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In the meeting Jugal Kishore Sharma said that the BSNL has best infrastructure with highly qualified technical staff but still the people are not satisfied,which is indeed very unfortunate and the senior officials take it seriously and plug the loop holes so that the subscribers are not made to suffer any more. Sat Sharma starts construction works of Community Toilet at Canal Road Walkway Promoting the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and providing good sanitation system to the residents of Jammu West, State President BJP and MLA Sat Sharma (CA) started construction works of a community Toilet under “Swach Bharat Mission” at Canal road walkway near Pawan Ice Cream. Accompanied by a large number of people, Sharma started the works in the presence of JMC (Jammu Municipal Corpora tion) officials, locals, morning walkers and political activists of the area. Speaking on the occasion, Sat Sharma said that keeping in view the demands of the morning walkers especially women and people who pass through the area, the construction of a full fledge toilet was must in order to provide a good sanitation system to the masses. XEN Central Division Parvodh Sharma, AEE JP Saraf and many more also accompanied the BJP President during the occasion. PM’s focus on providing succor to hard pressed youth of nation: Balbir Decision on antecedents’ verification huge relief for youth seeking jobs. As the focus of NDA government led by visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on welfare and development of the youth of this country, the recent decision by the Union Ministry of Personnel that government job appointments orders should not be withheld or delayed for want of character and antecedents’ verification is one that illust rates and speaks it all. This is not just one in series of highly appreciable steps he has taken over the last two years which actually displays the concern of the Prime Minister towards betterment of the youth of the country. This was stated by BJP State Spokesperson Balbir Ram Rattan, while terming this innovative decision as one more feather in the cap of Modi government. Balbir Ram Rattan said that it was seen in the past that the youth, who succeeded in their tests and interviews for some jobs they applied for, were made to suffer and face hardships as the character certificates required to be submitted before joining their job had to be verified, which was a time consuming process. In order to obtain a character certificate, one had to take rounds of police stations and the process not only consumed huge time but also delayed the joining and subsequent verification entailed more hiccups. It used to be no be no less than trauma and an ordeal particularly for the youth so selected, from rural areas in many ways, the BJP leader said adding that with this decision in place now, many problems and bottlenecks in the entire procedure have been solved, which is why it is being widely hailed by the youngsters seeking jobs. Undeniably, it has given a great respite to the people, youth in particular, they being the most hard pressed and stand hugely relieved, benefited from the new prescribed procedure now. The Spokesperson further said that the Union government is making these simple but innovative changes in the bureaucratic procedures to remove unnecessary hassles, bottlenecks in the system, which in turn are meant to mitigate the hardships of the public, while dealing with the government machinery. The sole purpose is to ensure that the public gets benefitted vis-a-vis their routine, day to day working more effectively, he said asserting that NDA government is solely guided by the motive to provide succor to common man, while it wishes to see India and its people progress and prosper.

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7. built on archaic crossroads. The intention of these two, long-lasting psychedelic movements is to travel deep inside the subconsciousness and foster understanding of the Formless Sacrifice. Where this work resounds, the Otherness is unleashed. The album is enclosed in a customised and screen printed Sublunar series cardboard covers, including four two-sided insert cards. The musical improvisations of T. . . derive from Umbra-visitation sessions held in the Temple of Mercurial Orgies and Room Luna Lake between 2014 and 2015. The concept of the album has been evolving within the minds of the Templum N. . members for the past twenty years, so perhaps it is not proper to talk of this as their latest release. Linear time and Templum N. . do not walk hand in hand and their rituals cannot be measured in hours but in years.


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The catastrophe obviously dominates much of the movie, and the impressive special effects portray a hellish nightmare of never-ending reservoirs of fossil fuel feeding an inferno amongst the twisted metal with over 100 souls on board. Berg depicts an impossible situation with about a half-dozen heart-stopping moments and constant unease, as fire spreads in every direction with accompanying explosions on the manmade, floating island. “Deepwater Horizon” works as a thriller, because it offers a series of contrasts to drive our emotions. For instance, it clearly introduces likeable and unlikeable characters. Most of all, the struggle of man versus nature finds itself on display with horrendous and cataclysmic consequences. There is some time devoted to the worried families at home, but Berg keeps these storylines at a thrifty minimum and focuses on the actual incident and the missteps leading up to it. The end result is an appreciatively exhausting film which doubles as a cautionary tale on whether or not such oil explorations should even be attempted in the first place. The idealist in me hopes that future generations everywhere will labor on massive solar panel grids or attend to friendly, towering windmills, rather than fly to faraway marine locales and trench the planet for oil. Even legendary television anchor Walter Cronkite took off his glasses and smiled during the CBS broadcast of the moon landing. “Operation Avalanche” presents an altogether different perspective about the Apollo 11 mission that would make Cronkite remove his glasses in disbelief for another reason. Director Matt Johnson’s intriguing, enjoyable and fictionalized story provides an insiders’ view of NASA during the 1960s and “exposes” that the organization fabricated the famed moon landing. Set in 1965, Johnson and Owen Williams play two young CIA analysts who generally toil in the bowels of the agency. Now, they do recently complete a project called Operation Deep Red which concludes that director Stanley Kubrick is not a spy. (Well, that’s a relief, right? Johnson then filibusters his boss that Williams and he are perfect for a new mission, Operation Zipper, to find a Soviet spy wandering around hallways of NASA.

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It seems that they even had The Gowrie in their pocket. This is the Chairman of Sotheby’s that we are talking about. The Gowrie was a founding Director of the British Friends of the National Gallery of Ireland. He became friends with his principal surgeon, Sir Magdi Yacoub and now Chairs the institute named for him. Some years later Polak and Yacoub claimed to have performed a life-saving medical miracle on Polak herself and then founded a research institute on the basis of that miracle. In Jan 2009, The Gowrie accepted Farad Azima’s invitation to Chair the Advisory Board of the Iran Heritage Foundation. I’ve done a bit of digging to try and find out if Robert Bingley is any relation of the Bingley clan who colluded with Dafydd and the paedophiles for so many years but surprise, surprise, the info doesn’t seem to be available. In 1940, the Council for the Encouragement of Music and the Arts (CEMA), was appointed to help promote and maintain British culture. The Council was Gov’t funded and after WWII was renamed the Arts Council of Great Britain. The majority of this funding was directed to organisations with which Keynes had close ties such as the Royal Opera House and was restricted to Central London. Kenneth Clark was the father of the odious sexual predator, the Tory MP Alan Clark. Clark regularly exposed himself to school girls and would follow young women around London whom he’d seen on public transport and had taken a shine to. Clark was a junior Minister in Thatcher’s Gov’t in the Depts of Employment, Trade and Defence. He worked at the Dept of Employment with Ken Clarke and Ken Clarke’s autobiography alleges that Alan Clark rarely made it into work and spent most of his time drunk. Which caused Ian Hislop to remark that Thatcher’s globes obviously weren’t worth a comment.

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White also proves unable to extract more than one facial expression from each actor. You can see in their sad, desperate eyes that they want so badly to ply their trade in a better movie. She pressgangs her sister Sarah (Ana “Recalcitrant Glare” Coto), her boyfriend Trevor (Daren “Glazed Eyes” Kagasoff), her backup BFF Isabelle (Bianca “Insouciant Grin” Santos), and her dead best friend’s boyfriend Pete (Douglas “(nothing)” Smith) into helping her. Vivis Colombetti plays Nona, a stereotypical Hispanic housekeeper who does the boilerplate “get out while you still can” speech. Morgan Peter Brown plays a marginally inept guidance counselor who reminds us that modern psychology sucks and totally lacks the credibility of Hasbro’s board games. Lin Shaye gets two decent scenes as an insane woman with ties to the spirits, but the script doesn’t give her enough material to save the film. We learn that using the board “improperly” brought about the evil spirits. The main spirit’s powers consist only of telekinesis and later a piercing scream. I guess that works if you have nightmares about Jean Grey and Banshee. White stumbles on some cool ideas in the climax, but said climax lasts seconds before retreating to the horror movie doldrums. In this film, which Hasbro funded, the board created the evil spirits, unleashed them, and kept them on Earth long enough to kill several people. The film doesn’t even give any evidence that the board can summon benign spirits; it only works when it kills you. But if you don’t buy or use a Ouija board, by the film’s tacit admission, none of this affects you. I hope the sequel shows how Steve Jobs’ ghost keeps the spirit world safely locked away. I’ve played Monopoly enough times to find it easy to believe Hasbro would manufacture portals to Hell.

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It really is beautiful being (almost) unsullied again. I suspect they’ve held back a bit (wisely) as we’re all discussing the trailer at the moment, so it would probably be missed by a lot of people. You can see Rhaegal in the same shot as Tyrion, but then it goes dark for the close up when he breathes fire. He will be the one to convince the free folk to march with Jon. It looks very dark. What are those flowers embroidered on Sansa’s dress next to the wolf. I’m going to throw a wild guess and say that after the Wildlings get trapped by the Bolton shields, Jon comes in with the cavalry. Tormund seems to be reacting to something that’s not the shields. Is it confirmed we’re getting a flashback or a vision of the Mad King. Gave me chills. Totally. I think he’s referring to Mance and not Jon though. The scene of Davos is in the same Hall as sansa in the first trailer. Images from the first and second trailer seem to reveal that two special meet with House Mormont. Probably extras who went with Jon at Hardhome and survived.

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