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2 seed in Division II and has a bye into the quarterfinals on Saturday. The top-seeded team is defending champ Sacred Heart Prep (22-4), which beat the Knights in last year s championship match. The two are expected to meet in the finals again when all four CCS title matches are held on Nov. 22 at Independence High in San Jose. Francis in the West Catholic Athletic League playoff finals on Saturday at Bellarmine Prep. SHP was tied at halftime, 4-4, and trailed by 6-5 going into the fourth quarter. Junior Finn Banks and senior Nelson Perla-Ward each scored three goals for SHP, which will be seeking the eight CCS title in program history. The SHP girls also will be seeking an eighth section crown after winning the past seven straight. They, too, wrapped up the WBAL championship by rallying to beat St. Francis, 10-7. The Gators fell behind at the half, 6-4, but grabbed an 8-7 lead heading into the final period. Junior Malaika Koshy tallied four goals and sophomore Layla Waters added two. Sacred Heart Prep (20-6) is the top seed once again for the CCS Division II playoffs and has a bye into Saturday s quarterfinals. Also opening Saturday will be No. 3 seed Castilleja (18-5), which is coming off its first-ever PAL playoff championship effort, 8-7 over Carlmont at Burlingame High. Alex Zafran scored three goals for the Gators with Fernanda Kramer and Serena Rivera- Korver adding two each. Goalie Maddie Tarr had eight saves for Castilleja, which didn t pull away until the fourth quarter. Freshman Lanie Van Linge added a 6-0, 6-3 victory at No.

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The Confederate strategy was to strike first in the months between the election and inauguration and then dig in so that the Federal Government couldn’t respond. When Lincoln chose the course of military engagement, the South inevitably was doomed. Yet almost four years and more than 600,000 lives were forfeited to this pointless exercise. True, it is hard to imagine the political will to execute such a plan could’ve ever been mustered, but what were the costs of turning their collective backs on any compromise or accommodation. This is the kind of clarifying extra that the fictional narrator Graham-Smith could have provided us with, but that the fictional diarist Lincoln couldn’t have been reasonably expected to. Lev Grossman puts it well in TIME Magazine, “Once the connection is made, it feels obvious, and neither slavery nor vampirism reveals anything in particular about the other. One could imagine a richer, subtler treatment of the subject, in which the two horrors multiply each other rather than cancel each other out. . Maybe it communicates something about our culture that a deliberately ridiculous, axe-wielding, vigilante super-hero towers over most more easily respected works. Allegedly realistic fictions have been full of myth, while the myth-shaped novel presents a sharper picture. One measure in how the novel succeeds is revealed in a words of a withering critique of the Timur Bekmambetov ’s film based on this novel. Historian Vernon Burton enjoyed the book but hated the movie, and spoke volumes of the pitfalls of fictions that prove incapable of grasping the real historical issues they grapple with (from an article by Tierney Sneed in US News and World Report ). Formerly employed, he now has plenty of time to write about movies and books and play with his cats. You can find out more about the Gulch here (watch this space in 2013 for more on Jeff’s tour), and for good measure, read the entertaining tale of a recent search for the relocated milepost here. The 20th century came along, and with it came Terminal Station in 1905, designed by P. Thornton Marye, who later worked for the firm that designed the Fox Theatre. Sadly, Terminal Station was demolished in the 1970s, but for many years, it was Atlanta’s largest and busiest train station. And of course, what does a city need near a busy train station?

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Mr. Vesak's contribution was a hodge-podge called ''Tchaikovsky Dances,'' music culled from the composer's opera ''Eugene Onegin,'' much of it from arias, played here without singers. A few chandeliers comprised the set, the dancers were awkwardly costumed. Mr. Vesak's sense of groupings and of variety of balletic step and gesture seems as limited now as it was when he was head of the Metropolitan Opera Ballet in New York while Mr. Herman was Sir Rudolf Bing's assistant there. Even given the untidiness of the ensemble - working together a mere two months - Mr. Vesak's ''Tchaikovsky Dances'' were inadequate, particularly in the trivial way he utilized Miss Gregory and Mr. Bujones. The barely competent orchestra was used for the first and last thirds of the program, under the uninspiring direction of Akira Endo. The Holder outing was performed at the Fontainbleau. The stage was small, the amplification strenuous, the lighting just adequate to Holder's vision. The subject of his evening was the creation and Job - tales told to gospel sounds under the title ''Ballets, Ballads, the Blues and the Bible. ' From where I was placed in the room for the first half, I could see a scant one-third of the stage. Much of what I could see, if I stood on my chair, seemed to need serious reconceptualizing, trimming, condensation. Some moments rang true to a clear artistic vision, but I will not comment further on something I did not see from an adequate vantage point. ''Job'' (for which I was moved to a better location), had less dancing, much more singing and talking - and the first 20 minutes inspired an annoying sense of impatience that was never dispelled. Bernard Ighner's music is repetitive in the worst sense, harmonically without interest.


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That seems like poppycock to everyone but this film’s four screenwriters, who also unfortunately go for crashes and yelling instead of a frightening story. In that light this was masterfully done, you're uneasy from start to finish. Loved it. In fact, Harris' Professor Coupland was a throwback to old school horror flicks from the 70s and was a great character. The potential for a decent film was definitely there. The story itself (which starts off interesting) loses it's way and flails desperately in a failed attempt to scare you. He directed the Quarantine sequel called Quarantine 2: Terminal, and even though I enjoyed some scenes in its first act, the rest of it was quite tedious and dumb. The Quiet Ones is just as uneven as Quarantine 2, and that was so disappointing. Hammer Productions has made great modern horror films such as The Woman in Black and Let Me In, but this one was such a flop. The movie has an awesome cast, and unfortunately the worst director possible. Moving on, the character development felt extremely rushed and forced. The performances were good, but some of the characters were not developed enough and I did not care about them. Krissi (Erin Richards) and Harry (Rory Fleck-Byrne) were annoying and unlikable. Olivia Cooke, Jared Harris and Sam Claflin deserved a better script. Thankfully, The Quiet Ones proves two things: do not trust in trailers, and do not trust in Hammer anymore. Overall, it is just your average horror movie with tons of jump scares, a creepy house and brainless characters. It uses an unnecessary found-footage format that does not even add atmosphere or realism to the film. Yes, it boasts a few scares but nothing epic or memorable.

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o. k. Lagarde, 60, is fighting charges of negligence leading to the misuse of public funds when she approved, while finance minister, a rare out-of-court settlement with magnate Bernard Tapie in a long-running dispute. A maximum sentence could raise questions about her ability to keep leading the Washington-based IMF, where her French predecessor Dominique Strauss Kahn resigned in 2011 over a sex assault scandal. The case is being heard before a special court for trying cabinet ministers. The court comprises a panel of 15 judges, including 12 lawmakers from both the lower and upper houses of parliament. Lagarde argued that there were political motivations behind the case, noting that opposition lawmakers had brought it against her. State police announced Monday that they had recently arrested 30-year-old Brandon McPherson of Horseheads in Chemung County and charged him with conspiracy. Troopers say he had conspired with another person to have someone killed. Police haven’t said who was the alleged target or released other details of the plot. Troopers say McPherson is on active duty with the U. S. Navy and is assigned to the recruiting office located at the Arnot Mall in Horseheads. He was arraigned in Avoca Town Court in neighboring Steuben (stoo-BEHN’) County, where he was released from jail after posting bail. It couldn’t be determined Tuesday if McPherson has a lawyer who could comment on the charges. WATCH: New Detail Revealed in Murder-for-Hire Retrial article. n. om.

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Congratulating them for their aptitude for experimentation and innovation, he said, he will, in the times to come, not only provide more of scientific equipment for the schools, but would also arrange for students to travel to other parts of the country and visit certain prominent laboratories and Space Centres for further exposure. On the occasion, Dr Jitendra Singh donated computers with tables and other equipment for schools run in the region by Bharatiya Shiksha Samiti. He also announced that a tourist spot will be developed in the Mandi area out of funds from MPLAD and other sources. In addition, he announced the setting up of solar lights wherever required in the surrounding rural areas. In response to a popular demand he also offered to set up an upgraded Dental Section for medical management from his funds and resource Dy CM meets people of Suchetgarh border area Dy CM meets people of Suchetgarh border area and asks administration to ensure adequate arrangements and safety of peopleDeputy Chief Minister Dr Nirmal Singh assured the people of border areas that all necessary arrangements have been put in place at the camps setup for their safety in case of any exigency. Deputy Chief Minister said this today while interacting with people of border areas of Suchetgarh area. SSP Jammu Dr Sunil Gupta and SDM R S Pura Vikas Kundal while apprising the Minister about the arrangements being made at the camps said that all necessary instructions have been issued to the concerned officers to shift the people of villages falling 0-10 kms from international border. It was further informed that 8 camps are functional with adequate arrangements and place for additional 6 camps have been identified in case of requirement crops up. Deputy Chief Minister visited border villages Falora, Suchetgarh, Gharana and interacted with people and listened their problems. Dr Singh directed the administration to maintain close coordination with people and to provide every help in case of any emergency. He also asked them to provide 24X7 helpline numbers connected to the control rooms to the people. Directing to put in place all basic facilities at the camps, Deputy Chief Minister asked the camp officers to remain present at the camps and ensure availability of ration, power supply, drinking water, security and sanitation. Deputy Chief Minister stressed on close coordination among all concerned departments so that people are provided with all basic facilities at the camps. He further directed civil administration to strictly follow Standard Operating Procedure for evacuating people from border areas. Later Deputy Chief Minister visited the camps setup in R S Pura to take stock of the arrangements put in place at the camp. Dr Singh also enquired from the people present there about the facilities being provided to them. MLA R S Pura Gagan Bhagat was also present in R S Pura and apprised the Deputy Chief Minister about the situation in wake of tension on International Border. Later Dr Singh visited GMC Jammu to enquire the health of those injured in a road mishap occurred on Saturday at Rampur in Billawar and directed the authorities to ensure proper medicare to the injured.

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Thanks brother keeps up the good work. And reappearance of Salladhor Saan or the Hill Tribes of the Vale. I think they're both the kind of people who understand that shit happens in war and that you can't hold a grudge against the soldier because of what he was ordered to do. I wouldn't be at all surprised if Tyrion apologizes for what happened to Davos's son and the whole event is what unites these two (to prevent something like that from happening again). Why has every JPreporterr started to sell a literal box of shit I don't want. I would never endorse something I don't like myself. And I would never promote something not relevant or that I like. Hoss Griff 2 ? ? I doubt the meeting has anything to do with negotiations and more on Davos there to collect dragon glass and Dany and company there at same time. I could even see mad queen cersie killing or trying to kill Jamie in interest of self preservation. Davos is one of the few people who knows Gendry's blood line. John may send Davos too dragon stone for glass and attempt to install him as head of house baratheon in hopes of gaining support for coming war with the WW. Think I'll go get fitted for tin foil hat in the morning. Hi - the ceramic egg can be used to burn incense or a small candle. If Jon and Dany meet at Dragonstone, sure would be symbolic. Jon may also be looking for obsidian. H.