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Meanwhile, Katie Featherston’s realistic performance as a young woman slowly unraveling is a thing of beauty. But beyond performances, or effects, Paranormal Activity is a brilliant case study in slowly building tension, and in raising an audience’s blood pressure. I know: I saw this film in theaters when it was still in limited release, and I can honestly say I’ve never been in a movie theater audience that was more terrified. How can I tell? Because they were so loud in the moments of calm before each scare (the most dead giveaway of all: when a young man turns to his friends to assure them how not-nervous he is). This was just such an event—there were actually ushers standing at the entrance ramps throughout the entire film, just watching the audience watch the movie. Deride all you want, but Paranormal Activity scared the hell out of us. —Jim Vorel. On the flip side, however, anthologies rarely end up in “best film” discussions because every contemporary appraisal of any given anthology is always quick to highlight the exact same point: They are uneven in quality by their very nature. Creepshow, however, has an advantage here: It maintains a thematic and visual consistency because Romero directed all of the segments himself. Working with Stephen King in his screenwriting (and unfortunately, acting) debut, Romero dives deep into a childhood obsession and love for EC Comics horror series such as Tales From the Crypt and Vault of Horror, using vibrant, phantasmagorical splashes of color in reaction shots in a way that almost parallels how Sam Raimi would eventually evoke comic book panels in Spiderman 2. The stories themselves are wonderful, pulpy fun, from the gothic, ghostly “Father’s Day” to the bloody, beastly conclusion of “The Box,” which features the death of a truly irritating Adrienne Barbeau. But the highlight is a murderous Leslie Nielsen, in the sort of pompous, villainous performance that fans of The Naked Gun or Airplane. You owe it to yourself to see Creepshow for him alone. —Jim Vorel. I want to be able to watch Son of Frankenstein or The Wolf Man streaming on demand some day, guys.

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Weirdly, the bits from the encore are some of the special’s best. But the story of Jazandapuss and the vitriol that this famous grown man spews about a child is hilarious but also relatable, even for those that don’t have children. Apropos of nothing, I saw this set (with a few changes) live in Philly and it was, along with a Bill Burr set at Caroline’s, one of the two greatest comedy shows I’ve ever witnessed. He uses that as a jumping off point to talk about the types of people that go to clubs (the vapid “hot chicks” with the three lines of their shirt, skirt, and boots and the pack of “going out dudes” all wearing the same shirts) before transitioning into our mindless culture that takes flying and cell phones for granted, before bringing it back to his sexual inventory and health. While the middle sags a little with his bit on currency, it is still far better than most comedians’ best work. Originally meant to help promote HBO’s very underrated L ucky Louie, the plan was that the show would air for a decade and C. . would quit stand-up. The show promoted the comedian and the special became a huge success that led to a prolific run of stand-up for five years. He dives right in, kicking off the show by deconstructing the idea of offensive words, and he doesn’t let up for an hour, touching on the benefits of being white to the ups and downs of fatherhood. Even something as benign as loving Cinnabon would be lightweight fare in the hands of another comic, but here it is used with gravity, to say something both about our culture and the man himself, the thing Louis C. . does better than almost anyone. His work has appeared on XXL, Cuepoint, Business Insider, The Cauldron, Medium, Fatherly, Hip Hop Golden Age, and many more. Subscribe to his monthly newsletter or follow him on Facebook or Twitter. Finally Witness The Funk have just dropped their anticipated debut album Finding Nomusa.

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The grant is part of an effort to help growers meet the requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) Produce Safety Rule (PSR) standards for safe foods. Training materials, including online and face-to-face field exercises, will be developed for extension specialists and farm advisors. To facilitate the learning experience, there will be online information in multiple languages including Spanish, Hmong, Mandarin and English to meet the diverse needs of California specialty crop growers. The final step in the process will be to deliver the course materials in seven outreach workshops in those regions of California where mid- and small-sized growers are located. That's the question guiding a new UC study on the potential for farmers to grow elderberries as a commercial crop. And while elderberry orchards are popping up in parts of the Midwest, California's elderberries are usually just grown on field edges, and elderberry products sold retail rely mostly on foraged crops or imports. The farmers want to understand the viability of growing elderberries for market beyond their nascent effort, bringing some of the out-of-state production home. Despite long-running federal cost-share programs for planting hedgerows, the number planted in California is still quite small relative to the large expanses of farmland in the state. Adding a financial incentive to planting elderberries may help increase the popularity of hedgerows amongst farmers. But for small- and medium-scale growers looking to diversify their income sources, elderberries may provide a boost. The project will also address issues related to the Valley elderberry longhorn beetle and generating income from hedgerows. In this wrap, we consider possible 2018 trends in water, the GM debate, science communication, and food and nutrition. Faith writes about water issues for a number of publications, including UC's Confluence blog. For example, water quality issues loom equally as large, and are of course related. But, even beyond that, there are also many non-use oriented ways that water impacts our lives - through recreation, aesthetics, and culture, just to name a few. Learn more about this vital public health and social justice issue by visiting the National Drinking Water Alliance website (NDWA).

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The results British Red Cross team sent to support Britons forced to flee Yemen as fighting rages Cache Translate Page Specially trained psychosocial support volunteers sent to Djibouti to assist British nationals who have fled fierce fighting in Yemen. Here, the paratext in question was detailed information about context and intentionality provided by the artists, stated outside of the films themselves. Let me first begin by describing what the films are doing — and then air my questions. One of my festival favorites, Invention is the first feature by the Canadian artist Mark Lewis; it is a stately and ambitious work designed to function on multiple levels. Some of these levels are easier to intuit and unpack than others. Lewis spent two years shooting in three cities: Paris, Sao Paolo and Toronto. But the similarities to those earlier forebears are ultimately less than they might appear. Beyond the fact that they are all interested in exploration of urban space, the differences outweigh the family resemblances. Invention contains just 14 shots, and throughout its 80-minute running time, the camera is almost always in slow, steady and deliberate motion. This combination of long takes and camera movement has the effect of conferring a truly autonomous curiosity upon the “kino-eye”. Not all aspects of the city, however, are of equal interest here. The camera is especially drawn to glass and reflective surfaces, and to spaces in which light and shadow are at play. The film is silent except for the opening, which features solo piano as the camera slowly encircles a sculpture at the Louvre, and the final frames, which are accompanied by explosive rock music. All in all, Invention makes for a spellbinding viewing experience, unspooling a nonstop stream of sensations and a non-narrative suspense. But once the movie ended, I read the “artist’s statement” in the presskit and learned a great deal about Lewis’s conceptual framework for the film — almost none of which, I should say here, was evident from “simply” watching Invention. Lewis means for the film to have an entire background narrative: A camera is “born” into a world without cinema, and proceeds to “learn” about this world by moving through the space of cities — through modernity itself.

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know right away something is up. I decide to accept and tell you a time to meet me at my house, You are eager and I know its time to turn things up. fix you your cup of coffee like I do every morning but today I add a little something extra to it. By the time you make it to my home you will be feeling very sleepy, a little loopy, and dizzy I invite you, offer you a seat and sit back and wait for the fun to begin, you are slowly being transformed and there is no going back now, you will be my fucking freak now, you will be tormented and abused and more and there will be no way to scream for help or change a thing. his is your fate. Your brought it on yourself. Use it as the last one in your modular mindfuck playlist. It will deeply root the messages from the other modules in your subconsciousness, for lasting effect. You will awaken from your trance refreshed and full of purpose. My innocent act is amazing, so good you let a silly little secretary hypn0tize you. And I am not here to help you, I am only interested in helping myself. Once you are under my spell, I will use you to get me off. I will even let you pull your cock out and stroke it until it is nice and hard and ready to cum. But don't you dare! I am now in control of your balls. You will not realize it but I have implanted one and only one trigger that will completely release your orgasm.

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Theon and Sansa. 5. Brienne and Pod. 6. Jon Snow's fate, Melissandre and Ser Davos. The Faith Militant and the High Sparrow. 16. Ser Robert Strong and Dr. Qyburnstein. 17. Sam and Gilly. Now we have to introduce yet another new city, a new group and more training. That takes up time and budget. 18. Bronn. Poor guy just wants to retire before he gets killed.

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. General help to general readers, 13278. Pseudonymous literature — i. . . Subject bibliography, 4633. Ex. 4. Psychological index — d. . . . Subject bibliography, 4662. Ex. 3. Psychology, Bibliography of, 4122.

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Phil Alden Robinson) Ghostbusters 2 (US- 1989, dir. Kevin Tenney) The Woman in Black (UK- 1989, TV, dir. Elijah Moshinsky) The Haunting of Morella (US- 1990, dir. Tom McLoughlin) Truly Madly Deeply (UK- 1991, dir. Anthony Minghella) Amityville 1992: It’s About Time (US- 1992, dir. Lesley Manning) Jessica: A Ghost Story (US- 1992, dir. Richard Lowry) The Presence (Australia- 1992; dir. Rusty Lemorande) Amityville: A New Generation (US- 1993, dir. Peter Markham) Ghost in the Machine (US- 1993, dir. Alex Proyas) The Haunting of Seacliff Inn (US- 1994, TV, dir. Rusty Lemorande) Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh (US- 1995, dir. Brad Silberling) Deep in the Night (HK- 1995, dir. Scott Gulbrandsen) I’ll Be Watching You (UK-1995; episode of BBC series “Ghosts”; dir. Steve Latchaw) Massage (UK-1995; episode of BBC series “Ghosts”; dir. Andy Wing-Keung Chin) Amityville: Dollhouse (US- 1996, dir. Hideyuki Hirayama) The Haunting of Lisa (Canada- 1996, dir.

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I think law has some use but i think we need cultural commitment too. He asked me once in front of the class if i knew the difference between smart and intelligent was. I was about to give a smart alec answer when i got the look that said i better not and i realized he was telling me something about myself i might want to change. No one here’s going to take whatever you prefer to call that marxism 2. so yeah in that respect we are dogmatists. I know you have been around here long enough to know this to know we did in fact engage leftist critics intelligently and respectfully. I dont pretend to be any smarter than i am and i am not a good writer and dont care to try. I dont think you have a coherent response so you pretty much do what the lefts in the media do is insult call us stupid nazis. Well at least those leftists have a shot at using that tactic to prolong the game, but you have no shot at convincing me or wag or nick that cultural marxism is a great idea and that we are sad stupid nazis, people in this day and age dont become nazis lightly, ok well maybe the kids do but well theyre kids. I’m christian-gened too and I’m not sure that is the case. A lot of these people are dirt-clods that perpetuate themselves, I hate to state this fact but “Christ is the Truth” made us value Truth over Christ bullshit which you physiologically, i. . biologically, unwittingly betray. These people are not people, will you ever get that, Christcuck. So Just Stop. Artxell is what we might call an AU, an artificial unintelligence.