Mit gondoltok arrol,ha a Masok attornek a falat, lerohannak Westerost,mindenkit megolnenek es a tuleloknek Essosra kene menekulniuk Dany meghoditott birodalmaba. Nekem kifejezetten bejon, hogy megeloztek a konyveket, mar az 5. Tetszett a negativ karakterek emberibb megkozelitese.

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SWA elders want polling stations for IDPs in NWA PESHAWAR: Tribal elders from South Waziristan on Monday asked the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) to establish polling stations in North Waziristan for the displaced tribesmen to cast votes in the upcoming elections. Speaking at a news conference at the Peshawar Press Club, tribal elders including Qazi Saleem Khan, Bismillah Jan, Jawaz Khan and others from South Waziristan said the displaced tribesmen had the right to elect representatives for the parliament, but no steps had been taken so far to facilitate them to cast votes. They added that most of the militancy-affected tribesmen had taken shelter in Shawal, Datakhel, Miranshah, Dosali, and Razmak of North Waziristan Agency, so they should be facilitated to cast votes. They deplored that no arrangements had been made for the 60,000 displaced registered voters of South Waziristan to cast votes on the election day. he elders informed that the authorities had established polling stations for the displaced people at Tank and Dera Ismail Khan districts, which were inaccessible for them. They urged the ECP to establish polling stations for militancy affected tribal people belonging to NA-42 in the above-mentioned tehsils in North Waziristan. eanwhile, addressing at a separate press conference a independent candidate from NA-39 Orakzai Agency, Dr Abid Rauf Khan made similar demand from ECP. Ben has done a masterful job with this sweet, passionate and memorable film. I am looking forward to sharing this wonderfully acted and executed film to Canadian audiences across the country,” said Indiecan’s Avi Federgreen. As a boutique company, IndieCan gives us the reassurance that our film will be very well looked after and promoted to the widest possible audience. Other actors joining this first-rate cast include Jay Brazeau, Ali Liebert, Brian Markinson and Teach Grant. The sound track includes original songs by Kevin House, Colleen Rennison and The Boom Booms. His directorial debut, Moving Malcolm, received a Best First Feature honour at the 2003 Montreal World Film Festival and played at festivals all over the world, from Vancouver to Kolkata, India. AND HAVEN FILMS produced Down River, The film was made in part with the financial participation of Telefilm Canada and additional financing was provided by the Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit (CPTC) and Film Incentive BC (FIBC). Aside from the traditional distribution route, INDIECAN leans heavily on digital delivery. INDIECAN helps films find more opportunities with audiences through TV, Netflix, iTunes, websites, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

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The show is basically the first Full Metal Alchemist anime and the books are the manga. Arya's going to have a comeback next season now that she's in Westeros again and murdering Freys. But yeah, her popularity could definite accelerate now. Tbh I wasn't too impressed with her frey killing, but we'll see, crazy murderous people is one thing this show tends to do well. Unlikely since Old Walder Frey has around 90 children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Obviously, up until this very moment, I have avoided this thread like the plague hot takes. It will be the plot of red wedding and what lead up to it rehashed just in time for dragon Jesus to swoop in. When she returns, while it's true that nobody will mourn Frey, for an arya fan this moment is and should be pretty disconcerting. I felt a great deal like the arena doctor in the Simpsons when homer fought draederick Tatum. I mean, I'm with you and I think most people who have been waiting for Arya to actually do something. Her story hasn't really been about whether or not to be a killer, its been about how long she can tolerate these silly assassin guys in order to get training until she goes on a rampage. I guess there was the little bit with her and the actors. ut that's not really a path suitable for this story. Even if she did join them, they'd end up running into Danny or be horribly killed, or both to drag her back into the plot. Arya fans have really been wanting her to tone down the vengeance. Jon might fuck Val later but he's going to bang his cousin or aunt eventually.

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Then follows a potpourri of flagellation, prayer- book burning, cunnilingus, fellatio, and general hindquarters kissing - all done to a background of ribald recitations from the Holy Bible, and audible expectorations on the cross. If a baby can be slaughtered during the ritual, so much the better; for as everyone knows, this is the favorite sport of the Satanist. If this sounds repugnant, then the success of the reports of the black mass, in keeping the devout in church, is easy to understand. The propagandists of the church did their job well, informing the public at one time or another of the heresies and heinous acts of the Pagans, Cathars, Bogomils, Templars and others who, because of their dualistic philosophies and sometimes Satanic logic, had to be eradicated. The stories of unbaptized babies being stolen by Satanists for use in the mass were not only effective propaganda measures, but also provided a constant source of revenue for the Church, in the form of baptism fees. No Christian mother would, upon hearing of these diabolical kidnappings, refrain from getting her child properly baptized, post haste. Another facet of man's nature was apparent in the fact that the writer or artist with lewd thoughts could exercise his most obscene predilections in the portrayal of the activities of heretics. The censor who views all pornography so that he will know what to warn others of is the modern equivalent of the medieval chronicler of the obscene deeds of the Satanists (and, of course, their modern journalistic counterparts). It is believed that the most complete library of pornography in the world is owned by the Vatican. The kissing of the Devil's behind during the traditional black mass is easily recognized as the forerunner of the modern term used to describe one who will, through appealing to another's ego, gain materially from him. As all Satanic ceremonies were performed toward very real or material goals, the oscularum infame (or kiss of shame) was considered a symbolic requisite towards earthly, rather than spiritual, success. The usual assumption is that the Satanic ceremony or service is always called a black mass. A black mass is not the magical ceremony practiced by Satanists. The Satanist would only employ the use of a black mass as a form of psychodrama. Furthermore, a black mass does not necessarily imply that the performers of such are Satanists. A black mass is essentially a parody of the religious service of the Roman Catholic Church, but can be loosely applied to a satire on any religious ceremony.

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I guess the timelines are occurring at different lengths. Long enough for him to get from the Vale to the North apparently. I don't even care enough to argue it, whether you agree with me or not, but that is how I feel. I enjoy the fact that we are seeing progress, I just hate the fact that it had to come at the expense of quality writing. At least anyone who thought the show would ruin the books for them can rest easy, there is no way that Martin puts out. The show is a massive improvement in the storytelling and narrative arc of the series. He explicitly explains that for the purpose of the story and being being able to keep the narrative in line he jumps from story to story and from timeline to timeline. Sometimes they end up matching and characters meet up. And that is where our opinions differ so much we can never come to a reasonable agreement. I have thoroughly enjoyed every chapter Martin has put out. I have never found myself bored while reading his books. This is compared to every other major fantasy series out there such as WoT or Malazan. To me Martin has always been a step above the rest and I love the fact he weaves in these 'dead ends' where characters can disappear. I think he is trying to invoke our inner roleplay where we are left to come to our own conclusions on these things. When he started his books the internet was in its fledgling days, by the time people started congregating to discuss theories there was so many different ones out there it was just mind boggling. I remember having my mind blown a few times and THAT is the power of great writing.

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Because he hanged the traitors instead of chopping off their heads. Strength isn’t always in the fight or the battle or in stoic dedication. It takes strength to say what’s true instead of what’s easy. The typical fantasy trope might be that strength is the unyielding hero who wins by virtue of his honor and pursuit of right, but GoT is very anti-fantasy in this way. I have not disliked everything about this season, there has been plenty I’ve liked too. Just overall, I’m just as passionate about the show as you guys are, and it just isn’t doing it for me for whatever reason. Or at least it’s not up to the level it has been in previous season imo. In a season where people are complaining about lack of surprises, this is truly a surprise for me. After 5 years of debating how he would change, most seemed to think he would come back more determined and more feral after, presumably, spending time melded into Ghost’s mind. Not many thought he would come back more cautious and a lack of desire to continue fighting. We’ll see how things play out, but I can’t see him completely abandoning the war against the Others. Hopefully he tries to sell the Northern lords on the threat beyond the Wall in the coming weeks, and uses it as a reason to remove the Boltons from power. They were for real and not CGI’d as one poster may have thought. As was Tyrion’s plan for the slave masters of Astapor and Yunkai to abolish slavery, but think that idea will fail. I thought she would have more scenes in this season. I recommend they creep back to westeros.

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Highly recommended. Not sure how old the kids are or what you guys are into, but I recently watched Final Fantasy XV Kingsglaive. Wow. The animation was beyond what I thought animators could do. And a couple Game of Thrones characters were main voices. I was thrilled! I like this trilogy more them most when it comes to the super hero trends. I think it might be because of the cartoon when I was a kid. I loved it as well, liked this prequel trilogy more then the other one. I feel Fassbender and Macavoy have a lot to do with it. lus amazing special affects. I still haven't seen an CGI film that wowed me with such insane animation. I still haven't seen an CGI film that wowed me with such insane animation. hmmmmm. It's been awhile since I saw that. I thought it would be something I would simply fast forward through.

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And yes, he draws up the legislative maps so that Democrat lawmakers will always control the House and Madigan will always control them. But, hey, this isn’t a movie written to please pontificating pundits or in-the-know insiders. It’s written for the ordinary fella who wants to know why his property tax bill keeps going up or for the gal who wonders why election after election she never has a choice in legislative candidates. And to that extent, “Madigan. Power. Privilege. Politics” does an excellent job. The movie is well written and professionally produced and is showing in theaters across the state. Diana Rickert, a spokeswoman for Illinois Policy Action, tells me airtime has also been purchased for the 57-minute movie in a variety of Illinois television markets. The website Michaelmadigan. om tells when and where it can be seen. Whether you love or hate Madigan’s brand of politics, it’s a movie worth seeing. Scott Reeder, a veteran statehouse journalist, works as a freelance reporter in the Springfield area. It joins other putrefying corpses that fill the air with a pungent scent that clings to the clothing and hair of the living. The body is that of a young man, one of hundreds who drowned 77 nautical miles off the coast of Libya in the deadliest known migrant disaster. Eighteen months later, volunteers are trying to find out who he was.