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Earlier episodes do clearly show longships but later episodes especially Series 7 Episode 1, clearly show much larger, more advanced vessels. In some cases, especially during battle sequences, we will also see battle tactics and technology that is more synonymous with Galleys. For instance battering rams and Corvus boarding ramps. Yet other vessels seem to be reminiscent of ancient Arabic Dhow ships. Given the usual reference to Longships, we'll discuss those in a bit more detail below. Each was of a slightly varying design, mainly due to their iconic dragon head at the bow of the ship. Interestingly, to maintain the flexibility needed for the ship, some would have their hulls attached to the ship's main frame using horizontal beams instead of iron nails. Both the over planking and hull designs made these ships very robust whilst still being able to flex. This allowed them to be wide in the middle which narrowed towards the stern and bow. This improved their performance in shallow waters and provided better stability. They usually had a single large sail but crew members did have oars to provide additional manpower when becalmed. They could be tied together offshore to provide stable platforms for infantry combat. Series designers have obviously taken some artistic licensing here, but it's an interesting mixture of ship designs. Longships of our history never utilized any of these features which we would usually associate with ancient Galleys such as Triremes. Corvus' were used as a boarding device for ship-to-ship combat. His ship's design is also an interesting mix of Dhow and Cog bow and stern castle designs.

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Jaime asks Tyrion if he did it and Tyrion says he would never kill his brother's son, no matter how despicable he turned out to be. Tyrion asks Jaime to set him free, but Jaime says he can't because of treason and says the trial will get to the truth. Tyrion knows that the trial doesn't matter: Cersei won't rest until Tyrion is dead. Instead, a group of three judges are appointed to oversee the trial: Tywin Lannister as presiding judge, Lord Mace Tyrell of the Reach, and Prince Oberyn. Cersei has several witnesses testify against Tyrion, such as Meryn Trant, Grand Maester Pycelle, and Varys. He seems particularly hurt by Varys's betrayal, so much that he asks the spymaster whether he remembered what he had told him after the Battle of the Blackwater (that Tyrion had saved the city and that Varys knew it even if history wouldn't). Varys sadly tells Tyrion that he never forgets anything. Secretly, Jaime had made a deal with Tywin: in exchange for sparing Tyrion, Jaime will renounce his vows and return to Casterly Rock as Tywin's heir, while Tyrion will be sent to live out his days on The Wall with the Night's Watch. Tyrion points out that their father wanted this outcome all along. Tyrion's anger at the betrayal leads him to finally lash out. Jaime declines to be Tyrion's champion as he cannot fight well enough with his left hand. Bronn arrives in the clothes of a lord, with news that he is to marry Lollys Stokeworth, a noble's daughter, in a match arranged by Cersei. He will not fight the Mountain (whom Cersei has chosen for her champion), believing Clegane to be too dangerous for him to face, and bids farewell to Tyrion. They share a final handshake and part on good terms. During a childhood visit to Casterly Rock, Cersei showed Tyrion, with great ceremony, to Oberyn and Elia. Oberyn tells Tyrion that, to his disappointment, he saw no monster, just a baby.


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(From ”Core 77” ). More from Inside the Alinea Food Lab. Many other unusual dining experiences at the Fat Duck restaurant. Also, A meal in a can - This claimed to be Omlette, chips and beans. Much more at British Food at its finest and most fragrant. Julian Appelius, a ceramic breadknife and cucumber grater for the preparation of England’s traditional tea sandwich. If you know of a blog that should be considered as “Blog Of The Day”, please email me at realhanan (at) yahoo (dot) com, or post a comment at the bottom of this post. Before I sent him back the keys, I paid a visit to the nearest pet store. Try sleeping at night to about 80 crickets making that sound, not knowing where they are”. Skydiving at two hundred kilometers an hour, the skin, especially middle aged skin, becomes a curious wind formed ouija board. (From Jaf Project ). We will rule the world with this thing. Hunter S. Thompson’s last ESPN piece. Let’s see if I can get some suggestions of charities I could use it for. Because they're hilariously awful: A blog documenting the bad websites that gas stations have.


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Didnt you ever wonder why all you see when you turn to Much is the same videos over anc over again. Videos, of course, arent all that makes up content on Much. Get my point? d like to think of MuchMusic as being on the way out but m afraid only the opposite is true. With the success of equally inept and imitative Canadian programming like Degrassi, Street Legal and Night Heat, it would seem as though CanCon and Much win out in the end. For the record though, ts pretty pathetic when a country has to legislate the airplay of its recording artists and play protectionism with its arts. What about an ad for a polygamous, colourless alien. Rhinos roam by Kathleen Wall The Turret started their Wednesday night concert series last week but it was a complete flop. The bands were very talented but their talents were wasted on an almost non existent crowd. Well since you missed a great show guess ll just have to tell you what you missed. The Rhinos are a hard band to describe although one word that comes to mind is twisted. Their music can be described as ska but youll just have to decide for yourselves next time they come to town. Their music is incredible, its a lot of fun and makes you want to get up and dance. The band is great live because they have so much energy and are really funny. You have to give the guys credit for being able to get up there and play their hearts out to an empty crowd. The opening band Brass Bikini deserves a mention too because they were fantastic as well.


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I’ve used the words “honesty”, “honest”, “true”, and “truth” interchangeably. Unfortunately, our colloquialisms tend to do to the language the opposite of precision. I claim that I am currently living in the USA and I am approximately 64 inches tall. Are we morally obligated to be honest and to whom do we owe our moral obligation. An occasional flirtation with dishonesty may do you or everyone else some good. Telling your wife that her dress doesn’t make her ass look fat might not win you points with Kant, but it might keep your marriage happy. But then, if the answer is “it depends” that gets us right back to where we started; no closer to figuring out if it is our moral obligation to always tell the truth to everybody at all times. So if one is about to tell a lie, one should ask, “would it be morally correct if everyone told lies? . Kant says that our answer should be no, we don’t want everyone to lie. If we hold that honesty is the morally right thing to do and everyone lies, lying undermines the point of not lying. Television, America’s greatest purveyor of pop culture, is a kind of sugary, addictive brain candy that also makes your body fat. Not just physically better off, but emotionally and intellectually better, too. You’ll find you won’t have much to talk about at all. The plot of the show centers around the day-to-day misadventures and family mayhem of Robertson and his family, who became extremely rich off of the duck call business. A distraction.


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One by one the other northern lords follow suit, and before too long we have a recreation of the scene in where Robb was hailed as King in the North in season 2. The matter seems settled, and even Sansa looks quite pleased with the strong show of support for her brother — that is, until she looks across the hall to Littlefinger. Earlier in the episode he revealed to Sansa his plan: to sit the Iron Throne with her by his side. To do so, he needs Winterfell and for that he needs Sansa to be Wardeness of the North, not Jon. Littlefinger reminds Sansa of her stronger claim, too, a point which must have stuck with her judging by the clear conflict on her face. All of this seems to suggest that season 7 may find Jon and Sansa competing to rule the North, which sounds like the exact kind of infighting they can’t really afford. However, this is an instance where the book can perhaps shed some light on what’s to come. In the novels, Sansa remains in The Eryie where Littlefinger intends to give her The Vale through marriage to Robyn’s heir, then reveal her as the only remaining trueborn child of Ned Stark, making her a claimant for Winterfell as well. But, if the time all this comes to pass Jon already holds Winterfell, well, we can see where a conflict would arise. The show may have just gotten to this point more quickly while in the meantime developing Jon and Sansa’s relationship more thoroughly. Either way, expect things to get messy in for the Starks in Winterfell — especially if and when Bran arrives with the truth of Jon’s parentage. It may have been the briefest narrative of the finale and on its own may not appear all that significant, but Sam and Gilly’s arrival in Oldtown (where their carriage left them off really far away, for some reason) suggests there may just a bit more from the published books left to include. On Game of Thrones, all we had was an awkward scene between Sam and another maester, followed by him entering the enormous Citadel library; all serving as merely set up, only included so we know where we’ll find Sam next season. But in the novels, Sam’s arrival in Oldtown holds a bit more intrigue. Upon arrival, Sam is taken to meet with Archmaester Marwyn, who unlike most at the Citadel, believes in magic and even has a glass and obsidian candle burning in his office (a mysterious candle with strange properties clearly linked with magic and dragons). And after Marwyn listens to Sam’s account of the all events which have transpired north of The Wall, he immediately sets sail to find Daenerys with the intention of becoming her maester.