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And one person will win free poke for a year. In case you’ ve been living underground for awhile, the trendy poke (poh-keh) is flavored cubed fish served Hawaiian style, often raw. Location: 14370 Culver Drive, Irvine in the Heritage Plaza. Register now and enter your car for free in the upcoming lowrider car show at the Petersen Auto Museum in L. . The show, at 8 a. . on Sun. Aug. 27, will celebrate the museum’s new show, “The High Art of Riding Low: Ranflas, Corazon e Inspiracion. Some 300 cars are expected, so sign up now. The car show, on the third floor of the parking garage, is free to enter and view. Here are some of the best cosplay and celebrity sightings we saw. North Korea's military followed up on Trump's threat Wednesday, saying it would have plans in place by mid-August to strike the waters near the U. S. territory of Guam. Since then, Trump and North Korea's government have exchanged tough talk, stoking global concerns of a military conflict between Washington and Pyongyang.

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302). A befitting tribute to the Quaid from a great actor. He formerly served as the Pakistani High Commissioner to the UK and Ireland. By the time Lieutenant-Colonel Ilahi Bakhsh, the principal of Lahore’s King Edward Medical College, was summoned to Jinnah’s bedside in Ziarat in late July 1948, it was already too late. Jinnah initially responded well to medication and an improved diet, but the will to live eventually seeped out of him. The shift was predicated by Ziarat’s elevation, and the doctors felt Karachi would be even more conducive from the medical point of view, but Jinnah was extremely reluctant to return to the governor-general’s official residence as an invalid. Minutes before he breathed his last, he responded to Dr Ilahi Bakhsh’s reassurance that “God willing, you are going to live” with a faint but seemingly unequivocal “No, I am not”. I could not, moreover, account for his dejection at a time when he had been making excellent progress in all respects, and ventured to seek enlightenment from him. Was his job incomplete five weeks ago, and had he done something in the meanwhile which had given him a sense of fulfilment. I could not help feeling that something had happened which undermined his will to live. . Essentially, these included, inter alia, information. He was, after all, in the context of the struggle for Indian independence, a highly unlikely recruit to the communal cause. And the profoundly secular vision he articulated for his dream-nation on the eve of independence was arguably at odds with the confessional basis on which it was founded. Was he trying, at that late stage, to bottle a genie he had expropriated for a political cause. Close to 70 years later, however, the logic of good-neighbourly relations remains a somewhat fraught concept. All too frequently, prospects of improved ties are thwarted by precipitate action.

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He's a bastard. Out of the real Stark, I'll say Arya. The only problem is that she had to dispose of her identity to become an assassin. HBO are supporting the show; ratings are huge and consistent. Everybody producing the show has the end-game in mind and are working towards it. He gave them a rough outline of the rest of the books, key events, etc. Similar story lines up until the end but have an alternate ending sort of deal. This weighed down heavily on last season to the point that not really much happened apart from the last two or so episodes. That scene where she walked naked in the street of King's Landing. shivers. Now it's just Tommen is king and no one wants to contest it. The storylines have all spread out to other things that aren't the iron throne, to a lot of pointless crap to be honest. Maybe Cersi will be furious that they killed Marcyella and will wage war against Dorne. The Queen declined an invitation to sit upon the actual Iron Throne prop, although she was photographed inspecting it and other props from the series. Maybe in a private moment she would have tried it out for size. Ned issues a decree that could have long-term consequences throughout the Seven Kingdoms. Joffrey apologizes to Sansa; Viserys receives from Drogo his final payment for Daenerys.

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I wasn’t searching for it or anything, the video was just recommended to me on my YouTube home page. I usually just take my laptop to work and re-organise my lunch hour:o). Here in Norway it’s released about 3 AM, so I just watch it in the morning before my activities of the day. Yeah, I subscribe to HBO Nordic, but they’ve removed the episode of course. Who else has died up North that hasn’t been burned. Edd and Jon met her, along with Tormund, so I assume they would know her. When I go to bed the new episode has not been aired in the USA. Than, on the next day, I am busy at work and when I return home I watch it with my husband in HD (Sky On Demand). But today is horrible because everyone, even in Germany, seems to have already watched it and I am fearful to open any GOT-related sites, boards, Youtube and so on, because I do not want to read any more spoilers. Nevertheless I never watched leaked episodes but knowing some spoilers was ok. Anyone got a seven pointed star I could use to get me through this. She was great and I would not mind to see here again, even as a zombie. This is the second time it happens aside of the unaccountable hacked leaks they have. The only one we know of right now is Karsi from Hardhome. I suppose it’s possible Jon or Tormund could have to face her in the future. We know the other 2 were beheaded but waymer should be intact:oD. Until I see otherwise, I am convinced that he’s holed up in a tree somewhere like Bran, just hanging out.

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e is gettinf older so his face could be maturing wesley rivera 3 aylar once Stop asking for likes at the start of the video Dude. Aaron Snow 3 aylar once Lol Golbon Mol 3 aylar once The actor of the Night King said the battle of Winterfell happens in episode 3 and takes the entire episode. But 'saving Sansa' was L U 3 aylar once Was this kiss foreshadowed in the show Ser Hunts Reviews 3 aylar once I agree but they always surprise us. Troy Nichols 3 aylar once alot if that is shit but I still love watching like I said something is better than nothing. DARK WARRIOR 3 aylar once You've been hella reaching in a lot of ur videos lately. It's a reach, stop Vickie Hardy 3 aylar once Maybe they'll get married on boat The Machine 3 aylar once Noway does the Knight King attack at the onset of Episode one. Dennis Sorensen 3 aylar once Shitty Elf Wig. ol! Thanks Mark. Mila Jelenic 3 aylar once Ser Hunts Reviews actually,I don’t think Sansa wears wig at all in the show. t was said multiple times that she dyed her beautiful blond hair for the show. Ser Hunts Reviews 3 aylar once Trueeeee SPARTACUS Bringer Of Rain 3 aylar once Awesome Sauce. Queen Drogo 3 aylar once Hope to get something 21st Dec. Julie W 3 aylar once Good video, thanks for creating and posting. Duh! Ben Drescher 3 aylar once jerry allover What were you expecting. Ser Hunts Reviews 3 aylar once Lmao Donnie Locklear 3 aylar once Why do you waste time on all of these fake leaks.

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p (and he was quite funny) One last point, I want Euron's jacket, You would totally rock that jacket. slick: Edit. I know I don't really keep up with pop culture as much as I did 10 years ago, but I honestly have never heard of this guy before this episode. Yet everyone else seems to think this is the biggest blight to ever strike Game of Thrones. He's probably the biggest male pop star in the world right now. Took over almost the entire top 10 with his singles when his album was released, and his songs are playing all the ruddy time. I quite like Euron! Has that charming yet cunty side to him where he'd dick anyone over given half a chance. Ala Ramsey. Roll on next wk. Hey, maybe it'll be a new thing from now on. Singers having roles in films and television shows. Harry Styles is in Dunkirk for example. confused. Funny vid that. rofl: Hey, maybe it'll be a new thing from now on. Harry Styles is in Dunkirk for example.

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We do know of a colleague who was brave enough to tell us that he once tried Erickson's symptom-prescription approach with an overweight patient. This patient did not turn up for her next appointment. When contacted again, she reported that she had felt very depressed by the therapist's instructions. Clearly, Erickson's methods are not 'standard techniques'. One must allow for the uniqueness of each client and make a strategic intervention such as this only after a careful study of the client and the nature of his or her problem. REFRAMING Not dissimilar to the idea of utilisation is 'refraining' (literally to put a different frame around something). Again what is initially framed as a problem may be re-interpreted or acknowledged to be an asset or a solution to a problem. For example, overeating and smoking are acknowledged problems but both may be construed in positive ways from the client's point of view. Both may be a way that the person copes with stress and they may also be ways in which the person self-rewards. They are not the solutions that the client consciously wishes, so they may be said to be 'unconscious solutions'. Indeed, some Ericksonian therapists consider that it is important to 'show respect' to the unconscious mind for 'looking after' the client by, for 17: ERICKSONIAN APPROACHES TO PSYCHOTHERAPY 197 example, overeating, smoking, being afraid, being angry, or whatever. This may be acknowledged by asking the client to internally say, 'Thank you' to the unconscious mind (or the 'part that is in charge of the problem'). Having thus reframed 'the problem' as one choice that the unconscious mind has made in order to help the client, the next step is to increase the range of choices available. So clients do not have to smoke in order to achieve whatever smoking does for them; other more adaptive or less destructive solutions may be available. In other words, therapy does not take choices away from clients; it helps them to discover more choices for themselves. These seem to bear little resemblance to what Erickson actually did. TRANCE We have discussed the Ericksonian concept of trance in Chapter 10, a crucial property being the possibility for clients to suspend their 'habitual frame of reference' and thus discover other choices.