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. . --ABC renewed the series for Season 6. THE LAUNDROMAT---Meryl Streep will star in the Steven Soderbergh movie about the leaked Panamanian Papers revealing the international elite's schemes to avoid paying taxes. BETWEEN WORLDS---Nicolas Cage stars in this supernatural thriller movie about a man, who lost his wife and daughter, helps a woman who seeks to find her comatose daughter's soul only to have her possessed by Cage's dead wife. GUILLERMO DEL TORO PRESENTS 10 AFTER MIDNIGHT---new Netflix horror anthology series from Guillermo del Toro. A 20th Century Fox source said it might involve a female main character and another source said it might involve a female attorney trying to get her client off death row. UPTOWN SATURDAY NIGHT---Kevin Hart is in negotiations to star in this remake of the 1974 movie that starred Sydney Poitier and Bill Cosby. TRIVIA---in THE NAKED GUN (Leslie Nielsen, Priscilla Presley), Susan Beaubin played O. . Simpson's wife, Mrs. Nordberg. In AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE V. O. . SIMPSON, Beaubin played jury foreman Amanda Cooley. Beaubin as the jury foreman in AMERICAN CRIME STORY: THE PEOPLE V. O. .

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The Targaryen dragon is on top setting a town on fire. In the middle, the Stark wolf, Lannister lion and Baratheon stag attack the dragon together. On the bottom, the stag is standing victorious with more animals bowing down. The release of the new wine is closer to the finale of the series than to this past narrative. It seems the label could be referring to history repeating itself with a Baratheon heir winning the Iron Throne again. Could it be foreshadowing to Gendry being the one to save everyone. A fan, according to The Wrap, suggested that Tyrion might actually be a Targaryen. Since the beginning, Daenerys was confirmed as one of them. In season 6, it became canon that Jon Snow was another Targaryen as son of Rhaegar. The theory states that Aerys II impregnated Joanna, Tyrion’s mother, after her and Tywin’s wedding bedding ceremony. He shined amongst them, always trying to do the right thing. Instead of fighting and war, he took pride in knowledge and compromise. He not only let Tyrion live, but he raised him as his own son. However, knowing he is a bastard and will constantly be reminded of that, the dad could simply choose to get rid of him, but doesn’t. Tywin could be a more complex of a character than the audience thought. The Warp article points out that if this theory were correct, this quote would have a literal meaning. In the sixth season, second episode, Tyrion is able to get close to the dragons, have them obey him and become friendly with them. Daenerys has already clicked with Drogon as a dragon rider. It is expected that Jon will ride Rhaegal, named after his father.

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Nope, Goody Two Shoes literally sews it back on and it’s all good. There are three trailers (theatrical, preview, and festival) and a discussion with Carlos Gallardo, who plays God as a taxi driver. There are two deleted scenes, running about six minutes, which don’t add much at all. This is not a film that’s going to be enjoyed by everyone, but a marker for things to come. Eits, bukan film yang dibintanginya lho, tepatnya film yang disutradarai oleh aktor kawakan ini. It’s true, setelah 10 tahun absen berkarya, Mel Gibson kembali dengan film arahan terbarunya yang berjudul Hacksaw Ridge. Film bergenre war-drama ini menandai kebangkitan Gibson yang dulu pernah dikenal sebagai salah satu aktor, sutradara, sekaligus produser termahal di Hollywood. Filmnya pun mengambil ide cerita yang tak biasa, yaitu seputar perjalanan hidup seorang tentara yang menolak untuk mengangkat senjata. Nah loh, apa jadinya coba jika seorang tentara nggak mau pegang senjata. Film Hacksaw Ridge diadaptasi dari kisah nyata seorang tentara Amerika bernama Desmond Doss di masa Perang Dunia II. Berbeda dengan tentara militer pada umumnya, sejak basic militer di kamp-nya, Desmond (Andrew Garfield) dengan tegas menolak mengangkat senjata. Tak hanya itu, Desmond juga menolak untuk bekerja di hari Sabtu karena menurut keyakinannya, hari Sabtu adalah hari yang sakral untuk beribadah. Keyakinan itulah yang membuat Desmond dikucilkan dan dibully rekan-rekan satu kamp-nya. Ia juga dianggap sebagai pembangkang hingga terancam hukuman penjara. Ia pun dapat bernapas lega karena pihak militer mengabulkan permintaannya untuk bertugas di divisi paramedis. Bidang ini adalah bidang yang sejak awal diincar Desmond saat pertama kali mendaftar menjadi tentara. Banyak orang menilai ia tidak akan banyak berguna di medan perang. Namun siapa sangka, tugas Desmond sebagai tentara paramedis ternyata mengukir sejarah baru dalam perjalanan military di Amerika Serikat. Pria asal Virginia itu menjadi satu-satunya paramedis yang berhasil mendapatkan penghargaan tertinggi “Medal of Honour” dari pemerintah Amerika Serikat.

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r his machine gun. This long-unavailable gangster classic explodes on the screen with spectacular scenes of shocking violence, an unforgettable score by Ennio Morricone (THE UNTOUCHABLES), and an all-star cast featuring Academy Award(r) nominees John Cassavetes (THE DIRTY DOZEN), Peter Falk (COLUMBO), and Gena Rowlands (THE NOTEBOOK). Co-starring beautiful Bond girl Britt Ekland (THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN) and cult fave Florinda Bolkan (DON'T TORTURE A DUCKLING), Blue Underground is proud to present MACHINE GUN McCAIN in a gorgeous new High Definition transfer for the first time ever on home video. EXTRAS: Interview with Director Giuliano Montaldo English Trailer Italian Trailer. The world of Mad Men is moving in a new direction -- can Sterling Cooper keep up. Meanwhile, the private life of Don Draper becomes complicated in a new way. The first season established the world and introduced the characters, the second season expanded and elaborated on each and the third season finally presents a complete vision. The third season doesn't have quite the same punch of the first season, nor does it have the exploration of the second. What it does have is a nice combination of many elements. After all the anticipation and two seasons of building up this season things began to happen, it was also a season with more comedic elements tossed into the mix after the seriousness of season two. If you watch this show you'll want to buy this set to catch nuances you've missed in the first viewing and if you haven't seen this show catch it on AMC or buy the first season because now is the time to immerse yourself in the well crafted world of Mad Men. The episodes will be presented in 1080p resolution widescreen video and likely English 5. DTS-HD Master Audio. English and Spanish subtitles will also be included. Closed Captioning doesn't seem to be included on the Blu-Ray but is found on the DVD, I presume the producers of these sets thought vision impaired purchasers wouldn't care about the picture quality of the episodes. The set will also include the following special features: Mad Men Commmentaries: As with previous seasons cast and crew will provide audio commentaries on the episodes, in the past commentaries have been included on each season episode with some episodes having more than one commentary option. The Activist. The Hero - A documentary that explores the life of the Civil Rights Pioneer who believed in a better way of life for all through equality and the end of segregation. Up In Smoke: A visual depiction of the juxtaposition between the world of advertising and big tabaco in the 40's, 50's, 60's and today.

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Thanks to the audience who were very respectful during the connections and to the orgainisers for putting the whole thing together and of course to a Big Thank you to Spirit who allow us do what we do, we really love our charity work, it is so spiritually rewarding to us. The buisinesses who donated wonderrful prizes for the raffle and to everyone who helped and turned up to support this most worth cause. They invited angels love to participate in the evening. We were happy to do the show totally free of charge. Orla and Chrisde made 3 connections each and then doubled up for the last connection which was made using a photograph given by an audience memeber of their loved one. Hi, my name is Graham Parkinson From Dublin Ireland, I am 20 years old and I have been battling cancer for the last six and a half years. I have a rare tumour in my lower back, it is called a malignant peripheral nerve sheath. I wasn't able to go the toilet as I felt a lot of pain. I was taken to Temple Street Hospital where they found the pain was coming from a tumour in my lower back. I was transferred to Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin to start chemotherapy treatment. I was just fourteen, still a child and terrified of the unknown. The nurse inserted a Hickman line so they could administer chemotherapy or other medications. I have been to the UK twice for surgery to an Orthopaedic Hospital. The rollercoaster of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery has left its mark both physically and emotionally on me and my family. I know most people adore their mother’s but I have been blessed with the best. She has been by my side through it all even if that meant sleeping on chairs in hospitals beside me for all for years. I thank God for her as I don’t think I could have got this far without her. She was just 10 months old when she fell ill with vomiting symptoms. She was admitted to Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin and after various tests, on the 6th of November 2011, we were given the devastating news that Kasey had a rare brain tumour.

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Dany would never, and I mean NEVER willfully abandon her living child into the hands of Tyrion and Sansa (who is a stranger to her) for no good reason. The only thing Essos has to offer Dany is the House with the Red Door in Braavos. But the reason that house was a home for her had nothing to do with its physical structure or geographic location. When she was there, Viserys was not yet as cruel to her as he is when the series starts. Also at that time, they were living with Ser Willem Darry. He wasn’t a kind man in general but he had a soft spot for her and called her “Little Princess. In short, Dany was happy there. But it had nothing to do with Essos or Braavos or the red door or the lemon tree outside her window. She felt a sense of belonging and she had some semblance of a family. But Dany has never been selfish enough to abandon her child out of grief. If she had a child to live for, she would endure Jon’s passing, raise that child in a way he would be proud of, and fill their life with love and stories of their father. She would NOT hand off the child to Tyrion and Sansa and go back to across the sea where she was exiled long ago. Only the ramblings of a grumpy internet troll seeking fame. Everyone needs to check freefolk regularly if they are interested in leaks. If something is considered legitimate, it will be vetted by the people there and pinned to the front page for discussion and analysis. Until that happens, you should not trust anything you come across. Especially if it features some horrible fate for Dany, which is what many of these people writing fake “leaks” transparently want to happen. And do you think SR will end up dying because of this. You’re getting at a lot here, and my response is going to be long because you’re asking a question that I’ve been meaning to write about for about two years now but keep falling on the floor moaning and not writing because my thoughts on the matter are longer and stickier than I want them to be.

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Aku bahkan belum kepikiran untuk kebelet sampai adegan post-credit kedua ditayangkan, dan itu prestasi banget buatku mengingat betapa dingin AC bioskop dan durasi film ini. Narasinya kayak berlari, dari kecelakaan, ke inciting incident, ke Strange’s belief crumbles, ke dia belajar the new power, ke ketemu musuh, and so on, they just keep going. Semua tokoh yang dapet jatah dialog bakal menyumbangkan seenggaknya satu momen yang membuat kita tertawa. They do funny things yang bisa kita relasikan dengan kelakuan kita sehari-hari. Walau tentang magis, namun dunia film ini right-at-the moment banget. Film ini udah mengeset tone nya sejak sepuluh menit pertama dari adegan operasi pasien yang dilakukan Strange dengan santai, sambil nyanyi, dan sempet-sempetnya ngeledekin sejawat yang kurang kompeten. Kadang tone ringannya ini bekerja baik, dalam artian it helps the storytelling. Bantering antar mereka seringkali punya makna dalem di balik punchline mereka. Kadang terasa agak mengganggu nature drama yang dimiliki oleh ceritanya. Karena begitu nyentuh ke dalem dikit, film jadi kayak kehilangan momentum. Personally aku suka banget sama Rachel McAdams di sini. Meski penampilannya paling sedikit, perannya pun enggak signifikan amat. Dia terlihat lepas sekali, reaksinya genuinely bikin ngikik. Lihat deh, cara dia ngelirik jubahnya Strange waktu mereka di rumah sakit haha. Mordo yang dimainkan oleh Chiwetel Ejiofor, misalnya, his arc sesungguhnya menarik, kita liat gimana dia grows up dengan memegang teguh pandangannya sendiri yang berbeda, dan kita enggak benar-benar melihat his sight goes full-circle di film ini. Dan Kaecilius pun sebenarnya punya sudut pandang yang cukup compelling yang membuat statusnya bisa kita anggap sebagai penjahat utama. Mungkin ini bagian dari gimana film ingin memberikan warna baru kepada genre superhero, di mana setiap film enggak harus diakhiri dengan musuh gede yang meledak, akan tetapi justru semakin memperkuat kesan film ini bisa menjadi lebih baik lagi jika bukan film superhero. Untuk sekali ini, anehnya, genre superhero terlihat menjadi beban dari storytelling. Formula konvensional membuat elemen-elemen cerita menjadi kisruh sehingga bagian tengahnya malah menjemukan.

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