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Why are we not asking the question “Will Jon betray Sansa? or maybe even more important “Will Jon betray Sansa or Daenarys or both? If Sansa’s arc is about how a young woman in a patriarchal society can go from political pawn to political player. Jon’s is all about how one who gets given that power by default because he is a man despite his birth status attempts to make the hard decisions. His is the dynamic between the inner moral compass and the one wielded by public opinion. You are either pawn or player and to get to be a player it’s assumed you must have used unsavory means or had dragons. Daenerys’ arc mirrors Sansa in this way, she too goes from political pawn to player. Much of it rests on both losing her brother and her husband and having dragons. That’s maybe why we rush to ask the question “Will Sansa betray Jon? . A woman gaining power must mean she betrayed a man somehow or had dragons. It’s possible Sansa in her plan to take out Littlefinger at first looks like a betrayal of Jon when in actuality it’s Littlefinger she is betraying. Part of her cover might mean Jon believing she is siding with Littlefinger. In his frustration maybe he sides with Daenerys, pledges fealty to her. tc.

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The cost of transportation on top of that puts this festival out of reach for a lot of people outside the region. A lot of us work it out by volunteering, carpooling, sharing food, etc. And yeah, I'm grateful I don't have to add a plane ticket to the cost. There are interesting and sometimes annoying class dynamics between presenters and festival goers and volunteers. But they are nevertheless performers and so this time for them is work, not play. There are often complaints that some performers won't mingle, but honestly, what makes us think we are entitled to access. Anyone who works with contracts and performers will tell you that some people are easier to work with than others. Just saying. Wild Goose has decided to stay at Hot Springs, NC for the 2017 festival, despite North Carolina's bullshit bathroom laws, which severely endanger trans and nonbinary folk. Wild Goose has struggled with lgbtq concerns since its inception. Here's a post from 2011 that addresses the early concerns. I can tell you in the years since then that the critique has been ever present and seriously considered by all involved in the festival. Part of why this festival does not do better financially is that their firm stance of support and affirmation for lgbtq people offends the wealthy evangelical crowd. And yeah, I roll my eyes every time Jim Wallace or Tony Campolo speaks. The south is not an easy place to be queer or trans or non-binary.

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The stories of the women who paved the way for her, however, make her achievement seem all the more remarkable. For the Britain they thought would embrace them was far from welcoming. They experienced shocking racism and some were attacked in the streets. She only escaped by poking a finger in one of her attackers’ eyes. One heartbreaking aspect of the show is the focus on the nurses who sacrificed their families for their work. One talks of the demands of the job, which led her to send her daughter back to the Caribbean to live with her own parents. She now regrets it, realising too late that her daughter saw her as a stranger. I knew all about the Tudor kings and read Shakespeare. In Trinidad we bathed at least once a day, sometimes twice. I said, “But how do you bathe? He said, “We don’t. Once a week they went to the public baths. I was shocked. The programme charts how the nurses ultimately triumphed, but it also points out that the struggle is not over. Black nurses are still under-represented at the highest management levels.

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Even after restoration, Gruesome Twosome looks as if it had been left spinning on a loop, for days, before the drive-in’s projectionist returned from his days off. Before the movie begins in earnest, two Styrofoam heads, adorned with wigs, are shown discussing what’s about to unfold on screen. Lewis added this completely unnecessary preface to bring the running time to the minimum 70-minute length. While taking the tour, the unsuspecting visitor is pushed into the basement, where the owner’s demented son scalps her. The pelt then will be processed into another wig in Mrs. Pringle’s inventory. It continues until a wily amateur sleuth (Gretchen Welles) risks her own blond tresses to discover the horrible truth. The package includes the bonus feature, A Taste of Blood (1967), which is essentially a cheesy updating of the Dracula legend. Director Rebekah Fortune ( Deadly Intent ) and writer Peter Machen, in his feature debut, ask them to consider how they might react to the same predicament faced by the perfectly normal family in the movie. It’s nothing terribly out of the ordinary, in the prevailing scheme of things, anyway, but some parents might treat their child’s coming-out as Chicken Little did when an acorn fell and hit him on the head. Not long after teenage soccer star Charlie Lyndsay (Harry Gilby) receives a note from a pro team expressing its interest in his future, he decides that it’s become too difficult for him to disguise his long-held belief that he’s a girl trapped in the body of a boy. It isn’t until his parents came home unexpectedly one night and catch him dressed up in his older sister’s clothes, that his secret is revealed to them. After doctors and teachers affirm Charlie’s dilemma, his father decides that he’s undergoing a manifestation of puberty and can be bullied into getting back to normal. His mother and sister have far less trouble accepting his decision. Knowing Charlie’s devotion to soccer, his atypically compassionate coach invites him to join a girl’s squad, but not before he proves his value and determination to them.

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Meanwhile, a disclaimer on the web app reiterates this and provides a data warning: This is a sample application aimed at showcasing the Firebase platform capabilities. This is clearly not intended for consumer use, but as a “sample application” it is fully functioning. It supports signing up with Google or Facebook to create a profile and upload photos. There is a “Home” tab where images from profiles you follow appear, while another “Feed” displays content from all users. You can also like and comment on posts, as well as report content. Despite its intended test nature, it seems that a handful of regular users from around the world have found the app and appear to be using it. They likely stumbled upon the iOS app that was uploaded to the App Store last week. There is no Android counterpart on the Play Store, but the web app is full featured and works well on mobile. Again, this is clearly not intended for actual use as a social network, with Google having an entirely different initiative that creates experimental social apps, but Friendly Pix is amusing nonetheless for being refreshingly simple (and chronological). While you may have probably been prepared to spend your pay check on the phone, which is actually a pretty good choice, you might also be wondering how well it stacks up against the iPhone X when it comes to camera performance. Therefore, we went for a round of picture taking along the streets of Bukit Bintang this afternoon, we are also very fortunate to have received the Huawei P20 a day before the launch. We have uploaded both the Huawei P20 and iPhone X camera samples to Flickr as usual, which you can view the original picture by clicking on the slideshow down below. During these types of situations, some of the ways we evaluate content include: Is the content posted to harass or abuse another person, violating our rules on abusive behavior. Is this meant to incite fear against a protected category as outlined in our hateful conduct policy. Could misrepresenting someone in this way cause real-world harm to the person who is targeted per our rules on violent threats.

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Letty leg gyrations are still good in Picture delineates characters and enough for applause. So atry, tale of backwoods drama disclosing clalite Cobina 'Wright, Jr. displays Americana hillbilly life that is both poise and screen ability in a bit part. Cbarlea Lang, Jr. and W, Howard Greene; editor, Sllsing satisfactory entertainment on the worth Hoagland; Asst. director. Dink Tcmlight and fluify side. Prevlened In studio projection acrobatic antics by outboard speedboats for a most novel episode, and a trip in the underwater diving bell. Picture is liberally spotted' with eight songs by Leo Robin and Ralph Rainger, assigned Cummings, to Ameche, Miss Grable, Jack Haley and Charlotte Greenwood. Theme Limited' (UA). 'Broadwtfy Mild farce on board a ChicagoNew York -train; for lower-duals. 'Sonth of Panama' (PRC). Inferior spy meller, with a flimsy topical angle, for spotty lowerdeck dualling. 'Silver Stallion' (Mono). Best tune for pop attentibn is 'If It's You,' sung by Tony Martin.

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Single beam irradiation produces SRO, while two-beam interference irradiation produces a quasi-2D arrangement of nanoparticles with LRO and SRO. The pattern formation primarily occurs in the molten phase. The thermal behavior includes the lifetime of the liquid phase and the thermal gradient during interference heating. Effective interventions to reduce intrusions and to potentially prevent the onset of subsequent PTSD are scarce. Studies suggest that playing the videogame Tetris, shortly after watching aversive film clips, reduces subsequent intrusions. Other studies have shown that taxing working memory (WM) while retrieving an emotional memory reduces the m. Temperature dependence of the surface impedance of the films within 66 and 134 GHz frequency is studied. The obtained value of residual surface resistance within 134 GHz frequency (60 mohm) confirms high quality of the films. A community education project, Turtle Watch, focused on this target species and enabled effective conservation action to be implemented. This notice includes a list of mortgagees which have had. The effect of 5-HTTLPR on positive emotional expressions. Three studies with independent samples of participants were conducted. Study 1 examined young adults watching still cartoons. Study 2 examined young, middle-aged, and older adults watching a thematically ambiguous yet subtly amusing film clip. Study 3 examined middle-aged and older spouses discussing an area of marital conflict (that typically produces both positive and negative emotion).

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However, if one is a Democrat it might help to build in Democrats the same voting discipline that Republicans seem to enjoy. It always seems to take a greater effort to mobilize them to the polls than it does Republicans. What it would take to build such discipline is unknown, but if Democrats looked at voting as regular and necessary as brushing their teeth, it just might bring more of them to the polls. For decades, Democrats came from all areas in the state, from agricultural areas, from small industrial towns in otherwise agricultural counties, from woodland locations. Now, there are places where there is little if any Democratic presence. Years ago a rural Democratic chair said the local party was so small they could hold their annual convention in a phone booth with room for a ping pong game. That seems as true today in much of Michigan as it did then, except there would be no phone booths available. Former Michigan House Democratic leader Dianne Byrum said in her somewhat rural area not a single Democrat showed up on the ballot below the level of county official. There was not one Democrat running for her township board, Ms. Byrum said. Can Democrats continue to depend on an urban focus for its party structure. In a close election, when every vote truly counts building a bigger presence in less populated areas could pay big dividends. Republicans certainly benefited from big support in the smaller counties in this election. A lifelong Republican, a business person, someone who proudly said he had never voted for a Democrat for president, someone who said he could not stand Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, said to me, “I can’t believe it, but I did it. I voted for her.

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The Next Big Thing The Next Big Thing is a series of new ambitious and game-changing initiatives that will boost Jazeera Airways offering, reinforce its brand, and attract and retain more customers in 2016 and beyond. Below is a glimpse into the four new initiatives and how they will transform Jazeera Airways offering. Park n Fly remote check-in and long-term parking - Operational as of September 2016 Launched in Q3 2016, state-of-theart check-in facility located two minutes away from the airport to serve as a second option for flight check-in. Operational today, the facility is a single-stop remote check-in facility with valets for both short-term and long-term parking and luggage assistance. Once travelers and their luggage are checked in, they will be shuttled to the terminal where they can proceed directly to passport control, thus completely bypassing the hassle of navigating Kuwait International Airport s parking and check-in congestion. Exclusive Business Class lounge with a view Operation as of July 2016 Launched in Q3 2016, Jazeera Airways Business Class travelers now enjoy an exclusive access to newest lounge at Kuwait International Airport, and the only lounge at the airport with a direct and unobstructed view of the tarmac. High-speed internet, comfortable seating, food, and drinks are offered at the lounge. Jazeera Airways Long-Haul Jazeera Airways is currently looking to expand its network to include key long-haul destinations by partnering with an international operator. Though still in its early stages, the airline confirms the new routes will be non-stop and offered through a true partnership with a global airline. Jazeera Airways Terminal The airline is in an advanced planning stage to establish a dedicated terminal at Kuwait International Airport, which will help Jazeera Airways better serve its travelers and help relieve the congestion at the country s single-terminal airport. GIG sponsors 2nd KIPCO Group Tmkeen Award 2016 KUWAIT CITY, Oct 31: Gulf Insurance Group (gig), a leading company in the field of rendering insurance services in the State of Kuwait and the Middle East, announced its support for the 2nd KIPCO Tmkeen Awards for Young Entrepreneurs. Moqawalat. om an online platform that links customers with contractors, founded by young Kuwaiti entrepreneur Mohammad Al Awadhi was the winner of this year s award. The announcement was made at the closing session of the Fifth Youth Empowerment Symposium (Tmkeen), held under the patronage of H. .