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Blom’s acting is pretty good: he does an impressive job conveying a lot of emotion with minimal dialogue, often by exchanging pointed glances with Zandvliet as Marc. The scenery is nice, and the accompanying soundtrack is a good complement to the storyline. Unfortunately, the plot is not particularly captivating or original, and the ending of “Jongens” is disappointingly ambiguous and anticlimactic. I didn’t dislike the film at all, but I probably wouldn’t watch it again. I would recommend this film, but I would recommend it to someone who hasn’t seen many films about gay romance yet, so the story may still be intriguing and new. My Hero, blindness, boys, Brazil, capsule film review, capsule movie review, Carlos Hendrick Huber, Chucho E. My jaw actually dropped in awe at Ivy Winters, who juggled gigantic knives while wearing a tall, silver-horned helmet and walked on stilts to Little Mix’s “Wings. . Willam, however, looked amazing, performed flawlessly and had a commanding stage presence throughout. For her first number, she was carried onstage in a coffin before launching into “Call Me on the Ouija Board” from her 2013 album “PG-13. It’s a really, really great goth-pop song with a catchy hook, smart lyrics full of tongue-in-cheek references to classic horror movies and a super polished sound. The show and its contestants appeal to a wide range of audience members, reaching many underrepresented demographics. The wide appeal of fun, kitschy drag queens has allowed for stars that use the platform for political advocacy. In January, she appeared alongside “Orange is the New Black” star Laverne Cox on Katie Couric’s talk show to speak about transgender issues, and last year, an online petition aimed at persuading Victoria’s Secret to have Carerra as its first transgender model gathered around 45,000 signatures. She and other “Drag Race” alumni appear regularly in public service announcements on Logo TV promoting safe sex and HIV testing. Shortly thereafter, a video of the speech garnered such international attention that it has been discussed everywhere from Ireland’s houses of parliament to Russia, where anti-gay legislation was famously passed in 2013 to prohibit “propaganda” in support of “non-traditional” sexual orientation. All 3 of these videos are just amazing and I'm so grateful to her for putting these videos together for me.

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What if that prophecy is literal in the sense that something happens that throws the whole planet’s rotation out of whack and the sun rises and sets in opposite directions. The Mad King is not currently inducing any identity crises in any of the main characters, and that is what it would take for him to really be relevant to the last two stories. I’m trying to work out what’s happening in the picture of Alan Taylor. He looks like he’s either explaining to Sophie how to backhand slap someone, using Peter as the recipient, or he’s knocking the woman to his right’s glasses off using an upward jab. Ironically the only person I would put good money on is Jon. Maybe not to the closing credits of the very last episode, but almost to the very end, perhaps sacrificing himself nobly for others at the last minute so he gets a death he would want rather than “ For the Watch ”. (I think he’s dead but am 99. % certain he’ll be back, possibly a changed man, but very likely resurrected by Mel. He may yet have some role to play in the story of the current crop of characters. Or not. We haven’t come to the end of the series yet. Maybe the episode in Season 1 where Jaime and Ned talk about it. When Jaime says he killed the Mad King because of Rickard and Brandon. Ned replies basically BS you didn’t do it for my House and family. They should have shown the one that was cut. Too bad. Very proud of it and of Jeremy Podeswa our director.

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I have always felt Cersei is much more like her father, at least up until a point, she's the one that is willing to sacrifice her family (in a more literal way) in order to get what she wants (power, legacy). Tyrion never seemed to seek power in the traditional sense. I could more easily buy him trying to save his sister, feeling guilty for her innocent child, and somehow dying for it. ut I think an execution of any kind seems over the top and unfitting. These videos are fun and a way to bide our time until the show comes back. In Bran's visions, we see a dragon fly over King's Landing, so it's not out of the realm of possibility that it will get burned, whether it's Viserion, Drogon or Rhaegal remains to be seen. I don't know if people are cranky because the holidays are coming but you need to chill out. Be thankful someone is taking the time to do these videos. And sum pretty stupid 1s and I bet I haven't seen half of them. But I really need a GOT fix so I take wat I can get. I believe Danny, Tyrion and Jon act similar to the people they grew up around. For instance Jon grew up as an outsider at winterfell. He looked up to Ned and took on many of his traits, but as he says multiple times in the books and the shows “I’m not a Stark”. He was also influenced greatly by Lord Mormont as a father like figure and in season seven he made it clear that he took on some of his traits and lessons. Danny was raised on stories about her father not by her father. She raised by her brother who was just as cruel, some say. She was also raised and influenced by her husband and his people.

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It's fair I think. dmouse1701 There are large women and small men. Grow up and cope with these trivialities woman, you don't know you're born and you make me embarrassed to be a woman with such petty whining. THE - BIFA - ONE Oh for heaven's sake women, just get on with living. This article is making me cringe, it reads like a parody of a 1950s TV commercial. But sure keep whining about this rather than working - I'm sure you'll continue to be taken seriously, lol. Zworm Male and female brains, bodies and behaviors are not the same. And yes some men carry a bag, but some women have large hands. I hate my office warm and I'm an ice diving instructor. Jacinta Maloney We women want equality with men, so we should adapt, men aren't demanding equality with us. I'm not saying they couldn't make a female version, but that isn't equality. I am always having to step out to get some air and to cool off. I would love to hear the solution the whole car thing, maybe not have a steering wheel KingofPain Last time I checked phones came in all different sizes. Sainttim We can't have offices too warm otherwise all the chocolate biscuits on their desks would start melting Wisdom on Deaf Ears I know I look stupid, but I can hold my 13-inch tablet up to my ear. LobsterBlu Mobiles are made in all sizes, choose one to suit your hand size. Most products including stab vests come in various sizes. I am a woman and I'm fed up of it, I can imagine how it makes men feel.

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Keywords:commercial, pierce, for sale, lonnie larson, property. P, Packwaukee, Palmyra, Pardeeville, Park Falls, Patch Grove, Pearson, Pelican Lake, Pell Lake, Pembine, Pepin, maine cruise vacation abnormal tits Peshtigo, Pewaukee, Phelps, Phillips, Phlox. Web site provides an up to date information on all properties listed by Coldwell Banker Larson Realty. Realtors Phillips Park Falls Wisconsin houses for sale realtor WI list. Realty Park Falls indole 3 carbinol herpes Web Site CB Larson Park Falls Web Site Larsen Realty Phillips. Strongest FM radio stations in Averill Park:. WZEC (97. FM; HOOSICK FALLS, NY; Owner: GREAT NORTHERN RADIO, LLC); WAMC-FM (90. FM; ALBANY, NY;. Name:, Larson, Derek. Credential phosphatidylcholine Type:, Real Estate Broker (90). Here’s a lot of value wrapped into a airborne movie wings tattoo homeseekers small investment. Camden State Park, located 10 miles southwest of kama sutra movie trailer lamb of god live videos your mom librarian movie Marshall, offers areas for picnics, hiking. Matt Larson. Lamplighter Realty specializes in new home construction little april teen videos knd video game engagement pictures validate xml against schema java island mile three video and represents quality home builders in Monroe. Hillcrest Avenue, Sioux Falls, Sale, 11480. 0 sq.

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Castle Ward (Northern Ireland), where some Winterfell scenes were shot. Doune Castle (Scotland), used for filming some of the Winterfell scenes in the pilot episode. For the pilot episode, Doune Castle in Scotland was used for some exterior shots and the great feast held when King Robert Baratheon and his party arrive. Castle Ward in County Down, Northern Ireland was used for the scenes of sparring in Winterfell's castle yard and the arrival of Robert's party at Winterfell's gates. The rest of the castle, including the other interiors and the scenes involving Bran climbing the walls, were filmed as interiors at the Paint Hall studio facility in Belfast. For the first season itself, Castle Ward was the principal filming location for the Winterfell scenes. One of the only full scenes from Doune Castle to survive from the pilot episode is the scene in the crypts of Winterfell when Eddard and Robert visit Lyanna's grave. All subsequent appearances of the Winterfell crypts from Season 2 onward were filmed in the cellars of Shane's Castle in Northern Ireland. Any scenes in the cellars involving candles with open flames (all of them, because it is dark) will make swarms of spiders crawl out of their hiding places to scramble away from the head source. The actors report that while the camera can't see them, they can, and there are so many they can hear them - and even feel them falling onto them. The original sets from Seasons 1 and 2 primarily consisted of the outer courtyard, the feast hall, and one interior bedroom which could be redressed (for Eddard and Catelyn's room, Bran's room, etc. , but otherwise there wasn't an extensive interconnected interior set. The complex consists of many buildings and keeps, some ancient and decrepit, some in good repair. According to legend, Winterfell was built by Bran the Builder eight thousand years ago. Open pools smoke day and night in a dozen small courtyards. In summer, it is so significant; in winter, it is the difference between life and death. Parts have also had to be rebuilt over time, either due to natural degeneration or damage in sieges (Winterfell was burned out several times in ancient wars with the Boltons and other enemies, but the Starks always rallied and rebuilt it).

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-mm cannulated screws were used to fixate the posterior malleolus and the medial malleolus. The suture-anchor technique was used to repair the ligaments in patients with deltoid ligament injuries. The follow-up endpoint was the time point when the steel plate and screws were removed from the lateral ankle in patients. The average follow-up period was 13. months (range, 11-17). Previous research has mainly focused on fast tracks aiming to reduce time to surgery. But the research on how pain management is handled for these patients in the prehospital context has been sparse. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to describe the ambulance personnel's experience of managing the pain of patients with a suspected hip fracture. A descriptive and qualitative design with Critical Incident Technique was used for collecting data. Moreover, a qualitative content analysis was used for analysing the collected data. Twenty-two participants communicated their experiences and 51 incidents were analysed. The main finding in the study was that the ambulance personnel, by using their clinical knowledge and by empowering the patients to participate in their own care, managed to individualize the pain relief for patients with a suspected hip fracture through a variety of interventions. In this study, we examined the prevalence of hypo- and hyperkalemia in patients admitted with a fractured hip as well as the association with 30-day mortality in these patients. A total of 7293 hip fracture patients (aged 60 years or above) with admission plasma potassium measurements were included. Data on comorbidity, medication, and death was retrieved from national registries. The association between plasma potassium and mortality was examined using Cox proportional hazards models adjusted for age, sex, and comorbidities. The prevalence of hypo- and hyperkalemia on admission was 19.

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James Stotler began by asking his fellow veterans to explain how they had come to join the military. Salvatore said he “just wanted to be in the Army. Willinsky, who grew up on the coal country outside Hazleton, Pennsylvania, joined the Navy “right out of high school. Farrington was required to take part in ROTC program while a student at the University of Connecticut. Salvatore said his first night in basic training at Fort Dix, New Jersey, “was pretty scary. “It was a completely different change in life,” Willinsky said of his 30-hour trip from Philadelphia to the Naval Station Great Lake training facility north of Chicago. Farrington’s introduction to the military is less than auspicious. He and his fellow recruits fell out of their barracks at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, to hear their first sergeant demand to know who was going to join him in attending Sunday church services. Farrington and another soldier declined the invitation - and spent the next six weeks “in the latrine getting it really clean. Stotler said he learned fast “to fly yourself under the radar. Salvatore opted to be a truck driver. Soon after he completed basic training, he was sent to Fort Eustis, Virginia. There, he was told not to get comfortable: Salvatore was going to Vietnam. Willinsky served in the peacetime Navy on board the USS Skipjack, SSN-585, a nuclear-powered fast-attack submarine. After he left Great Lakes, he went to Key West, Florida, for 10 months training as a torpedoman. Having graduated from latrine duty, Farrington began an odyssey of Army bases: Dix, Fort Chaffee, Arkansas, and Fort Polk, Louisiana. When he was told he was going to be sent to Vietnam as an adviser for an ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam, pronounced “arvin”) battalion, he was sent to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, where he learned to handle World War II-era weapons, which is what the ARVNs were using.