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Greg may have further added to the file that he assuredly has at his gym. He swears he is NOT a 'starer guy', but isn't that what someone who is, says. Then we are joined by Jeremiah and Jake, hosts of Brine Time, a podcast about the Portland Pickles. The Pickles are a baseball team here and we have a great talk about what they do. FER 2036: Serial Mustache Cache Translate Page A recap of our extremely Portland weekend of Hump Festival and then emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition is on tap to start the day off. Both were great and huge thanks to the Portland Beardsmen for bringing us on board for a 3rd year. Then we discuss the instances of a specific kind of mustache and what it might mean. Then in World of Crazy: International Tag, Hot Dog Water, Snake Noodle. Cache Translate Page GUEST: Bri from Portland Mercury. We start off today with discussion of Greg and Sarah emceeing the Rose City Beard and Mustache Competition.

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In the golden age of muscle cars, the Super Sport (or SS for short) badge denoted high-performance versions of Chevy’s mainstream models. It’s survived to the present day on the Camaro SS and recently discontinued SS sedan, and that’s thanks to legendary cars like the Chevelle SS. The Chevelle SS was in many ways the quintessential muscle car. Chevy took its bread-and-butter midsize car and stuffed a succession of massive V8 engines under its hood. The madness culminated with the SS 454, which debuted in 1970 with a 454-cubic-inch (7. -liter) engine. With that big engine and a stylish exterior, the SS 454 represents the peak of classic muscle cars. As the 1970s wore on, emissions standards and insurance companies gradually killed them off. The current-generation C7 Corvette may be the most effective combination of sports car and muscle car attributes yet. The C7 family is currently crowned by the ZR1, the most powerful Corvette ever produced.

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Cercei was calling all the shots and now that she's gone he's panicked. In their last scene together he was most upset about his wife and wanted to start actions himself and his mother said no she'll handle it. Ser Jorah and Tyrion sacrificing themselves in a vain attempt to save Daenerys. After flying in on the back of a zombie blue eyed Drogon, Daenerys and KingWW enter the throne room and as KingWW settles on the Iron Throne, Arya, disguised as a wight servant, shoves Littlefingers valyrian steel dagger through his heart. She could only have participated in that coz of the GoT break. Yup. it' gonna to be a tedious 4 month wait before TWD comes back. Fingers crossed that X-File reboot is gonna be a pixxer as well. I found it strange that none of the Commanders (apart from Jon) have seen or knew about the existence of those dark creatures. Here's a nice little video on the Children of the Forest.

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It is essential to adhere to a reputed and prominent astrologer as opposed to reading horoscope from any typical study material. Have faith on astrology it will not permit you down. Astrology is extremely ancient branch of vedik shastra that is fully is dependent on the movement of planets or stars. Number Six If you should know you’re lucky number astrology, have a look at the calculator online. Astrology caters solution to several flows or aspects like health, family members, connection, company and career prediction. It isn’t necessary to to trust in astrology in order for it to work out in your life. At best, Vedic astrology provides an extremely objective look on your soul’s evolution. Online Vedic astrology is currently becoming an important tool for those who want to make their future bright and prevent taking undesirable measures that would make their life troublesome. Your website ofered us with valuable information to work on. Chances are you’ll recall that you were most joyful on the functioning track.

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The emergency button on iPhone: We show you how to dial from a In case of an emergency, having contact information and a list of. How your iphone can help you out in case of an emergency. For years many people have been creating an ICE (In Case of an Emergency) contact in their. Download XboxHDM -. 1. Screenshots. This is basically within the download of this. This is a quick tutorial on how to make a quick HDD maker CD for an original Xbox. Go back to the main directory in xboxhdm and run “make-iso-win” (this will create a bootable Xboxhdm iso for Linux) Let this process finish, the more you have. HOW TO: Hotswap with XboxHDM v Just clarifying the situation.

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The Utah Beehives and the Salt Lake County Sabrecats qualified for the finals, but a thunderstorm forced the finals to be posponed. A make-up match is tentatively scheduled for Aug 20. As in most of Southeast Asia, Myanmar restaurants and stalls tend to specialize in a single dish or culinary style. For a comprehensive taste of the cuisine, we've chosen these 10 Burmese dishes and snacks. Perhaps the most famed Burmese food is lephet -- fermented tea leaves. The tart leaves are eaten on their own, typically as dessert, but they're also served in the form of lephet thoke, a salad of pickled tea leaves. To make the dish, the sour, slightly bitter leaves are mixed by hand with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, crunchy deep-fried beans, nuts and peas, a splash of garlic oil and pungent slices of chili and garlic. It can be a snack, an appetizer or, coupled with a plate of rice, a meal. It's also considered a stimulant: the Burmese says that eating too much lephet thoke can prevent sleep. Known in Burmese as nga htamin (fish rice), this Shan (one of the country's main Buddhist ethnic groups) dish combines rice that's been cooked with turmeric and squashed into a disk with a topping of flakes of freshwater fish and garlic oil.

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If the murderer successfully kills this person as you predicted, then dramatic irony has occurred. In religious horror, dramatic irony is even more apparent. Right off the bat, the audience already knows that the nothing good will come from a character trying to contact spirits or play with a Ouija board. These are forces the character cannot ever understand or control and audiences already know that the second a girl asks if there are any spirits in the room, she’s screwed. As useful as dramatic irony is to keep the audience clued in on potential actions and resolutions, for once I would like to be surprised or just as scared as the characters when a major conflict or antagonist is revealed in a film, which brings us to satanic worship. READ: Check out this in-depth analysis on “idiots” in horror and why they’re survival instincts aren’t the greatest. The fear of all things satanic was a big thing back in the late ’80s into early ’90s, but by now those threats are so played out in cinema that I can only say “Oh, of course, ” when a character reveals some sort of cult was involved in what led to the possession of an innocent person or the haunting of an expensive home. In ANNABELLE, the protagonists’ neighbors, the Higgins, are murdered in the night by their estranged daughter, Annabelle, who was involved in a cult (The Disciples of the Ram) with her boyfriend. She then breaks into the home of John and Mia Form (the film’s main characters) and attempts to murder them but instead commits suicide by slitting her throat in the baby room. Upon dying, some of Annabelle’s blood drops into the eye of the doll she is holding in her arms and her soul is transferred into the doll, much like in CHUCKIE.